Sunday, September 16, 2012

What else except from nonsense speeches of State leaders

This is the man (Our Home Minister unfortunately so called "MR" Sushil Kumar Shinde a failed power minister earlier) who used to believe that Indian people's memories a
re too weak that they can forget every issue and scam. Same thing will be happen with Coal Scam and people will forget it as they have forgotten Bofors. Are our memories too weak that we can vote for a Government again and again to know what exactly they are doing with nation?
How proudly he commented, typical like a shameless person of a state who mind nothing except chair, power and of course a high-fight post and after that lose his brain on same sight where he is lying from years.

This is what we can expect to this shame government and their dumb leaders. The day when our country man will learn to use their vote bank this country will be a heaven. Our memories are so weak that we forget things so easily and the worst what a gov
ernment could do with us? Is not it ? Are we going to vote for Congress again ? Is ten years not enough to see worst in a state ?
If scams will run with its usual race than the day is not far when n we will fight for nothing except our freedom in our own nation.

Your votes can make a better state. Why do not use it in a effective way? Is it necessary to sell your votes for a Bottle of Daaru and 500 rupees? The day when we will realize the power of our votes, no any Government will dare to play with our emotions any more.

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