Saturday, November 8, 2014

Why Swiss Bank amounts of Indians fell drastically ?

In BLACK MONEY, 700 names became public knowledge in 2008 when a former HSBC employee stole the data and gave it to the French government. The French government, in turn, decided to share the details with our own government. Surprisingly in 2008 the Swiss bank amounts of Indians fell drastically. Despite having the list, the Indian government acted cagey and decided that it will chase the account-holders directly for tax dues. There is good reason to suspect that the government was not keen to disclose the names as it would have embarrassed politicians - not just in the UPA, but NDA too - and businessmen close to them.
 I agree with one of my friend Vijay Niranjan 
In a country where only 5 mins are enough for candidates to swallow the cheat slips on hearing the news of arrival of checking squad / are we hoping that after announcing the news through every medium that we have the names of foreign account holders , they will be keeping their money there only since last years for govt to seize !!!

Current scenario in SSC

SSC is the biggest (after railways,which hasn't floated many
vacancies in recent years) platform for mass recruitment for millions of
graduate youths.
Candidates who waited for almost two years due to paper leak & subsequent cancellation. How they felt?
The govt. have announced for ceasing the new recruitment and
as a result the cut-off for the subject graduate level recruitment (CGL 2013)
has gone much more than anywhere near expectation. And, a post, for which, 8000(approx) candidates were called last year,this time, only 15 candidates have been called for it. The number of "called candidates" for other posts have also decreased considerably. Also, the unexpected cut-off indicates towards some malpractices in recruitment.
How much more time we can be unemployed for a policy which we didn't have any idea when we filled the forms.
What we should do with our degrees if it can not help us to get good jobs?
A student who always get in merit list ( even done good in extra curricular activities), have been offered a job of 6000-8000. Are we not unemployed?
And it is not only about SSC, it is about all the exams. With out coaching one can not get in merit list of these exams. So we all need a artificial intelligence?

What N.k.raghupathy former chairmen of SSC have to say about the current situation of SSC 

With the Combined Graduate Level Examination 2013 continuing to generate controversy, it escaped me that the CHSL Examination commenced today. But, with the SSC Examinations becoming lotteries with huge difference in the difficulty levels of question papers of different sessions, the candidates pray for allotment to sessions which will have easy question papers.

Anyway, my belated Best Wishes and Good Luck to the aspirants who took the CHLE 2014 today and all those who will take the examination on 9th and 16th November. 

I have received several hundred messages on FB about the results of Written Examination of CGLE 2013, which has been dogged by controversies continuously. The issue this time is whether it is at all practical to have such high cut offs for interview and non interview posts in the written examination and whether it is probable that the successful candidates of certain centres, especially Delhi, outnumber others. The problem is compounded by FB posts on the alleged approach of several candidates in CGLE and CHSL by vested interests in SSC and outside, promising very high marks in the written examination. I have not found any of these allegations to be valid though names and roll nos have been emailed to me in confidence. With the happenings of the past 18 months in the SSC when the Commission initially showed ineptitude in handling court cases on CGLE 2013, transparency levels gradually coming down due to inexplicable decisions by a ‘candidate-friendly’ Commission, vast disparity in standard of the question papers of the CGLE 2014 Tier I and the ‘Commission’ surrounded and possibly advised by a few officials suspected to be of doubtful integrity, the confidence of the SSC aspirants in the Commission is at its lowest. 

I had carried out a primitive assessment of the difficulty levels of the papers used in the CGLE 2014- Tier I. While the papers of 26th October were of almost the same difficult level, the paper in the AN of 19th was at least 15% more difficult and the Paper of FN of 19th was about 50% more difficult than the papers of 26th. I do not claim to be an expert in such matters but a mere look at the question papers of 19th FN and any paper of 26th by an average intelligent person, like me, will lead to the same view. SSC will be well advised to have the matter looked into by an Expert Group of Psychometricians so that such huge difference in standard in papers of different sessions can be avoided in future. None of my suggestions has been accepted by the SSC so far but it does not deter me from giving suggestions in the interests of the Commission itself and the millions of job aspirants who faithfully flock to its examinations, month after month.

I had received information early this year that there is an organized racket of impersonation in some regional offices. There is a widespread feeling that impersonation in SSC Examinations is rampant now. I had- I still have- faith in the integrity of majority of officers of the SSC; but my confidence was shaken when a government official recently asked me whether an officer of the SSC can indeed change the category status of his ward, as was promised by the officer. With the ‘Commission’ thinking that monitoring the confidential work is below its dignity- the ‘Commission’ had reportedly removed the facility of monitoring the activities in the confidential section through the CCTV system from the chambers of senior officers- the bad elements in the SSC may be rearing their heads again. I am not one for maintaining status quo but any change should lead to improvement and should not be a retrograde step. It is time the “Commission’ takes a good look at itself and start taking measures to improve the candidates’ confidence. I saw a post by a candidate of CGLE 2013 on FB today. He has been selected for interview but still has no faith in the SSC. This should send a clear message.

Let me come to CGLE 2013 written results. A competitive examination is not a qualifying examination. It should help in separating the grain from the chaff. It should help in separating the meritorious candidates from those not so meritorious. The high- in the minds of the job aspirants abnormally high- cut offs send the message that something g is seriously wrong when nothing may actually be wrong. If the intention is to make the candidates feel good after the examination on the day of the examination easy papers will serve that purpose. There are established methods of checking whether the questions have met the principles of reliability and validity. Theoretically, high cut offs are possible like the very high scoring possible in Higher Secondary Examination in my own home state. Cut offs are not pre-determined but they are ascertained after the result is finalized. It is not really a cut off but the lowest mark obtained by a candidate belonging to different categories AFTER the results are finalized. Each recruiting body has its own policy on ratio of posts or tentative or likely posts to number of candidates selected in intermediate stages. For example, UPSC selects candidates for interview in CSE in the ratio of 2.5 to 1 and SSC in the ratio of 1.5 to 1. After the result is finalized following the ratio, the lowest marks are ascertained in each category and given out as the cut offs. 

Northern Region and Central Region account for two-thirds of selected candidates in every examination of SSC. The success of candidates of Delhi has been attributed to the large number of good coaching centres in Delhi primarily and frauds of different types partially. Unfortunately, Post Examination Analysis appears to have been given a go-by in the SSC since 2013 and the fear of detection of fraudsters- except impersonators who cannot be detected using this method- is no longer there. With the transparent procedure of display of marks of all candidates having been dispensed with going back to the method prevalent in 2009- a retrograde step without any dispute- detection of organized cheating in any particular centre by the public through analysis of marks is no longer possible and the gangs of fraudsters operate freely. Unfortunately, the gangs include a few supervisors of SSC venues too as has been seen from newspaper reports on arrests of a few gangs.

The cut offs depend on the difficulty levels of question papers, the comparative performance of the candidates, the number of posts and the ratio between posts and candidates for the next stage applied by the recruiting agency. The question papers of Tier II of CGLE were certainly easier than CGLE 2012’s and the candidates had ample time to prepare because of court cases and theoretically it is possible to have high cut offs. Yet, with thousands of candidates questioning the huge difference in cut offs of 2012 and 2013 examination, SSC should have an internal audit and verify whether anything was amiss or whether there is no cause for worry. They should especially see whether candidates of any sub-centre(s) have outscored others in terms of marks or % of success. The Commission should also check whether the checks and balances to verify confidential work have been dispensed with or are still in place.
About 21000 candidates have been selected for interview, document verification for Non Interview Posts and DEST for TA. In 2012 Examination the number was much more as about 10000 candidates were selected for DEST for TA alone; yet several hundred posts remained vacant. We all learn from past experience and to prevent a situation when over 1500 TA posts may remain unfilled, the Commission should have good look at the possibility of calling more candidates for the post of TA alone.

Personally I learnt a lesson in CGL 2013 Re-examination. One should never venture to make a guesstimate of the cut off in the present SSC scenario.
I know that nothing may come out of this post too as the ‘Commission’ does not like to follow any advice from outside, as seen in the past 18 months. Yet, I have the satisfaction that I am doing my duty.

What students have to say : 

  • Mukul Sharma SSC has removed monitoring camera of confidentiality chamber which lead to birth of organised fraud inside SSC. nw only those ppl hv came in interview list who hv bribed ssc officials. and these ppl will be allocated dept like CBI IT NARCOTICS EXAMINER COUSTOM EXISE etc...imagine shape of these dept once these ppl will join.

  • Sakshi Bansal Correct! What i think is har kisi ka aptitude different hota hai or har kisi ko ek paper ni de skte. Or agar har bande ka reasoining itna badhiya hota to Mukherji Nagar mai itni bheed ni hoti it means agar apne coaching liya to merit mai aye warna nahi ..and what the hell youth ministry doing?

  • Sakshi Bansal U already know corruption level in gov jobs.
    Baki rhi shi ksr reservation ne puri kar di. A simple Gov advertisement says" SC, BC, ST with 35 age, married etc etc chaiye. Kyo bhi general wala ni kr skta wo kaam? Ya 35 sal se kum wala ni kr skta? Gov ko ubau bande chaiye to wo full efforts daal rhe hai unhe lene ka 
  • Sakshi Bansal Or jab Degree ki value ni koi to 12th k baad hi coaching le le banda at least job to hogi hath mai.

  • Mukul Sharma I hv started feeling a sense or logic or an appetite behind rebellions or terrorism! gandhism can't be absolute everywhere! subhash n Bhagat hv to cme in picture. feeling shame on my vote on mud flower!

  • Yuri Orlav Rebellion and terrorism can only be financially afforded today by 1 percent rich ...and there is a huge difference between event management and true national interest...true bhagat Singh and subhash will never get any media coverage or voice in today's paid media world...gandhiji is s bit relevant today only bcoz we see him everyday on our currency we earn and spend

  • Mukul Sharma neither I know, nor I hv inclination in finding these complex subject! wt M pissed off z simple and straight! me along with millions of aspirants hv truly n comprehensively devoted ourselves, quite depriving ourselves frm fun part fr almost 2-3 yrs, and jus few organised govt officials hv taken our dream far away. Our labour went in vain, our hard work got defeated by bribes of few other candidates.

  • Pawan Kumar Sinha as pointed out by raghupaty sir, confidence in ssc is at its lowest. during the reigns of raghupaty sir as ssc chief, ssc was seen with respect and its name was being taken with upsc in terms of being fair and fast. after his retirement, we have only seen it going downhill and it has become totally opaque system. we can say that it has gone to dogs. unexpected cut-off would not have made such hue and cry if the system had been transparent. opaque system only leads to malpractices and lowers the confidence of candidates in commission. men like raghupaty sir are so rare that those who got jobs during his reign consider themselves very very lucky and he is almost god for us.
    the govt has its focus on private sector which of course creates some good jobs. but more importantly, it creates numbers for govt. numbers like generation of lakhs of jobs. we see it and feel good about it. but we fail to see that majority of these jobs pays in the range of 5k-10k which is by no means is enough for a decent human life.

  • Mukul Sharma those who use social media fr ad during polls, Shd also pay attention towards problems of ppl who hv got influenced by their campaign. nw we hv no one here..

  • Anand Kumar Please read Adolf Hitler autobiography and be inspire from the content to raise a voice against lobbying.

  • Mamta Sharma Mukul Do you think exam pattern should be changed ? 
    And there should be more vacancy in SSC or in Gov sector? 
    Or we should not keep the cut off that high ?

  • Anita Pradhan Mamta,government policy is more in favour of elimination rather than appointment..

  • Mamta Sharma Hm even i see that. You know  Graduate unemployment increased in past two years – one in three graduates up to the age of 29 is unemployed, according to the Labour Ministry’s Youth Employment.

    And that's why graduates spend a lot of time accumulating different degrees and later realize that these degrees aren't going to provide a them lucrative jobs neither in gov nor in private sector. 

    In the past there were a lot of state jobs that were an outlet for graduates, but those state jobs are increasingly in short supply – so you see 27,000 apply in India for the same job.

  • Anoop DK First of all we need to resolve this problem from the roots.First of all we need to address the issue of quality of education.Government is not having that much vacancies to employ lacks of graduates passing out every year.
    We need some urgent reforms to address these issues .First of government should invest more in basic industries and consumer goods industries,this will create more employment.Also should modernize our agricultural field and waste land should be utilized.Then outdated labor laws and schemes should be revised in order to get best out of them. And government should go forward with economic liberalization to attract more foreign investment which will create more jobs.
    India is a difficult place to do business ,This is the main reason why Indian youth fears to start their own business.So we what we need is liberalized policies for self employed youths,like loans at low interest for long periods etc.

  • Pawan Kumar Sinha Exam pattern can not be changed in SSC. Going for descriptive paper in SSC would be a step backward as it would start taking more than 2 years to finalize 1 exam. One solution can be to make the exam online as it would reduce chances of paper leakage.

  • Pawan Kumar Sinha Reducing vacancies and stoppage of recruitment in name of austerity measure by government is not easy to digest when we are spending 100s of crores on some statue and weird schemes. The bureaucracy runs this country. It brings revenue for the government. Reducing the work force would further damage the work culture of government offices

  • Mukul Sharma vacancies Should be decided on work load on govt department. If ssc wd take an unbiased exam, then automatically the cutoff will be appropriate. This modi led Govt can spent 200 crore on statue of unity, same time cutting govt vacancies! hw cme this be justified? I mean wre z ur priority man?? suggestions invited....