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What else except from nonsense speeches of State leaders

This is the man (Our Home Minister unfortunately so called "MR" Sushil Kumar Shinde a failed power minister earlier) who used to believe that Indian people's memories a
re too weak that they can forget every issue and scam. Same thing will be happen with Coal Scam and people will forget it as they have forgotten Bofors. Are our memories too weak that we can vote for a Government again and again to know what exactly they are doing with nation?
How proudly he commented, typical like a shameless person of a state who mind nothing except chair, power and of course a high-fight post and after that lose his brain on same sight where he is lying from years.

This is what we can expect to this shame government and their dumb leaders. The day when our country man will learn to use their vote bank this country will be a heaven. Our memories are so weak that we forget things so easily and the worst what a gov
ernment could do with us? Is not it ? Are we going to vote for Congress again ? Is ten years not enough to see worst in a state ?
If scams will run with its usual race than the day is not far when n we will fight for nothing except our freedom in our own nation.

Your votes can make a better state. Why do not use it in a effective way? Is it necessary to sell your votes for a Bottle of Daaru and 500 rupees? The day when we will realize the power of our votes, no any Government will dare to play with our emotions any more.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Great Indian Lie:Conspiracy of Silence

Do you know why the people of our country had to face murderous terror attacks on 26/11/2008 in Mumbai?

The Truth is not what the News and Media tells you out loud, its what they tell you with subtlety. This is because the truth is so shocking!

The Media has a great role in keeping us informed. But the truth is always for the seeker, not for the person who goes on about his work, his chores and commitments and occasionally reads the newspaper. Nor is the truth for the person who doesn’t analyze what he or she reads.

In the following presentation all the facts mentioned were printed in highly reputed newspapers, magazines, websites and were shown on Indian news channels as well. They can easily be verified with some effort. All of them.

The Times of India (TOI) on several occasions has reported that the Mumbai Terror Attacks were orchestrated by the Lashkar E Taiba  whose agent David Headley who incidentally works for the Pakistani Intelligence Agency ISI as well conducted recces in Mumbai to collect information and provide logistics to the LeTfor the terror strike.

David Headley’s background is interesting as he was arrested by the American authorities for narcotics trafficking. He then was recruited by US Government to penetrate Al-Qaeda and LeT and provide the US authorities with intelligence on narcotics trafficking and the terrorism that it fuels. (Source:TOI)

David Headley then apparently turned rogue and defected to the ISI to assist them in providing logistics for the terrorist attacks on 26/11 which was carried out by the LeTterrorists. (Source:TOI)

The TOI also reported that David Headley’s alias was Daood Sayed Gilani and that hinted that David Headley could possibly be a  relative of Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.

 The TOI reported that Indian Intelligence Agencies had picked up on their surveillance that David Headley had carried out his surveys for the landing of the terrorists using an established smuggling network.

• It was also reported that the boats were used to conduct the survey for the landing of the terrorists. In fact the very boat used by  David Headley  to conduct his surveys for the attacks belonged to a well known smuggler Chand Madar.

• Chand Madar was heavily involved in diesel smuggling and was beginning to affect the business of his friend and associate Mohammed Ali Shaikh who was also an established smuggler of Arms ,Diesel and Narcotics.

• The docks where Arms, Diesel and Narcotics are smuggled into, are under Shaikh’s control. Shaikhis unofficially acknowledged as the King of the Mumbai Docks.

• Shaikh who incidentally was a BSP MLA candidate was the one to suggest to  Madarthat he  help Headley in his survey mission. Shaikhwas eventually booked for masterminding the murder of Chand Madar.

• Shaikh is a well-known agent of Dawood Ibrahim, the most wanted terrorist in India. All the Arms, Diesel and Narcotics that  are smuggled  to the Mumbai Docks originate from the docks of Karachi, Pakistan which are totally under the control of Global Terrorist and Narcotics Dealer  Dawood Ibrahim who is sheltered and financed by the ISI of Pakistan.

• The Indian Intelligence Agencies such as RAW and Intelligence Bureau were fully aware of the activities and backgrounds of Madarand Shaikhas they had been operating for some time.  (Sources: Times of India and Outlook Magazine)

Profile of Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim is a fugitive, a drug baron and a terrorist. He orchestrated the Mumbai Bomb Attacks in 1993 which killed 257 people and it was confirmed by the Russian Intelligence Agency that Dawood Ibrahim indeed provided the Logistics and Support for the Mumbai Terror Strikes on 26/11 which killed 166 people. He has been accused of being an agent of the ISI of Pakistan and that the Pakistani Government protects him and uses his organization to attack India . Hence being accused in such heinous attacks would make him an anti-national. However the truth is that for an anti-national, Dawood Ibrahim has massive financial interests in India.

These are some of them:

• Dawood Ibrahim has a major stake in Jet Airways. In fact his connections with Jet Airways Chief Naresh Goyal go a long way back. Naresh Goyal to this day has not revealed the ownership pattern of Jet Airways. The Indian Government is also apparently “clueless”. (Source: Outlook Magazine )

• Dawood Ibrahim has been accused of financing major Bollywood Films. (Source:TOI)

• Dawood Ibrahim has interests in real Estate and owns several prime properties in Mumbai. (Source:TOI)

• Dawood Ibrahim has interests in Ghutka Manufacturing Companies notably Manikchand. (Source:CNN-IBN)

• Dawood Ibrahim has a stake in IPL. (Source:TOI)

• Dawood Ibrahim is given shelter, security and access to a lavish lifestyle by the ISI in return for his favours.

Dawood Ibrahim runs a Multi Billion Dollar Empire and most of his money is India!!!

The Indian authorities are fully aware of his activities and his interests in India.

So how can this be possible? How can a terrorist’s organization be utilized to carry out terror attacks in India and at same time be allowed to flourish in India ? How can the Indian Authorities allow this to happen? This leads us to the next question, who are the Indian Authorities ?

Who are the Indian Authorities?

The Indian Agencies responsible for intelligence, counter intelligence and national security are broadly speaking the following:

• Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)
• Intelligence Bureau(IB)
• Central Intelligence Bureau(CBI)
• National Investigation Agency(NIA)
• National Security Adviser(NSA)

All these Agencies are answerable to the Ministry of Home Affairs which itself comes under the direct control of the Indian Government.

In the aftermath of the Mumbai Attacks, the TOI printed in an article that it had acquired a report from the Ministry of Home Affairs which stated that the MHA was fully aware of the extent of Sheikh’s smuggling network and Dawood Ibrahim’s activities and that they were thriving because they enjoyed the patronage of a powerful minister from Maharashtra!  The MHA even  mentioned the name of this politician/minister in this report.

The top brass of the Indian Security Apparatus of India has been corrupted and made apathetic because of the influence wielded by this minister. This official apathy led to the Mumbai Terror Attacks .

Who is this minister?

There is only one minister from Maharashtra who has this much of power. He was the elected as the chief minister of Maharashtra  several times and was the  defense minister of India once. This minister has been accused of corruption of the highest order on several occasions and he has never seen the inside of a jail cell.

That minister is Sharad Pawar!


Profile of Sharad Pawar


• Sharad Pawar is the NCP (National Congress Party) Chairman. This party is currently supporting the Congress Government in the Coalition Government of Maharashtra
• He is also the Union Minister of Agriculture and Food.

• He is the prime accused in the Wheat Import Scam.
• He is the prime accused in the Rs. 32000 Crore(7 Billion $ ) Stamp Paper Scam.
• He owns major land banks in and around Mumbai believed to have been acquired with Ibrahim’s Muscle Power.
• He was held accountable by the Supreme Court in India for innumerable starvation induced deaths by ignoring the enormous wastage in foods. (Source:Wikipedia)

Anti National Background:

• He has been implicated in the Vohra Committee Report of having extensive business links with Dawood Ibrahim. This report has never been presented or discussed in the Parliament.(Source:Outlook)
• Was accused of tipping off Dawood Ibrahim and his associates so that they could escape the Mumbai Police.
• The only way that Dawood Ibrahim could have risen to the level of a Terrorist/Drug Lord is because he was allowed to thrive under Pawar’s influence.
• Sharad Pawar in turn is paid astronomical sums by Dawood Ibrahim (earned from the super profits of Narcotics Trafficking) to corrupt and subvert key elements within the Indian Security Apparatus.
• The Indian Intelligence Agencies are fully aware of the Nexus between Indian Politicians and the ISI sponsored terrorist. The Indian Intelligence agencies will not act against Pawar because they have been bought off.
• Has used party worker Chagan Bhujbal to corrupt key sections of Mumbai Police Force. Several top Police Officers have received money and houses from Dawood Ibrahim in return for allowing his operations to continue.

Further proof of Sharad Pawar’s close links with Dawood Ibrahim.

R R Patil is the current Home Minister and was the former Deputy Chief Minister and current Home Minister of Maharashtra. Patil is a senior minister in the NCP and is known as “ Mr. Clean” for his “Clean” image. He is a trusted and efficient executive of SharadPawar.

He was recently caught on camera socialising with three known aides of Dawood Ibrahim. The Clippings of this video were shown on CNN-IBN. Patil commented in the aftermath of the exposure, that he did not know who these people were.

The Aides are:

Salim Patel : Prime suspect in the Hyderabad Bomb Blasts Case. A well known extortionist.
Mobin Qureshi : Prime suspect in the murder of BJP MLA Prem Kumar Sharma. Also a well known extortionist.
Irfan Qureshi : A Blacklisted Builder. 

Aftermath of the attacks

When Vilasrao Deshmukh was asked to resign from his post of Chief Minister of Maharashtra after the attacks, there was an instant clamour for the coveted position of Chief Minister.

Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Narayan Rane of the Congress Party was coveting it with great desire. But he was sidelined and the post was given to Ashok Chavan.

Angry with the Congress Party and NCP for being ignored, Rane directly approached the media and stated that the Mumbai Terror Attacks could not have been possible on such a devastating scale without local support. He also offered to release the names of all the Indian political parties which had financed the Mumbai Terror attacks.

This set off an immediate panic, the party bosses of the Congress and the NCP had several meetings with NarayanRanebehind closed doors.

After Rane emerged from the meetings, he was accosted by the media, who asked the minister about his earlier claims. He conveniently developed amnesia and refused to comment. The media did not relent and pursued him with an RTI act. Rane to this day has not revealed anything on the matter. (Source: NDTV, Times of India, Daily News and Analysis)

After reading about links between a dreaded terrorist and the politicians it can easily be concluded that Indian ministers were involved in the Mumbai Attacks. This because their links with the terrorist who supported the attacks weren’t exposed by anyone, including the Indian Intelligence Agencies after the attacks. It was only because of the protection offered by the politicians that this Narco Terror Network was allowed to grow to such an extent that it could support the carnage in Mumbai.

They were fully aware of the Mumbai Attacks because of their close proximity to a dangerous terrorist and were almost exposed by a rival politician who claimed that they had even financed it. If so, then Sharad Pawar and his associates stand guilty of treason of the highest order. They have conspired in the mass murder of their own people.

If indeed the State Government of Maharashtra was aware of the attack or had financed it then some questions will come to mind.

1. What exactly is going on?
2. Why is this happening?

These two questions will be answered later in this presentation.

But is the NCP alone responsible for this treason? What about their Political Rivals such as the BJP, Congress and the Samajwadi?  If the Intelligence Agencies, the MHA and the Media are aware of this conspiracy, then the other Political Parties must also be aware of the same.  Why are they Silent?  To shed some light on this, we must again follow the money trail left behind the Narcotics Trafficking and Corruption.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Indian National Congress (INC) are sworn rivals who will embarrass one another whenever an opportunity presents itself.

The NCP-Congress led government is in power right now in Maharashtra, so  why doesn’t the BJP expose the NCP-Congress  led government  for their misdeeds in Maharashtra and bring it down. The answer to that question is because the BJP is also deeply involved in anti-national activities!

The TOI has reported on links between the ISI Sponsored Dawood Ibrahim’s Cartel and the Shiv Sena. This actually seems ridiculous at first because Dawood Ibrahim is a Muslim who is sheltered by ISI in Pakistan which is a Muslim country. And the Shiv Sena prides itself on Hindutva and Marathi Pride.

But this is where the tempting profits of narcotics trafficking come into picture. All the narcotics which originates from the docks of Karachi, lands on the docks of Mumbai. It is then subsequently distributed by the cadre and foot soldiers of the Shiva Sena! The Shiv Sainiks are heavily involved in Narcotics Trafficking . Bal Thackeray and  the ShivSenaare close business partners of Dawood Ibrahim. This is why the BJP doesn’t expose the NCP/Congress.  Also Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thackeray is a great ally and personal friend of Sharad Pawar. (Source: Countercurrents)

Outlook Magazine has also reported that Dawood Ibrahim has made generous donations to the top politicians of the BJP such as LK Advani and Sushma Swaraj through Hawala Channels close to him and middle men such as Romesh Sharma respectively (whose task was to identify targets in New Delhi for murder and extortion for Dawood Ibrahim) with the blessings of the BJP government. L K Advani was named as a beneficiary in the Jain HawalaScandal, where ISI controlled hawala agents funneled money to Advani in return for cooperation.

The BJP has sold out the country because they are also on the take from Dawood Ibrahim. When they were in power they did not take any steps to bring in Dawood Ibrahim but actually allowed him to flourish using Sharad Pawar. Numerous terror attacks happened when the BJP were in power. This again happened using Dawood Ibrahim’s Network which they nurtured. (Sources: Outlook Magazine)

Indian National Congress (INC) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are sworn rivals who will embarrass one another whenever  an opportunity presents itself.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is in power in Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh so why doesn’t the Congress Party then expose the BJP Governments for their crimes and bring them down? The answer to that question is because the Congress Party is also deeply involved in anti-national activities!

One of the most trusted congress party workers ,former Chief Minister of Maharashtra A R Antulay played a key role in smuggling tons of RDX Explosives into Mumbai. These explosives were then used by the terrorists to kill 257 people in the 1991 Mumbai Serial Bomb Blasts. He is openly acknowledged as one of the "interface" politicians along with Pawar used by the ISI/Ibrahim combine in India, to influence decisions within the Indian Government run by Congress Party to tacitly support their terrorist cause. (Source: Wikipedia)

Sharad Pawar finds mention here again, because it was in the Congress Party that he became a powerhouse.  He was a member of the INC and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra when the 1991 Bomb Blasts happened on his watch.

Ahmed Patel, the AICC Political Secretary who is in charge of deciding key postings, has been accused of having links with dangerous terrorists. He is a senior adviser to Sonia Gandhi but manages to evade the media by keeping a low profile. (Source: Outlook Magazine)

The Outlook Magazine has reported that Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had close business links with Dawood Ibrahim’s man in Delhi Romesh Sharma whom he used for favours. Sonia Gandhi holds both Sharad Pawar and Ahmed Patel in high regard and relies on them for their advise and influence. (Source: Outlook Magazine)

Other Ministers with Anti-National Records

• Samajwadi Party Member and MLA Abu Azmi in the Maharashtra State Government has a sinister background as well. He was accused by the Indian Mujahideen member Shahzad  of helping him stay in Azamgarh (UP) before Shahzad orchestrated the 13 September 2008 Delhi Bombings. (Source: NDTV).
He was also accused of being involved in the 1993 Mumbai Blasts. (Source:Tehelka)

• Former Chief Minister of Bihar Laloo Prasad Yadav was known to be close to Dawood Ibrahim’s middle man and power broker Romesh Sharma. Yadav provided favours for Ibrahim in return for funds for his party. (Source: Frontline Magazine)

• Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mulayam Singh Yadav was known to be close to Dawood Ibrahim’s middle man and power broker Romesh Sharma. Yadav provided favours for Ibrahim in return for funds for his party. (Source: Rediff)

• Syed Shah Geelani, the noted Hurriyat Leader and Kashmiri Separatist was named as being a beneficiary in the Jain Hawala Scandal, where ISI controlled financial hawala agents were reportedly making payoffs to the Hurriyat Leader. The Hurriyat Leader was eventually funneling the money to Kashmiri Terror Groups. (Source :Frontline Magazine)

After reading all this information about the elected politicians of this country having such close links with the most dreaded enemies of the state it is clear that it is not only Sharad Pawar and the NCP, but the whole Indian Government which  has sold out the people of this country to its enemies because of it’s insatiable greed!!!

So does this mean that the ISI backed Dawood Ibrahim has a vise like grip over the Indian Government? Is he literally running the country? Is he in total and absolute control? If not him is the Pakistani ISI in control of India? Far from it.

The politicians and elected leaders of India are still very much in power. The nexus between the Politician and the Narco-terrorists/ISI is simply a symbiotic relationship which allows both to thrive. The Narcotics are smuggled in by a sinister terror sponsoring organization like the ISI under the protection of the Indian Government, which is then paid off with  the super profits earned by narcotics trafficking.

So then why terrorism? Why are the terrorist attacks being allowed ? And why are the Indian Politicians in bed with India hating terrorists? Couldn’t the Indian Politicians have all the money they wanted from Dawood Ibrahim and leave the civilians in peace? Why are we getting caught up in this? How do we figure in this?

What exactly is going on?

To answer that question we must again analyze the nature of the relationship that the Indian Government has with Dawood Ibrahim. Dawood Ibrahim was declared a Global Terrorist and is on India’s most wanted list. The Indian Intelligence agencies know everything that there is know about him, his whereabouts and his financial investments.
The Indian Intelligence and Security Forces won’t move against or even weaken him because they have been subverted by a very corrupt but democratically elected  Indian Government. The Indian Authorities could bring Dawood Ibrahim’s Organization to its knees if it wanted to. The same with the Indian Army. It could crush the Pakistani Terrorists if it so chose to. But that is not happening. Why doesn’t anyone act and finish this terror menace ? What is happening is pure deception!

Dawood Ibrahim is an agent of the Pakistani Intelligence Agency the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). But then again Dawood Ibrahim is working hand in glove with Indian Politicians also.

How can the same terrorist work for both countries? Especially after considering the facts that countries like India and Pakistan  have engaged in three large scale wars, have had numerous clashes over Kashmir and have a deep set hostility towards  one another.

There can only be one logical conclusion. The Indian Government and the Pakistani Government may overtly be  enemies. But they are secretly the best of friends!!! All the terrorist strikes are carried out on the Indian people by the Pakistani Terrorists  at the behest of the Indian Government. This is a policy and has little to do with corruption. The terror attacks are happening in total coordination between the ISI and the Indian Government along the with Army and the Intelligence Wings. The Indian Army and the Pakistani Army have a good understanding and communication between one another. The corrupt Generals of the Indian Army and the Pakistani Army simply strike each other to keep the Kashmir Dispute alive. The Indian Army will sacrifice some of its soldiers for some Pakistani Terrorists. But neither side will try to obliterate the other. The supposed “hostility” is simply allowed to perpetuate.

This is also why Pakistan will never hand over Ibrahim to India. Its because the Indian Government doesn’t want them to. It will expose the Indians as well as the Pakistanis. The reluctance of the Pakistanis to hand over Dawood Ibrahim to India shows a great understanding between India and Pakistan.

This shocking revelation leads us to our next question. Why is this happening? Why this Policy of Terror?

The terrorists were openly recruited by the Pakistani ISI after the creation of Bangladesh and were trained to fight the Jihad in Kashmir. But after sometime overcame temptation and quickly got mired in Narcotics Trafficking. The Pakistani establishment including the ISI, the Army and the Government is corrupt to its very core and is massively involved in the opium trade emanating from Afghanistan. 

The Democratically elected Government of India sadly as scam after scam has convinced us is also corrupt to its very core. So is its Army which has a spotty past and has been mired in several purchase related scams.

The Indian Government wasn’t always this corrupt though. It was subverted by the greed of our wretched politicians after corruption was institutionalized during the reign of Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister. Since then our establishment has been taken over by criminals, thieves, traitors, embezzlers, murderers and above all, very convincing liars.

Somewhere after corruption became institutionalized in India, contacts were made between the ISI and the Indian Government and a secret friendship between great rivals was initiated. This is how Dawood Ibrahim, an Indian born criminal became a ISI asset. But the ISI asset also became an Indian asset. This asset was used to create large scale terror on order.

The Indian government uses terror as another instrument for mass control along with taxes and inflationary policies. Terrorism has the power to cause mass psychological trauma. That’s why it is so often used.

The Indian Governments along with the Pakistani Government respectively use terror to keep their respective country’s populations in a state of fear.

This fear makes us feel insecure, this fear reminds us that our lives can end any minute because of evil forces that exist in this world. This because after any terrorist strike, regardless of our fear and anger, we can only turn to one organization in the end for help. The Indian Government.

The Indian Government is aware of this and uses a propaganda of terror to reinforce this fear and their necessity from time to time.

The terrorist attacks are meant to are simply meant to remind us how fragile our lives are and ergo keep the Indian people in check. What we weren’t told, was that it was the very people we chose to govern us, who bred, fed and nourished these evil forces. Partly for their greed and partly for mass control.

This Terror Induced Mass Control is perceived by the Indian Government as an effective tool by which the Indian Government and its most important organs which includes Financial Regulators, the Intelligence Agencies, the Indian Army and the opposition parties which all put together make up less than 1% of the Indian Population exerts control over the remaining 99% of the population.

All the information presented previously was garnered from various media sources. The last two slides are the conclusions which can be arrived at based on the information presented so far. In that case, what was all the furore displayed by Indian Government over the Mumbai Attacks all about? What was the anger displayed by the Opposition Parties all about? What was Barack Obama’s speech at the TajHotel all about?

The answer to all these questions is the title of this Presentation. This is the Great Indian Lie. This is the farce. This is the conspiracy. This is the drama that all politicians participate in. Our elected politicians have very murky backgrounds. Any of them could potentially expose their rivals and bring them down. But they don’t. They just lie. And they lie big. Its what makes things work. It’s the grease in this engine we call a government. If they don’t lie, this  engine will simply come to a grinding halt. Everyone who is in a position of power and influence knows this. And now so do you.

This lie was what allowed the Mumbai Terror Attacks to happen. It was responsible for the terror strike in Mumbai in 1991. It was responsible for the Delhi blasts, the Hyderabad Blasts and the Ahmedabad Blasts. 

In short it was responsible for deaths of so many innocent people.

Note: This presentation has been made by compiling and analyzing articles that have been printed in reputed media agencies over the last two years since the Mumbai Attacks. These articles are available both in the hard copies and online edition of the Times of India . The Information attributed to Outlook Magazine, Frontline Magazine, NDTV, CNN-IBN is available in the online edition. The information printed by these Media Groups is in turned sourced from the Archives of the Ministry of Home Affairs.
Note: If any political party doesn’t find mention in this presentation, it is only because the Author has not found any controversial subject matter about that particular party. The author finds Indian Political Parties of every hue to be despicable and holds them all equally guilty in this conspiracy of silence

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why we fail to bring change

Why we fail to bring change?

Very logical point why societies are not changing? They do not have problems after having and people like me and you have problems when they do not have problems. They are not changing because they do not have problem. And we are trying to bring a change because we have problems.

Result is clash of thoughts they do not want to improve the things and want to keep them as they are and we want to change those things only because it is affecting our brain, our environment, our life, changing us as an individual and above all obstacles for the growth of nation.

1) There is an employee in government office. He refused to my work done till then I do not bribe him. Another man who is sitting aside me has no problem to give him bribe because he has enough wealth to make her work done in few minutes. Official takes bribe and man’s work is done. He gave and Official took because it has been part of their daily lives and he will not do my work till then I do not pay few pennies to him
I refuse to give him any single penny because it will lead to a corrupt state. My work is pending. It is affecting my mind, environment, my life and above all changing me as an individual.

2) I see a street child who is begging on the road. I talk to him/her ask her where he lives, what his/her parents do. I request his parents to send him/her in school and we are ready to give their children full sport and ready to help them when ever they need us.

But their parents refused to send them in school to say” education is not going to help them to make a better future begging is good when they are earning”.

3) I see a child laborer. I talked to him. Meet to their parents and requested them to send the child in school and they deny to say” what is the problem with you if my child is earning working on a hotel or on a Dhaba? What education will give him? Sooner or later he will be in same business so what the use to send him in school?” After trying hard I am not able to convince them to send their children in school.

4) I meet a lady who has been physically and mentally tortured by her husband. Although she is independent but still doing no protest for the tortures she is getting every day on her body and mind. I ask her why she is not protesting.   She gives me enough illogical reasons on the name of so called society and honor. Well what is the use to work me for her when she herself does not want to stand up for her? What is the use of me to make her understand what her rights are? We discuss it on social networking sites women have been beaten , why we do not use” Bell Bajao”.  What is the use? When people who are suffering do not have problem?

5) I meet a person who is frustrated from political system. I ask him the reason and he gave me enough reasons. At last I say him why do not you vote for a person whom you trust not the whole community? Why do not you vote for a person whom you think will be capable for you or your community to work in a sincere manner? And he says” how I can stand up alone against a person who belongs to my community?” After giving her enough reasons why he should stand up for right he only shook his head with agreement that “every thing you were telling was nonsense and I will do what I am doing from years”.

6) I meet to a group of parents whose children are studying in a school where instead of students teachers are on bunk. I told them why they do not meet to principal of the school together as the staff is not working with sincerity. And they say” why do not you meet to the principal and talk to him?”.

Then I say it would be good if you parents talk to them because your children are studying there. But they do not want to meet any one to say “Sarkari cheeje to aise hi kaam akrti hai”. Chalti hai to chaliye sir, why blame it on others later when thigns get wrong.

7) I meet to a group of people. Their house was taking good bath in mud due to shiver blockage. I asked them why not you meet to your municipal authorities and village head to fix it right. And you even share number of municipal authorities with them and they say we do not have time to go to municipal authorities’ office. Why do not you do it for us?  In our country people want that every thing should be done perfectly and on time but we should not start a fresh in fact a person must do it from us.

What should be your concern for those people? We are making fool of our self among those people who deny changes, who are sitting with clarity that nothing is going to change and not even trying to bring change.  They are happy in their atmospheres, in their environment, the way they live and the way they behave and act. And people like us look fool when we try to make them understand who do not want to listen, who does not want to act, who want that every thing should be done for them but by others only. Every act and every punishment is our responsibility because we are working for them. So what if we concern for society and giving our personal lives for that society where people do not want to understand any thing to say” do not try to make us understand we are wise enough to know what we should do”.

And if we find a single person from any society who really wants to bring change it is always satisfying to work for that person, that society and that nation.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Raisana is good for failure now

Where we are leading? And what is the meaning of Satta(Authority) in our nation? Is it related to get a chair or using that power in your own way? Authority means misuse of power now a day. President house is becoming dumping Jon and there is enough space for unsuccessful leaders.

By the way enough has been happened in eight years eg. Scams became common name  in nation, eating crores of rupees is very less;  Foreign visits of ministers from public fund became a sign of power, Leaders have been frustrating for common man, President house has been dumping Jon, Criticizm of UPA has been a custom among masses, 27 rupees has became a measurement of your wealth, Montek Singh Ahluwalia( Chairman of Planning Commission)  became more nonsense he was ever, Fasts have been common to afraid governments but shameless Government have nothing to bother, Craze of unsuccessful leaders became common in country’s politics, Even flaming in government offices have been common, Our country’s politics lost respect for honest and successful leaders, many uncountable stories. Keep your mind on full process to analyze such useless stories in Indian Politics.

There is enough demand for unsuccessful leaders in our country’s politics. Is not it? Can not we digest good leaders or do not want good leadership? Presidential elections have been a joke and at last an unsuccessful minister won the title for presidential ship who gave country nothing except fiscal deficit. Government is trying to impose an unsuccessful finance minister on us by giving him a president post. What will change in our nation? An unsuccessful finance minister will live in 340 rooms now and our economy will cry with fiscal deficit.

This decision is good too because he does not have anything to do in President House and who can be better than a minister who is not able to fix any thing right in country’s economy in 5-8 years.
 Last President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil also did wonderful job as a useless president. If we go through the statistic then we find she did nothing in five years except foreign visits from public funds? She spent 261 crore rupees and then said it was god for country affairs. Now some one please ask that lady what have been done good to this country and tell me one single thing that make any sense of your foreign visits mam?
One more thing is she is dancing out of happiness because she gave clemency to 35 people oh sorry terrorists. What the hell she did well for the nation? Was it not a mock on the Shahadat of those soldiers who sacrificed their life for us or for these useless monkeys we have in our government now days.

One side inflation, rising prices, fiscal deficit, falling prices of Indian currency etc and other side same decorative pieces on the name of leaders.

If I say nothing changes ever in our nation than I am not wrong. We only change people from same parties, from same governments and at last get nothing except useless idle leaders who walks in parliament like they are on morning walks, sit there like they are sleeping in classes, stand up like those fools who does not know how to make stand a country from problems, they came out from parliament like they played a game with the emotions of our motherland , with those citizens who elect them for their service, they sleep in nights with a satisfaction that today they earn enough from the coffins of those soldiers who die for the nation. Our largest democracy is leading no where except leading towards a state where lack of sincerity and patriotism both in citizens and in leaders.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Three years of robbery

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh presented the report card of Union Progressive Alliance -2nd as the government completed its third year in power. What would be in report card except inflation, terrorism, hanging parliaments, hanging Lokpal bill, Communal violence bill, Terrorism, free Headly, Kasab, Afjal on whom Government spent more than crores. What else can be in report card?

I also listen that they are planning for 2014!
Congress talked about 2014 agenda before one day why they do not think what they can do in two years to save us from the crisis ?Or they are planning to rob the nation in two years because after that who knows when they will get chance ? Are not we tired with this Government?
·         Before one day United Progressive Alliance were showing the report card of progress( when there was no progress at all) now after one day they tell us what they can do in two years and they started it from hike petrol prices. Now 8 rupees will hit your pockets before any report card
Top of Form

Ø  We do not have enough Godaans to store grain after sixty three years of independence. Is it progress?
Ø  Public money has been looted by A.Raja, Suresh Kalmadi, Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi, Adrash society Scam etc. Is it progress?
Ø  Government is not able to control inflation is it progress?
Ø  Indian rupee is losing its value in international market. Is it progress?
Ø  Any one who can earn 27 rupee per day is not poor at all, but dying because of basic facilities. Is it progress?
Ø  Agriculture ministry is doing nothing and every year thousand farmers are committing suicide especially in Madhya pardesh. Is it progress?
Ø  Is it not tragedy of our system that more than 70% people are indulge in agriculture and they produce good harvest still our country is dying from hunger?
Ø  What has been done for the tribe people?
Ø  They are violating our freedom of speech that too happened in 4th June when Government ordered to beat Baba Ramdev .Is it progress?
Ø  Government is not able to take action against terrorists. Is it progress?

Take a look in short over three years robbery .... 

 iFiscal deficit 
2010-11: 4.9 
2011-12: 5.9 

Current Account balance ( % GDP)
2009- 10: -2.8
2010- 11: -2.7
2011-12: -3.6

UPA II: What Went Wrong?

-Politics without internal consistency, vision or governance
-Falling growth, rupee & UPA credibility
-Rising inflation, government expenditure
-Fall in global credit rating
-Investor unfriendly moves 
-GAAR proposed in Union Budget for 2012-13 
-Retrospective tax on overseas deals that involved assets in India
-Pending bills and stalled reforms
-No headway on PFRDA & Insurance Laws Bill
-Hike in FDI for aviation, defence & multi-brand retail stalled 
-2G scandal cost the exchequer around Rs 1.76 trillion
-Implementation delay for DTC & GST 

Home Ministry - Chidambaram
-NCTC has been put on hold
-Manipur & Telangana remain unsolved 

Defence Ministry - AK Antony 
-Controversy over Army Chief General VK Singh 

Jairam Ramesh 

- Land Acquisition Bill not approved yet 

No-show for UPA-II – Manmohan Singh
-Public Procurement bill
-Grievance Redressal bill

A number of bills are in queue to be cleared. Take a look:

- Pension Bill
- Insurance Bill
- FDI in Aviation
- FDI in Defence
- FDI in Retail
- Land Acquisition Bill
- Fuel Price Decontrol - Diesel not done
- Food Security
- Mines and Minerals Dev & Reg Bill
- National Telecom Policy 2012

UPA II: The Major Scams

- 2G Spectrum Case
- CWG Scam
- Adarsh Housing Society Scam 

By chance government did few good deeds for the nation too.
They passed food security bill.  
They are able to do well in the field of education by enacting new Right to Education act.
But need to do more work on food security bill .They must know how they will do food security and what will be the distribution system. They did not mention this till now.
And right to Education Act. It is good move but government needs to give strict warning to the states that they must improve the infrastructure and condition of schools.

There is lot of things that is wrong in the country I only maintained the issues for which only government is responsible and only they can solve these matters. Please come out from this reservation and quota system policies and do some thing real for the nation gentleman. There are enough institutions for doing fake things and they are doing too but growth and development reports of the nation should not be fake at all.