Sunday, December 25, 2011

our future : in the hands of reservation

Now it has became a necessity for the political parties to win the election on the name of caste and religion. This kind of policies and decisions divide the country. We all know government is not concern about welfare of the people instead they are doing so because of vote bank. Why government did not take the decision from last two years? It is ridiculous and disgusting that now government is trying to impress people with their cheap politics that will do nothing good except divide us on the name of CASTE and RELIGION.

It has been written some where in the constitution that there will not be discrimination on the name of caste and religion, but it is happening. Who is responsible? Fine!! Give reservation as it is necessity to improve the situation of people, but let me ask one thing” is it necessary that only a SC, OBC, ST will be poor always? A person who needs the improvement can belong from any caste and religion. If the thoughts of reservation is fascinating you so much then give it on the economic base”.
We are waiting when the system of reservation will be over .But you political parties do not want to end it because it will keep you away from vote bank?

Before giving reservation it is necessary to study the condition of the people, who want it and who do not? Do not just sit down in parliament and make any kind of decision especially during election.
A poor person who is dying from hunger, who does not have money for higher education, they will not think about this caste/religion base reservation. They will think about finance. Neither they will show their caste nor will they feel proud to say we have caste/religion based reservation that is why we got the job and that is why we are in this educational institute.  

If this caste/religion based reservation has became so much necessary then what is the need of education and talent, because you will stand up in the queue always as out of 50 seats 49 have been occupied,, only one seat is vacant, but you can not be there no matter how much talented you are because that’s a reserve seat?  After that how you will look yourself? Like a loser or will regret you are not there only because you belong to a general category. At that time will abuse the government too.

I know our society is much biased with some castes it is my own experience as a social worker. But till then we are not able to change the attitude of people towards SC, OBC, ST this reservation will not also work nor it will improve their situation.
For a better improvement we need to find out the real situation of the people, not on caste base but on economic base.

Fine reserve some seats for them but not on the bases of caste/religion.

Do not play more politics game as it is dividing us.

Today giving reservation to miniorities,BC, OBC,ST tomorrow JAATS and GUJJARS will demand for it and after that, may be BRAHMANS TOO. What will be the respect of constitution that says” there will be no discrimination on the name of caste, religion, gender”.

You know what is the reality behind reservation? Women have 33% reservation in panchyats. They became SARPANCH but who run them? Find it out!!

About caste/religion based reservation how many of common man are able to get good places till then they do not have money power?

A man who is dying from hunger, does not have education, not aware about this caste based reservation how is the idea of reservation for him?

How it feels when you call a person backward? Seems very bad!! But castes/religion is not backwards it is the people, so focus on people not on castes.

 Stop it and instead of playing cheap politics think about country. This reservation is dividing us. We want unity. So please it is enough ridicule and disgusting from your side. If you also want to give reservation then the base should be economic only. Other wise the day is not far when we will see a situation as it happened before independence.

 Today almost whole country has reservation. We just need to count who do not? Here is the list and if this process of reservation will not stop then here will be one more list that will create a situation of communal violence.

Ø  ANDHRA PARDESH 25% of educational institutes and government jobs for OBCs, 15% for SCs, 6% for STs and 4% for Muslims.


Ø  WEST BENGAL 35% of educational institutes and 45% of government jobs for SC, ST, and OBC.(25% SC, 12% ST, and 8% Muslim).


Ø  All government institutions have reservation for SC, ST, OBC and now for minorities too, whether it is education or in jobs.






Ø  NON-RESIDENT INDIANS (NRIs),(it is very small but they have it)


Ø  Those who have served in the ARMED FORCES (ex-serviceman quota)


Ø  Candidates sponsored by various organizations.


Ø  Dependents of ARMED FORCES personal killed in action.


Ø  Reservation in special schools of government undertakings/PSUs meant for the children of their employees.(ARMY SCHOOLS,PSU SCHOOL etc.)


Ø  Paid pathway reservations in places of worship.


Ø  Seat reservation for senior citizen in PUBLIC BUS TRANSPORT.


Ø  TAMILNADU, the percentage of reservation is 28% for SCs and 8% for STs.



Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Can our present government do something good or they want to prove they are kings? One more decision by allowing FDI (FOREIGN DORECT INVESTMENT) in the country. They do not consider it important to ask the opposition or any party (with whom they made the alliance) when they want to make decision for the country.
Secondly if the decision is so good why they did not implement it before two months? It is nothing more then a plan to spoil one more parliament session in stupid arguments. 
By allowing FDI in country domestic products will be no where. It will be a live death of retail holders’ .What a poor man will do? Government is telling us it will help farmers and poor people? It will give them employment, really? Now we have to depend on foreign companies for the employment. It is nothing more then failed policies of yours that you are not able to give the employment to us after more then sixty years of independence.
Poor man who runs their small shops what they will do?
What government wants to show?
Growth rate or false shining of the country?
May be they want to show NAKLI AMERICA to the world.
Till now there is no effect of economic down in the country because more then 77% people have their domestic products. But if we allow FDI then economic down will affect us too, because it works like a chain and if chain will be damage from one place then it will affect whole system of the chain. ? I am not an economist, still I have some idea what will be the affect of FDI (foreign direct investment) on country and on small retail holders then why not our best economist?
Do not sell my country because of EGO and false development please!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

do not drag any more, on the name of vote bank

How long will you beg in Maharashtra , how long will you do hard work in Punjab ,your government have cheated you the most in twenty years this was the statement given by congress  general secretary Rahul Gandhi. I do not support him much and not a dying hard fan of him, but he is right some where. It can be an insulting comment .But let him remind that it is not about begging on other states. Unemployment is the only reason they are going in other states for the work and to earn their bread.
Talk to some LABORERS and RIKSHA PULLERS they will tell the reality why they are working in other states?  Why they do not have job opportunities in U.P? They are not in a habit or love to do work at a place where they don’t know any one, where every one is treating to them like an unwanted guest.
Rahul says “your government is cheating with you most in twenty years, he is absolutely right, but can we say it is only BSP (BAHUJAN SAMAJ PARTY) who is cheating with them? Of course not!! Can check out the old record you will find reality how many parties cheated with the public and how many times.
And it is not about Uttar Pradesh only even government of other state also cheated to AAM AADMI and still doing. Even your party is cheating with common man RAHUL SIR. Why you remain quiet there? You are really an aware youth of the country then please bother congress party too when they make stupid policies for us.

. I appreciate the people of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as they have too much potential .they work continuously 24*7, still we all know what ‘s their condition and how they have been treated and behaved.
No any government did work for them till now. Every time during elections it has became an issue of vote bank where every party wants to reserve some plans (they do not want to implement it) so that it can became an issue for next election.
Our leaders need to understand the truth that no any person wants to remain hungry forever; every one wants to come out from the wretched condition. If all the time you parties will make it a political issue then the day is not far when you will see that every man in the street is boiling with anger who is ready to do anything no matter if there is YOUTH OF THE COUNTRY RAHUL or any famous politician.

Rahul sir come out and work for them no one stops you after all you have power, authority and your government in centre no one dare to challenge you there then please do a bit for those poor people who really need your help and this time please give them a sustainable solution and do not make it a issue for next election please, because people of uttar pardesh really need help and when ever we see the situation of people there we came to know the reality of so called development.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I do agree with MR. KATJU (former justice of Supreme Court) that “INDIAN MEDIA NEED INTROSPECTION”.
Media plays a important role to make a democracy strong. So can we say that if our democracy is not strong then it is because of media?  Media is nothing more then a good business who believe in showing entertaining news rather then truth.
Pause for a second when you are watching news on the channels and then analyze for a moment what they are showing us? Are they acquainting us from reality or something else? 
Do they tell us reality?
Which reality? Reality about films stars or reality about daily soaps? do not misunderstood me I am talking about electronic media .our media is always ready to put question on every individual  to say are you really concern for the country or is it all about publicity? .(can see in the case of baba ramdev,anna hazare,arvind kejrival etc, oh if you see there is any publicity then what the hell you want to show that news.)

When people die, farmers do suicide , children lose their innocence, soldiers die on border , they do not have time to cover these stories but have enough time for rest things like what our film stars are doing at their homes? What they are going to wear for a party? What will be the next plan for their holiday yuk many more useless things. We all are known with the fact very well.

I know it became difficult to show news when you do not have anything for BREAKING NEWS and at that time you do not forget to make up stories. But do not worry our media can do it and do it very well, because they have good story tellers in their offices.

Do you think that people can show us the reality after sitting in comfortable rooms? Do you expect they will show us the reality what’s happening outside metro cities? We can see our journalists on page three every day. Do they have time to come out from those comfort Jones.  I do not think they have time. Do you expect such people will show you the reality, who study in abroad, who have enough money to fix their posts? Do you expect they will show us the reality about real India?

I wanted to write many more things but I do not have more words really, it is just a feeling of anger that can not be described any more till then we do not have any media man in front of us. In the last I want to say that it was a time when truth was worth loving and respected thing but now it is just a bitter and more bitter which lost it’s significance “IN THE DISCOVERY OF MAKING FALSE BUT ENTERTAINING NEWS.”  Media is confusing us every day in their cover stories.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

why every university can not be J.N U and D.U ?

Now I can tell why every university can not be a university like J.N.U (JAWAH LAL NEHRU UNIVERSITY),D.U,(DELHI UNIVERSITY) I.I.M (INDIAN INSTITUE OF MANAGEMENT ?
Why every student can not be as sincere as the student of these universities are?
Why every student does not come out with his real talent?
Why students burn the things inside them? Why they do not able to expose what they have inside them?
Why we are producing more and more degree holders? Why we want degrees instead of self dependence?
Why we are happy to get degrees and good marks instead of getting real knowledge?
Why we always complain about our education system?

Answer is as difficult as the questions. Can we say it is because we do not have good teachers or is it so we do not have good students?  We have both things still we are not able to make a university like J.N.U AND D.U . What is the thing that differ us from them? And why we still fascinate about those universities? Why still these universities have their charm?  Why still every student want to be a part of those universities?

It is because these all universities are not busy enough to make stupid policies for the students. For example how much fine we need to take from those students who are not attending classes. or how they should live their life ? They are also busy enough to tell the students what they should wear.   When they take entrance exam then they are damn serious about it .they do not take the exam just because it is a fashion to do that.  But I can tell how our colleges take the entrance just because it is fashion to give an entrance exam to do a professional course.

Their main (best universities of india)focus is on education. They do not want to produce degrees holders; they want to make a future man/women who is smart enough to take his/her responsibility, who can stand up confidentiality when he/she is stand up in a crowd. There so called educators do not break their confidence to say” you can not do anything in your life”. They do not show the fear to students ABOUT TEACHERS. In our colleges it has been tell to us that THEY ARE TEACHERS AND YOU ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO ENTER IN THEIR STAFF ROOMS(after request they can change the idea). WHY WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER IN THE STAFF ROOMS? AND OUT SIDE THE STAFF ROOMS CAN SEE A BIG CROWD OF PEONS AS THEY ARE FOR THE PROTECTION OF TEACHERS SOME TIME IT SEEMS THAT STUDENTS ARE TERRORISTS, WHO CAN ATTACK ON THEM ANYTIME AND THAT IS WHY THEY HAVE SOME PEONS OUT SIDE THE STAFF ROOM FOR THEIR PROTECTION.

  JWAH LAL NEHRU UNIVERSITY AND DLEHI UNIVERSITY recognizes real talent of a student and then give chance to every student to expose his/her real self.
Our so called universities and colleges (they are universities because they have some grades from UGC by chance) are busy any where then making stupid policies for the student.
They are busy enough in deciding what type of clothes a student should wear.
They are busy to decide what kind of interests a student should have in our college/university.
They are also busy to find out how they will mould the interest of a student according their college/university.
And who have time to listen students when teachers are so busy in their personal meetings?  
I do not know for whom they arrange the meetings and if it is for student then why students do not get the benefit from those meetings? Students still cry we do not have this facility and we do not have that facility. Will you say they are also in a habit of criticism or they really have actual problem?
Our universities are busy in making stupid rules and regulations like “what should be the timing to get the students out from the college/university and before that if a student is dying too then rules is rules right? Before that you should not forget to write from a teacher that you are really dying and you do not want to run away from the college. So have you the proof? oh yeah!! Then you can go. WOW!! FINALLY A SICK STUDNET CAN GO OUT FOR THE CHECK UP .WHAT A GREAT VICTORY AFTER FIGHTING FOR A LEAVE.SHOULD SAY CONGRATES OF COURSE.”  Oh please stop all these nonsense activities all are smart enough to think what is right and what is wrong for them, they are not a child any more.
We are making nothing except dumb creature who have degrees of 100 % or 90% but still their minds are like a prison where they think what has been told them to think and the day when student/child do the things of his real talent then they have been declared stubborn, indiscipline student where every staff member look at them as they are criminals.
                              It is disgusting, shameful and above all so-called education which is making us degree holders, dumb mind where we do not want to open our eyes with wonder; instead we want to stick with old ideas and beliefs.

It is also a point to be note that mostly students used to sit quiet in the class room not because they are losers or they do not know anything. Reason is very simple because they have different ideas, different views and different thinking about the matter, but you are not allowed to give your different views here, When every one is talking as usual on old concepts with old ideas. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

they still have value for one rupee and who says we are poor ?

if I am not wrong then it has been written some where in constitution that it is our right to live with dignity and no one can snatch that right too. But these days things are different from constitutional reality.
And who says we are poor (except those who knows reality about poverty)?

Who cares too specially in our country about such things specially when a common man speaks among BUNCH OF CROOKS (THAT’S OUR LEADERS DEFINITELY. not all but we have many in our present government)

And if any of you have doubt that we have poor people in our country then please check out the latest statistic of planning commission given by TENDULKAR COMMITTEE, you will definitely jump out (it may be because of surprise or many be because of happiness in first sight where you will find that we have no more poor people in our country)

OHH !!! why should poor people be here too ? After all we all are able to earn twenty seven rupees in rural areas and thirty two in urban areas.
Then why should we mind the thing that how we earned that twenty seven or thirty two rupees? Who cares how we sweat all day in the afternoon for a single penny?

One thing is for sure here that any of the man who earned some rupees they definitely did not steel the money (like our present leaders doing so) from any of our poor man’s cottage.
I do not know it is our good luck or misfortune that we do not have any more poor people in our country. (of course it has been approved by our planning commission now) .

I consider it nothing more then our misfortune where BUNCH OF CROOKS decide what kind of policies they should implement on for the country (who are hardly try to know what a common man of the country wants in their policies)?

One more thing that is noticeable here is that, where people like MONTEK SINGH AHULWALIA (vice president of planning commission) who did his personal visits more then twenty times in foreign countries in one month?
Do not think I am against foreign visits too, I am definitely not. But the thing what I wanted to say is that the man did  even his personal visit of foreign countries from PUBLIC FUND and now people like him decides who is poor man in a rural and urban area ?

I think my article seems incomplete but what to do? Even the definition of poverty is incomplete here, let it be clear and i will be clear too about my article.

Monday, September 12, 2011

will a little improvement work ?

They are not real brains (at least not for me) they are losers because they use innocent public for their selfish motives, if they really have brains then let them do one thing that is play fair games and then let them talk about leadership .  And then we will see where they stand.
That is really a bitter truth we only want to see the things what others show us. When we see reality then we close our eyes and say it is not our matter. When we hear something illogical then we say we were not present on the spot where talks were going on about the matter.

1.       we are not a patriotic slave neither we want to follow any one not want to listen any one but if still we do such things unwillingly then it is our compulsion. Rich people do because they have their benefit their and poor people do because they do not have another option.
We always talk about right candidate.where is right candidate? where is educated leaders ? we have two famous political parties( CONGRESS AND BJP) .we hardly have third option, neither we want to try nor we have trust on them. If any party do not get enough vote then they make a alliance and when their decisions affect the common man (in negative)then they tell JANTA that it was the pressure of alliance they took such decision. Things can surely be better if we improve our election agenda.

1)       It is the time we need to vote for a candidate, not for the party.  

2)      election commission need to bring some changes in election agenda.

3)      Election commission should ban those candidates in politics who have any criminal cases against them (not like today ki after five years you are most welcome in Indian politics no matter how much big criminal you are.sibbu soren ji is a good example).

4)      It is the time we need to put some educational qualifications for our leaders.

5)      When leaders come to us for demanding vote then they need to show us their bio-data so that we can decide if the candidate is smart enough to take the responsibility of this country or not.

6)      It is the time when election commission should give the opportunity to intelligent individuals who are sincere enough to look after country’s responsibility.

7)      If we have agriculture minister then he should have some basic and deep knowledge about agriculture. He should be aware from the condition of farmers. How they live? How they make both end meets ?how they look after their fields  during famine? if farmers commit suicide then why they do so ? and what is the role a agriculture minister can play to solve their problems. (same with other ministers whether it is defense minister,human resources and development minister,railway minister or any other)

8)      Every leader should have a proper solution for the problems so that he can fix everything right for the sake of country and for their sincere duties. If anyone is not able to do so then they should resign with dignity.

9)      we need a leader who can do proper communication with public to know their problems. Who can do direct intervention with the public.

10)   It is the time when every chief minister, cabinet minister, prime minister and every leader whom we choose to sit in parliament and in legislative assemblies should make a website to know the people’s problem. (if they do not have solution then we have enough smart people in the country to suggest them a right solution).

11)   It is the time when we should confiscated the property of corrupt leaders.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


NOW our parliament is nothing more than a hang out place for the leaders . They take a bath early in the morning. Then some leaders think about to attend session of parliament where they speak irrational, nonsense .Most of the time leaders are absent from the parliament still they get proper salaries with out any work. (it seems that comforts are only made for them)
They do not have any rule, regulation and discipline in their daily life routine(not all leaders but there are majority of such leaders, specially in our country) but when we call them jerks in politics then  it makes them enough angry to suggest more silly ideas where they say person should be in jail if he dare to write against them.  
Later they tell people what is constitution and how people should behave in a democracy ? 

Friday, July 29, 2011


I always find myself a cynic (specially towards our political system) .But believe me it is not because of habit but it is only because of wrong things happen around us.(may be same with all of you my country’s citizen)  
In our country people hardly wants to do their duty with sincerity but want good salary not because of their work but because of their posts. We can not impose everything on the government if things are not going in a proper way. We are equal responsible.
I will present some facts here may be you all will be agree with me and for  a moment you will laugh too to say “YEAH WE REALLY DO THIS “.
We all see these things around us .

teacher is late in the class (not only one day but it is their daily routine unfortunately ) then they say “OH ITNA TIME HO GAYA .THODA BAHUT LATE TO CHALTA HAI “. 

Students enjoy in the class and celebrate the occasion if teacher is late. But they hardly wants to think over the matter WHOSE LOSE IT IS ? when they realize it then it became too late .

We drive with out license and if by chance caught by the police then we try to seduce policeman to say “YAR CASE KO RAFA DAFA KARO NAA .WASE BHI HAMARE COUNTRY MAI YE SAB TO CHALTA HAI .AB KYA FAYDA HAI ITNA HONESTY SHOW KARNE KAA WHO BHI IN TODAY’S TIME.”

We break rules ,cross red lights (how much rich we not doubt we have majority of poor people) and then say “ARRY KYA FIVE HUNDRED KI TO BAAT HAI .WASE BHI INDIA MAI YE SAB TO CHALTA HAI”.

We find people in the marriage with stylish clothes ,with nice personality but they lose their smartness with their foolish acts. What is the use of their education when they can not think what will be the effect of their acts on country and on others? We waste food in the marriage to say “ARRY YAAR HAMARA KYA JAATA HAI .SAB CHALTA HAI“.

We break queues and declare a person fool if any one is following the discipline .we say “WHAT A FOOL HE/SHE IS ?  .ARE YOU MAD ? INDIA MAI YE SAB RULE NAHI CHALTA.IF YOU WANT YOUR WORK QUICKLY THEN BREAK THE QUEUE “. (they give wrong advise to a right person )

We spit on the road, throw garbage on the road and then say “ WE WISH HAMARA COUNTRY KAA ROAD BHI AMERICA OR ENGLAND JAISA HOTA “.

We sit in our homes and make it a national holiday when it is time to elect a good leader for the country. After elections we say “IS DESH KO KOI NHI BACHA SAKTA AISE AISE LEADER CHIEF MINISTER OR PRIME MINISTER BAN GAYE HAI “.

We do not turn the lights off when we are coming out from the room specially when it is a government office and then we say “ SARKARI HI TO HAI and later we complain GOVERNEMNT LIGHT NAHI DETI HAI “.

We waste water ,hardly wants to turn the taps off and then we say “ PATA NAHI KAB TAK WATER WASTE HOTA  RAHEGA“.

We take work from a under fourteen child and then we say “ INDIA MAI TO KOI RULE FOLLOW HI NAHI KARTA “.

when any one wants to stand up in the crowd against wrong things then instead of appreciating them we say “ TU HI NAA IS DESH KO BADLEGA .YE CHOTI CHOTI CHEEZE KARNE SE DESH BADAL NAHI JAEGA .HUM JAHA THE WAHI RAHENGEI AUR IS DESH KAA KUCH NAHI HO SAKTA IN SHORT“.

there are many more things . we all are smart citizen of a smart country. We are more smart then politicians because we have capacity to impose everything on them. We are too much powerful. We all are a solution within us. We all have strategy as politicians have.  We know what we should do if we are facing this situation but hardly wants to act upon.  Please think over the matter and please improve yourself because it will be a great victory for us and for the goodness of the country.

Change your CHALTA HAI ATTITIDE because it will lead us no where. if you can not do too much for the country at least please change your attitude for the sake of country that will also be a big thing really. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

have something in common (government and common man)

You talk about justice ,we want justice.

You talk about new policies and new rules, we want from you(government) to implement new rules and policies.

You talk about equality, we want equality.

We criticize government and you criticize opposition parties.

You talk about BHARAT but hardly want to do anything for it’s development except claims. We also talk about BHARAT and always eager to do something for it is development.

You talk about democracy and we want the meaning of real democracy.

You talk about land acquisition and rights for farmers.(same thing we do).but will any one tell us what’s happening with tribal peoples whose land you are using for modernization (like POSCO Project in UDDISA)and all the time they(tribal people)just cry for their lands and you even do not want to give them appropriate prizes .
in UTTAR PARDEH you talk about farmers’ right .good to hear that You talk about some one’ right. You all are a firm believer of democracy right? But what happens to your so called democratic ideas when it comes on you ?

you always claim that you are with farmers (specially during elections),but still there is no improvement in their condition. What’s the matter there ? you do not want to do the things or you just want to make some points in front of public to show how much care you have for them. If you really care for them why you do not make new law for them .

you always tell us how much hard it is to implement a new law right ? ? but when it comes on all of you then you pass the bill only in one day .then we do not find any discussions in parliament, no abuses from opposition parties. At that time you always believe in UNITY .great really!! You(gov) do your so called public welfare work and we do ours.

we make you leaders .only because of us you all are sitting in ACS COMPARTMENTS then why should you not do the things for us ? you show your care during elections but when we will come on our powers then you will not be anywhere (not even after five years). then you will find yourself in a stage of trauma where all the time you will be afraid from public because you will came to know what they can do. So it is better to do your duties sincerely otherwise we surely have options.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

They all have strategies of claims

After doing nothing and everything against public and democracy still they have authority. I will say “they have strategies and they have good strategies of claims”. they have strategies how to impress public and how to stay in authority after being a bad government .

They talk about INFLATION,TERRORISM,STOP CHILD LABOUR, JUSTICE, A STRICT PUNISHMENT FOR CULPRITS,  BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY,AJAMAL KASAB,AFJAL GURU, GOONS IN POLITICS,  COUNTRY DEVELOPMENT, THEY TALK ABOUT CORRUPTION,2G SCAM , about farmers ,about land acquisition ,about equality ,about  (list is too long that I will not be able to write all names how much they talk and claims.)  they all are a part of government  where they have all powers but they do nothing except claims.
They talked about control inflation. But as usual in the form of claims. If they will not be able to control inflation then we all will be on a fast unto death unwillingly.  After price hike they say “WE DO NOT HAVE ANY OTHER OPTION “ oh really is it so ?
 you do not have OPTION strange man ? When people protest against you ,then you have options to stop them right?

when people of the country want a strong LOKPAL BILL and you(government) do not want then you have options. right?

when people die from hunger then you have options by escape yourself from some statements right ?

 by the way who will give us answers ?
 you all consider yourself more then “  A KING “ when you get chairs . you forget every thing when you sit there and if you remember anything by chance then you are always ready to forget it after sitting in ACS COMPARTMENT .

You all have fresh air there and big cars. how things will effect you after all right ? but I really feel ashamed to say we are living in world’s  largest democracy where people are always in doubt if we can stand up against the gov or not when they are doing wrong ?The work you (our leaders)should do  for  public we the common man are doing that .

Then what the hell you are doing there? Give your resignation letters we will take care rest.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a slap on the face of media,government and as well as on us .

There are always incidents in our country that only raise questions in our minds. after seeing such incidents we always raise our brows.(do not know for different work or for the incidents) I came through news that shocked me(I am sure many more Indians are shocked too) and I felt do we really care for a life till then peoples are alive or we just want to show our sympathies after their deaths. Till then we will only say “OH COMMON BUDDY IT IS NOTHING BUT A PUBLISITY STUNT.OKAY WE WILL GIVE THEM TRIBUTE TOO BUT ATLEAST SHOW US THE MAN WHO WILL SACRIFCE HIS LIFE .”that’s our attitudes towards others’lives.

When people do something good, then we tell it a publicity stunt and when they do all in anonymity then we even do not want to give them respect as much as they deserve whether they are our soldiers, women  or they are the people who are doing for society and for country.

But will anyone give me answer, why everything became publicity stunt, only when it becames a national news other wise not??it is only media who show us the news and it is only media who is ready to say all is a publicity stunt . BABA NITAANAND sacrificed his life to save GANGA .
people hardly get to know about him and his work till then he was alive and no any media man was there to tell that a man is dying . he was on hunger strike from last sixty three days.but who cares for a life in our country .we have been so ungrateful that things hardly affect us .AND WHY SHOULD WE MIND THE THINGS WE ARE SAFE AT OUR HOMES RIGHT ?

 May be it was not a news for media man to raise their TRPS or he was not famous and popular enough to became a national news. Why we are so selfish and so jerk minded that we always see something bad in every thing ,we always relate it with publicity. we do not care if anyone is dying for us.we tell that they are nothing but a attention seekers.
When ever people went on hunger strike or protest in a different way we told it was nothing but a publicity stunt. Right ? what we wait for ?a man should give up his life if he wants to prove that he was not doing all for publicity . then after their deaths we will give them tribute to say WOW WHAT A MAN HE WAS .HE SACRIFICED HIS LIFE .YOU KNOW WHAT?? HE WAS NOT A MAN WHO WAS HUNGRY FOR POPULARITY ,BECAUSE HE GAVE UP HIS LIFE.(but we will change our views if the man will come out safe from any movement and from any fast is not it ?huh )
Why we did not appreciate them and salute them till then they are alive. Why we call then attention seekers till then they are alive? why we are so insensitive towards a life ?why we just do not care if any one is dying?

How much shameful it is ? now some leaders are trying to make it a political thing. Do our leaders not have even a single percent respect for others or they only knows how to play political games ?they did not do anything till then he was alive and now all are there to claim that they care for a dead body. (may be they are right too because they can never be serious towards a live man .we all can see this in our daily lives)
I have one question for media too.Where all media gone when baba nitanand was dying ?(may be they were  busy enough to tell viewers WHAT  OUR BOLLYWOOD STARS ARE DOING THESE DAYS )it is a slap on the face of government ,media and as well as on us. I really wish if it could became a news (not for publicity but for a life ). 

Friday, June 10, 2011

publicity or just a feeling of patriotism?

The thing that compel me to write again about BABA RAMDEV and his movement is that people are saying that he is doing all for being famous and popular .people hardly wants to stand up against wrong because we all know how much powerful people are in” SATTA “specially in India and when some do so, then we say it is all a drama for publicity.
I think we all want to be famous right?(if not all then may be eighty or ninety percent sure want to be )tell me how many went on hunger strike for the country’s benefit? How many went on hunger strike for LOKPAL BILL ?
Second thing is that they are not young people who want to be a hero in HINDI MOVIES that’s why they are doing so. I think they are serious and mature enough to understands the things and they know what they are doing .secondly it is not easy to do such things when your own life on sake.if we will not stand up now then we will sure be next prey for the government.
And it is not about ANNA OR RADEV JI it is about every individual who stand up against wrong. Some peoples and leaders are saying a SADHU OR SANYASI should be away from politics. But I really want to ask those leaders and peoples can the things not affect a sadhu ,sanysai when they also have patriotism in their veins and blood like any common man of a country.
When we do not have enough leaders who could think about country then why can not a sadhu join politics when he is smart enough to understand the feeling of people and problems of the country?
I am not talking about politics here and will not talk too it was just a example. It is not about politics it is about our democratic rights what we have got from our constitution, where every one have right to protest in a peaceful way. And also have right to speak against corruption.
Then why we are trying to make the things beyond the subject………………….And now things come on FIRS against ramdev and now government will try every bit to prove him wrong. They will even try to make the list of his childhood. Did he done anything wrong in his childhood or if it will be so then they will make it a issue and will try to tell “JANTA” what ramdev did in his childhood ?you know what our dear JANTA he killed many little worms and how can you believe on a man who can kill worms in childhood. He is a criminal and a killer of little worms.(well it was jokes a part but government is really trying to do not it ?)

do not try to afraid us by implement section 144 .kaha kaha section 144 lagaoge sriman !!!when things get out of control and tolerance then no any section and no any people can stop us from doing what we want.we will encourage peoples by our writing, our blogs and our articles. And we all youth will play our role as BHAGAT SINGH,RAJGURU ,SUKHDEV  and many more freedom fighter played. We really need to take a vow that we will never take bribe or give bribe. And if any one is doing such thing in front of us too then we will stand up there. We will be there to tell them what their rights and duties are. The time has come when we really need to be serious about our responsibility and about the things. If we will not do it now then it will be too late, may be then there will not be any RAMDEV or ANNA who will stand up for us.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A BLACK DAY :in indian democracy

After ANNA JI,now this time RAMDEV JI is on the front to tackle corruption. I do not know it is a publicity stunt or something else (as many peoples are saying ).but I think ramdev ji  does not need to do anything for his popularity as he is famous and popular enough.
 And second thing is that if he is doing TAMASHA then also, It is not a small thing when your own life is on sake.(it was for all those leaders who told it TAMASHA).they can never do such drama too only for public.
It a disgusting and shameful as the things are going on in our democracy. Why TEAR GASES,POLICE FORCES and too much strictness  to stop the demonstrators??if tomorrow a common man will stand up against government then also they will surely do same thing. And then it will not became a news (you all know why )?is it a democracy where  all the time we only  claim that it is all about public and their power ?i accept power of people in a democracy but they way how government stop their powers all the time then it seems disgusting and shameful for a democracy .
Governments send more then five thousand police force to stop people in RAIMLEELA MAIDAN

v  WHY we need to send too much security forces when people are doing only SATYAGRAHA  and believe in AHINSHA ?just because they are the moderators (by chance may be )
v  Just because it is all about their comfort zone now ?
v  when NAXALIS  do attack and when  BHATTA PAURSEll FARMERS DIE then government did not take quick action as it did now .
v  where were those police forces and government’s order ?
v  is not it a blot on our democracy ?
v  where are our so called prime minister and president now ?
v  if government is doing such acts then what our president  SRIMATI PRATIBHA DEVI SINGH PATIL JI doing ?
v  in such situation do not she need to make a new law
v  why all this BAYANBAAZI again and again ?
v  why they are saying BABA JI wants to join politics and that’s why he is doing this thing  .

                                                                                    First of all he clearly said that he do not have any interest                      in  politics and not going to join it .but still if they are saying so then I do not think politics only made for CONGRESSIS or powerful people. What is wrong if he wants to join politics too. ANY ONE CAN JOIN POLITICS I DO NOT THINK WE NEED TO TAKE ANY CERTIFICATE FROM CONGRESS (IS NOT IT GUYS ?). Truth is that government is afraid too much and wants to stop baba ji in any condition because if this movement will be successful (of course it will be )then there is no chance for this government for many years and government do not want to let it happen in any condition. May be that’s why so strict with innocent peoples .i think government has been forget the power of masses in a democracy .what they can do when they decide no matter who is there on the front then?

Friday, May 6, 2011

why we are so liberal ?

Army chief general V K SINGH on Wednesday said the INDIAN ARMED FORCES were capable of carrying out surgical operations against terrorists similar to the one conducted by the US in PAKISTAN to kill AL-QAEDA chief OSAMA BIN LADEN. All three wings(army, navy and air force) are capable  of carrying out such  operations, when needed. But we need permission from the top for this.

Personally  I do not think (may be many are agree with me )he said anything wrong but the problem is that government is not ready to understand this other wise why it is not giving permission for the operation as OBAMA did. What’s the thing stopping government to do same. Again and again question came in my mind. Why our government is so liberal ?why it behaves  “OH HUMAN  BEINGS ARE HUMANS AND WE DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT TO PUNISH THEM OR KILL THEM WHETHER THEY ARE TERRORISTS .WE WILL BEHAVE SAME WITH THEM AS WE DO WITH NORMAL HUMANS OH OH WE WILL GIVE THEM SPECIAL FACILITIES BECAUSE THEY ARE SPECIAL PERSON AS THEY ARE INTELLECTUAL HUMAN BEING LIKE WE ARE DOING WITH KASAB ”.

Well we should not forget too that we are even not able to take proper actions against those terrorists whom we have in india like KASAB and AFJAL GURU. And what we are demanding for (or I should say begging for) “please AMERICA  give us ANDERSON we want to punish him.” OH please PAKISTAN will you do us a favor ?will you please hand over  HAFIZ SAYYED or  DAUD ABRAHIM to us actually baat itna hai ki hum kuch actions lena chahte hai unke against because Indian people are blaming on government again and again.if we will do a little bit too then we will do them in our favor and will make our vote bank.(well a jokes a part )

We all Indian are curiously waiting for the action when things will be same in india and we will do same with our perpetrators??Why should not we think that US is strong after such actions? I think it is not bound with any country to do this and that. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

my favorite satirical leader

Sharad pawar a man who always make me to go beyond my topic when ever I talk about politics .i am not going to understand why he is still on his agriculture ministry post? Is there not any qualification for this post ?OH !!but in our country’s politics, there is not any qualification for such posts not only agricultural post but there is not any qualification for any leader after all. But there should be some qualification for their posts too when there are qualification for other government jobs. Why not for them ??because they have money and power ?? How can they enjoy all facilities with out any qualification?
See I again go beyond my topic. Of course topic was mr sharad pawar as usual.(my satirical favorite leader) Now I will only talk about him in this article and will not go beyond the topic. Let us start again.(talk about pujniya sharad pawar ji )

                                     Whenever our central government talk about reshuffle of government I think that this time government will surely ask sharad pawar for a resignation letter  and we will get a new agriculture minister who will take this post as much as serious as sharad pawar have interest in cricket. We all know that he is out of news always (not only he actually many of our leaders) but when it comes the question of scams and price rise of essential commodities especially sugar prices ,then we can say with out any doubt that OH !!things are going wrong because our over talented leaders are on such loyal and big posts .(hope you all are getting what I want to say ?)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

ANNA HAZARE :- a man who shake the government as well as country.

FIRST of all I would like to give a grand salute to SHRI ANNA HAZARE SIR and of course he really deserves that. He is not fighting for himself, he is not on fast for himself ,after all he is fighting for us and that’s enough to awake us from a sleep(if any one is sleeping ).the day is not far when we will see the things like Tunisia or GREEK in india. Almost all of us know who is SHRI ANNA HAZARE still want to give a brief introduction about him.

                                          ANNA HAZARE IS a social worker .his real name is kishan hazare and he is basically from uttar pardesh and he was a driver in army and after that he resign to the post when he saw some corrupt politician (strange but true at that time there were a few corrupt politician .i am talking about ninty’s of course lol.these days list is very long that no one can write all corrupt peoples or politicians’name.).and he put pressure on the government (at that time it was bjp government )to throw them out from those posts and government was under pressure so he did that .and now in twenty’s(I mean 2011) too he is again putting pressure on the government for JANLOKPAL BILL. And already a minister named SHARAD PAWAR quit his post from group of ministers .HAA that’s a different thing that now he is saying that he did not do so because of anna sir he did because he wants to concentrate on the elections of kerela .well I am waiting when he will resign from his agriculture ministry .oh now come to the point again (point was shri anna hazare  of course)but what I should do? Actually sharad pawar is a name that always make me to go beyond my topic like he always  do in his agriculture ministry.we hardly see him in any agricultural not it ?he only came in news when we find that sugar prices are rising again.

                                         Okay now come to the point again.what is this JANLOKPAL BILL and why this protest ? actually government also want to pass the bill but protesters wants some change in it .some points are here….
(1) lokpal can only receive complaints from loksabha and rajya sabha .
(2)  lokpal will send report to competent authority which might not take actions.
(3)  lokpal does not have any power of police like registering FIRS .
(4)  lokpal will have jurisdiction only on MPS,MINISTERS and P.M not on officials.
(5)  six months  to a year for to inquire but no limit on completion of trial .
(6)  it does not deal with corruption of bureaucrats .
(7)  no provision to seize illegal wealth .
  1. 1)    Lokpal can initiate investigations, receive complaints from public.
  2. 2)    Lokpla will have power to prosecute those indicated.
  3. 3)    Lokpal would have police powers.
  4. 4)    Lokpal will have jurisdiction over politicians, officials and judges.
  5. 5)    Investigations in one year, trial over within next one year  .
  6. 6)    Lokpal will have powers for disciplinary actions including dismissal.
  7. 7)    Accused will pay for government’s losses.

I have very smart and intelligent friends so I do not think I need to tell or describe why we all are with anna sir and how janlokpal bill will be beneficial for public? But still want to say one thing if we want to give our real support to Anna sir then we can write a letter to P.M in Anna sir’s support.other wise we can support him  by our posts and blogs,after all he is fighting for us aur hamara itna to duty banta hi hai as a good citizen of the country.