Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Can our present government do something good or they want to prove they are kings? One more decision by allowing FDI (FOREIGN DORECT INVESTMENT) in the country. They do not consider it important to ask the opposition or any party (with whom they made the alliance) when they want to make decision for the country.
Secondly if the decision is so good why they did not implement it before two months? It is nothing more then a plan to spoil one more parliament session in stupid arguments. 
By allowing FDI in country domestic products will be no where. It will be a live death of retail holders’ .What a poor man will do? Government is telling us it will help farmers and poor people? It will give them employment, really? Now we have to depend on foreign companies for the employment. It is nothing more then failed policies of yours that you are not able to give the employment to us after more then sixty years of independence.
Poor man who runs their small shops what they will do?
What government wants to show?
Growth rate or false shining of the country?
May be they want to show NAKLI AMERICA to the world.
Till now there is no effect of economic down in the country because more then 77% people have their domestic products. But if we allow FDI then economic down will affect us too, because it works like a chain and if chain will be damage from one place then it will affect whole system of the chain. ? I am not an economist, still I have some idea what will be the affect of FDI (foreign direct investment) on country and on small retail holders then why not our best economist?
Do not sell my country because of EGO and false development please!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

do not drag any more, on the name of vote bank

How long will you beg in Maharashtra , how long will you do hard work in Punjab ,your government have cheated you the most in twenty years this was the statement given by congress  general secretary Rahul Gandhi. I do not support him much and not a dying hard fan of him, but he is right some where. It can be an insulting comment .But let him remind that it is not about begging on other states. Unemployment is the only reason they are going in other states for the work and to earn their bread.
Talk to some LABORERS and RIKSHA PULLERS they will tell the reality why they are working in other states?  Why they do not have job opportunities in U.P? They are not in a habit or love to do work at a place where they don’t know any one, where every one is treating to them like an unwanted guest.
Rahul says “your government is cheating with you most in twenty years, he is absolutely right, but can we say it is only BSP (BAHUJAN SAMAJ PARTY) who is cheating with them? Of course not!! Can check out the old record you will find reality how many parties cheated with the public and how many times.
And it is not about Uttar Pradesh only even government of other state also cheated to AAM AADMI and still doing. Even your party is cheating with common man RAHUL SIR. Why you remain quiet there? You are really an aware youth of the country then please bother congress party too when they make stupid policies for us.

. I appreciate the people of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as they have too much potential .they work continuously 24*7, still we all know what ‘s their condition and how they have been treated and behaved.
No any government did work for them till now. Every time during elections it has became an issue of vote bank where every party wants to reserve some plans (they do not want to implement it) so that it can became an issue for next election.
Our leaders need to understand the truth that no any person wants to remain hungry forever; every one wants to come out from the wretched condition. If all the time you parties will make it a political issue then the day is not far when you will see that every man in the street is boiling with anger who is ready to do anything no matter if there is YOUTH OF THE COUNTRY RAHUL or any famous politician.

Rahul sir come out and work for them no one stops you after all you have power, authority and your government in centre no one dare to challenge you there then please do a bit for those poor people who really need your help and this time please give them a sustainable solution and do not make it a issue for next election please, because people of uttar pardesh really need help and when ever we see the situation of people there we came to know the reality of so called development.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I do agree with MR. KATJU (former justice of Supreme Court) that “INDIAN MEDIA NEED INTROSPECTION”.
Media plays a important role to make a democracy strong. So can we say that if our democracy is not strong then it is because of media?  Media is nothing more then a good business who believe in showing entertaining news rather then truth.
Pause for a second when you are watching news on the channels and then analyze for a moment what they are showing us? Are they acquainting us from reality or something else? 
Do they tell us reality?
Which reality? Reality about films stars or reality about daily soaps? do not misunderstood me I am talking about electronic media .our media is always ready to put question on every individual  to say are you really concern for the country or is it all about publicity? .(can see in the case of baba ramdev,anna hazare,arvind kejrival etc, oh if you see there is any publicity then what the hell you want to show that news.)

When people die, farmers do suicide , children lose their innocence, soldiers die on border , they do not have time to cover these stories but have enough time for rest things like what our film stars are doing at their homes? What they are going to wear for a party? What will be the next plan for their holiday yuk many more useless things. We all are known with the fact very well.

I know it became difficult to show news when you do not have anything for BREAKING NEWS and at that time you do not forget to make up stories. But do not worry our media can do it and do it very well, because they have good story tellers in their offices.

Do you think that people can show us the reality after sitting in comfortable rooms? Do you expect they will show us the reality what’s happening outside metro cities? We can see our journalists on page three every day. Do they have time to come out from those comfort Jones.  I do not think they have time. Do you expect such people will show you the reality, who study in abroad, who have enough money to fix their posts? Do you expect they will show us the reality about real India?

I wanted to write many more things but I do not have more words really, it is just a feeling of anger that can not be described any more till then we do not have any media man in front of us. In the last I want to say that it was a time when truth was worth loving and respected thing but now it is just a bitter and more bitter which lost it’s significance “IN THE DISCOVERY OF MAKING FALSE BUT ENTERTAINING NEWS.”  Media is confusing us every day in their cover stories.