Friday, July 29, 2011


I always find myself a cynic (specially towards our political system) .But believe me it is not because of habit but it is only because of wrong things happen around us.(may be same with all of you my country’s citizen)  
In our country people hardly wants to do their duty with sincerity but want good salary not because of their work but because of their posts. We can not impose everything on the government if things are not going in a proper way. We are equal responsible.
I will present some facts here may be you all will be agree with me and for  a moment you will laugh too to say “YEAH WE REALLY DO THIS “.
We all see these things around us .

teacher is late in the class (not only one day but it is their daily routine unfortunately ) then they say “OH ITNA TIME HO GAYA .THODA BAHUT LATE TO CHALTA HAI “. 

Students enjoy in the class and celebrate the occasion if teacher is late. But they hardly wants to think over the matter WHOSE LOSE IT IS ? when they realize it then it became too late .

We drive with out license and if by chance caught by the police then we try to seduce policeman to say “YAR CASE KO RAFA DAFA KARO NAA .WASE BHI HAMARE COUNTRY MAI YE SAB TO CHALTA HAI .AB KYA FAYDA HAI ITNA HONESTY SHOW KARNE KAA WHO BHI IN TODAY’S TIME.”

We break rules ,cross red lights (how much rich we not doubt we have majority of poor people) and then say “ARRY KYA FIVE HUNDRED KI TO BAAT HAI .WASE BHI INDIA MAI YE SAB TO CHALTA HAI”.

We find people in the marriage with stylish clothes ,with nice personality but they lose their smartness with their foolish acts. What is the use of their education when they can not think what will be the effect of their acts on country and on others? We waste food in the marriage to say “ARRY YAAR HAMARA KYA JAATA HAI .SAB CHALTA HAI“.

We break queues and declare a person fool if any one is following the discipline .we say “WHAT A FOOL HE/SHE IS ?  .ARE YOU MAD ? INDIA MAI YE SAB RULE NAHI CHALTA.IF YOU WANT YOUR WORK QUICKLY THEN BREAK THE QUEUE “. (they give wrong advise to a right person )

We spit on the road, throw garbage on the road and then say “ WE WISH HAMARA COUNTRY KAA ROAD BHI AMERICA OR ENGLAND JAISA HOTA “.

We sit in our homes and make it a national holiday when it is time to elect a good leader for the country. After elections we say “IS DESH KO KOI NHI BACHA SAKTA AISE AISE LEADER CHIEF MINISTER OR PRIME MINISTER BAN GAYE HAI “.

We do not turn the lights off when we are coming out from the room specially when it is a government office and then we say “ SARKARI HI TO HAI and later we complain GOVERNEMNT LIGHT NAHI DETI HAI “.

We waste water ,hardly wants to turn the taps off and then we say “ PATA NAHI KAB TAK WATER WASTE HOTA  RAHEGA“.

We take work from a under fourteen child and then we say “ INDIA MAI TO KOI RULE FOLLOW HI NAHI KARTA “.

when any one wants to stand up in the crowd against wrong things then instead of appreciating them we say “ TU HI NAA IS DESH KO BADLEGA .YE CHOTI CHOTI CHEEZE KARNE SE DESH BADAL NAHI JAEGA .HUM JAHA THE WAHI RAHENGEI AUR IS DESH KAA KUCH NAHI HO SAKTA IN SHORT“.

there are many more things . we all are smart citizen of a smart country. We are more smart then politicians because we have capacity to impose everything on them. We are too much powerful. We all are a solution within us. We all have strategy as politicians have.  We know what we should do if we are facing this situation but hardly wants to act upon.  Please think over the matter and please improve yourself because it will be a great victory for us and for the goodness of the country.

Change your CHALTA HAI ATTITIDE because it will lead us no where. if you can not do too much for the country at least please change your attitude for the sake of country that will also be a big thing really. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

have something in common (government and common man)

You talk about justice ,we want justice.

You talk about new policies and new rules, we want from you(government) to implement new rules and policies.

You talk about equality, we want equality.

We criticize government and you criticize opposition parties.

You talk about BHARAT but hardly want to do anything for it’s development except claims. We also talk about BHARAT and always eager to do something for it is development.

You talk about democracy and we want the meaning of real democracy.

You talk about land acquisition and rights for farmers.(same thing we do).but will any one tell us what’s happening with tribal peoples whose land you are using for modernization (like POSCO Project in UDDISA)and all the time they(tribal people)just cry for their lands and you even do not want to give them appropriate prizes .
in UTTAR PARDEH you talk about farmers’ right .good to hear that You talk about some one’ right. You all are a firm believer of democracy right? But what happens to your so called democratic ideas when it comes on you ?

you always claim that you are with farmers (specially during elections),but still there is no improvement in their condition. What’s the matter there ? you do not want to do the things or you just want to make some points in front of public to show how much care you have for them. If you really care for them why you do not make new law for them .

you always tell us how much hard it is to implement a new law right ? ? but when it comes on all of you then you pass the bill only in one day .then we do not find any discussions in parliament, no abuses from opposition parties. At that time you always believe in UNITY .great really!! You(gov) do your so called public welfare work and we do ours.

we make you leaders .only because of us you all are sitting in ACS COMPARTMENTS then why should you not do the things for us ? you show your care during elections but when we will come on our powers then you will not be anywhere (not even after five years). then you will find yourself in a stage of trauma where all the time you will be afraid from public because you will came to know what they can do. So it is better to do your duties sincerely otherwise we surely have options.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

They all have strategies of claims

After doing nothing and everything against public and democracy still they have authority. I will say “they have strategies and they have good strategies of claims”. they have strategies how to impress public and how to stay in authority after being a bad government .

They talk about INFLATION,TERRORISM,STOP CHILD LABOUR, JUSTICE, A STRICT PUNISHMENT FOR CULPRITS,  BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY,AJAMAL KASAB,AFJAL GURU, GOONS IN POLITICS,  COUNTRY DEVELOPMENT, THEY TALK ABOUT CORRUPTION,2G SCAM , about farmers ,about land acquisition ,about equality ,about  (list is too long that I will not be able to write all names how much they talk and claims.)  they all are a part of government  where they have all powers but they do nothing except claims.
They talked about control inflation. But as usual in the form of claims. If they will not be able to control inflation then we all will be on a fast unto death unwillingly.  After price hike they say “WE DO NOT HAVE ANY OTHER OPTION “ oh really is it so ?
 you do not have OPTION strange man ? When people protest against you ,then you have options to stop them right?

when people of the country want a strong LOKPAL BILL and you(government) do not want then you have options. right?

when people die from hunger then you have options by escape yourself from some statements right ?

 by the way who will give us answers ?
 you all consider yourself more then “  A KING “ when you get chairs . you forget every thing when you sit there and if you remember anything by chance then you are always ready to forget it after sitting in ACS COMPARTMENT .

You all have fresh air there and big cars. how things will effect you after all right ? but I really feel ashamed to say we are living in world’s  largest democracy where people are always in doubt if we can stand up against the gov or not when they are doing wrong ?The work you (our leaders)should do  for  public we the common man are doing that .

Then what the hell you are doing there? Give your resignation letters we will take care rest.