Sunday, December 26, 2010

are people really impartial towards women ?

Indian women who is always ready to sacrifice her life for others and she burn  like a candle to give lights to others .still what kind of respect she have in Indian society??we always claim that”jaha women kaa worship hota hai waha god rehta hai “okay I am agree but in today’s time reality is far from this fact because women are not even getting a single percent of that respect as she deserve .we Indian people are known for our kindness .we worship even trees and non living things. But what a hypocrisy !!!! in twenty first century too we lament when a girl child take birth in a family .i do not know when people will be impartial to women.still people think that only a women is responsible what happened to her whether it is a matter of eve teasing and something else.just ask yourself is it not like that ?do not we think that a women is responsible for her bad condition??why we are not changing out mentality ??now our country countryman also became partial towards women .and  .there is a lot of difference between claiming and acting(as we always claim that only we respect the women like god )and when things goes wrong then we tell that it is western culture.i do not think any western country do not want to give respect to women and women’s condition are better there then that our country.but we have became habitual to blame on others for every bad situation .we all know what happened in DHAULA KHUAN case .after the death of that girl villagers of DHAUJI’S village are claiming that the girl was only responsible for what happened to her.they also said that why she choose night shift when it is not safe for girls .and why these places are not safe for them may be because those people send their  family’s anti social aliments on the road ..will any body ask them,  is day shifts are safe for them ??.i do not think there is any girl who want that such thing should be happened to her but those people will never understand the fact because they do not have mind and heart too understand that .for them only girl is responsible what’s happening with them . they will never try to give some moral lessons to their family’s anti social aliment  who are responsible for that.and it is a tragedy crimes against women are increasing day by day .and still many things are going wrong against women on domestic front and baby killing and eve teasing and many crimes .our moral character has been decline too much that every one want to run in the race and want to crush other people.if we need to gain anything once again then it is our moral character and need to think in a bigger  way  .and our politicians who are always ready to speak on HINDU OR MUSLIM they are also quite now…….in last sorry for many grammatical mistakes lol.