Wednesday, January 26, 2011

real democracy or pseudo democray ?

 we celebrate 62nd republic day.every one was so happy and when tiranga raise in the sky then our hearts filled with emotions and with patriotism .again we felt proud to be a part of indian culture and india.
                                  same thing also happened as it is happening from last 61 years (lol), again our ministers speak about their new policies, we will do this and that. We all know that they will forget everything tomorrow or day after . They will not even speak what will be  their policies  against those who are eating public money and what they will do for those farmers who are dying every day in villages. They will also not assure us that they will not give such rubbish statements as they did last time when farmers suicide in M.P .(statement was like that “we are not responsible for those farmers ‘s suicide they are doing all because of their sins”.)if they believe in pap and punya too much then what they are doing on such a big post?

                                     Now come to the point , in what kind of democracy and republic we are living ?? do we really enjoy democracy or republic ??or do we enjoy pseudo democracy or republic ?do not go in deep friends you can guess it after reading .
                                      Our Indian government always want to show how much democratic they are then that china .no doubt we are world’s biggest democray.but I really have doubt on our democracy is best or not ?some points that always confuse me are here .one question always confuse me is that ,are we really a republic or democratic country where everything has been divided in to two parts.

1…india and bharat
2….rule for common man and rich man
3….judicial system for poor and rich man specially people who r on high post.
4…..real democracy and pseudo democracy.

One side people do too much for the country and one day when they express their views then government declare them seditious.(talking about dr. binayak sen)

                    Other side in same India when people say that Kashmir was never a part of india and say many things against india and some times abuse india and burn indian flags then government pretend as they were sleeping at that time.oh oh humne toh  kuch dekha hi nahi waha kya hua .because they had money and power that’s my government were sleeping at that time .right ?

Where one side government change the workers because they are doing their work with honesty and with sincerity without any political pressure.
                                     Other side politicians do big scams and eat all public money then there is no firs and no actions.

And about judicial system where innocent people wait for justice but how unlucky judicial system make them when culprits became free by giving 25000 rs.
              Other side KASAB AND AFJAL GURU is enjoying their five star treatment in jail .
       Wait wait one more thing in my mind right now is that ,on some places women elect their leaders because their husbands/fathers/brothers are choosing those leaders and they will follow them blindly.

what we will say now we are living in real democracy or pseudo democracy ??this is called republic ??is it called freedom of justice ,equality ?well on third thing I really do not have any doubt that we all believe in brotherhood.