Sunday, October 23, 2011

why every university can not be J.N U and D.U ?

Now I can tell why every university can not be a university like J.N.U (JAWAH LAL NEHRU UNIVERSITY),D.U,(DELHI UNIVERSITY) I.I.M (INDIAN INSTITUE OF MANAGEMENT ?
Why every student can not be as sincere as the student of these universities are?
Why every student does not come out with his real talent?
Why students burn the things inside them? Why they do not able to expose what they have inside them?
Why we are producing more and more degree holders? Why we want degrees instead of self dependence?
Why we are happy to get degrees and good marks instead of getting real knowledge?
Why we always complain about our education system?

Answer is as difficult as the questions. Can we say it is because we do not have good teachers or is it so we do not have good students?  We have both things still we are not able to make a university like J.N.U AND D.U . What is the thing that differ us from them? And why we still fascinate about those universities? Why still these universities have their charm?  Why still every student want to be a part of those universities?

It is because these all universities are not busy enough to make stupid policies for the students. For example how much fine we need to take from those students who are not attending classes. or how they should live their life ? They are also busy enough to tell the students what they should wear.   When they take entrance exam then they are damn serious about it .they do not take the exam just because it is a fashion to do that.  But I can tell how our colleges take the entrance just because it is fashion to give an entrance exam to do a professional course.

Their main (best universities of india)focus is on education. They do not want to produce degrees holders; they want to make a future man/women who is smart enough to take his/her responsibility, who can stand up confidentiality when he/she is stand up in a crowd. There so called educators do not break their confidence to say” you can not do anything in your life”. They do not show the fear to students ABOUT TEACHERS. In our colleges it has been tell to us that THEY ARE TEACHERS AND YOU ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO ENTER IN THEIR STAFF ROOMS(after request they can change the idea). WHY WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER IN THE STAFF ROOMS? AND OUT SIDE THE STAFF ROOMS CAN SEE A BIG CROWD OF PEONS AS THEY ARE FOR THE PROTECTION OF TEACHERS SOME TIME IT SEEMS THAT STUDENTS ARE TERRORISTS, WHO CAN ATTACK ON THEM ANYTIME AND THAT IS WHY THEY HAVE SOME PEONS OUT SIDE THE STAFF ROOM FOR THEIR PROTECTION.

  JWAH LAL NEHRU UNIVERSITY AND DLEHI UNIVERSITY recognizes real talent of a student and then give chance to every student to expose his/her real self.
Our so called universities and colleges (they are universities because they have some grades from UGC by chance) are busy any where then making stupid policies for the student.
They are busy enough in deciding what type of clothes a student should wear.
They are busy to decide what kind of interests a student should have in our college/university.
They are also busy to find out how they will mould the interest of a student according their college/university.
And who have time to listen students when teachers are so busy in their personal meetings?  
I do not know for whom they arrange the meetings and if it is for student then why students do not get the benefit from those meetings? Students still cry we do not have this facility and we do not have that facility. Will you say they are also in a habit of criticism or they really have actual problem?
Our universities are busy in making stupid rules and regulations like “what should be the timing to get the students out from the college/university and before that if a student is dying too then rules is rules right? Before that you should not forget to write from a teacher that you are really dying and you do not want to run away from the college. So have you the proof? oh yeah!! Then you can go. WOW!! FINALLY A SICK STUDNET CAN GO OUT FOR THE CHECK UP .WHAT A GREAT VICTORY AFTER FIGHTING FOR A LEAVE.SHOULD SAY CONGRATES OF COURSE.”  Oh please stop all these nonsense activities all are smart enough to think what is right and what is wrong for them, they are not a child any more.
We are making nothing except dumb creature who have degrees of 100 % or 90% but still their minds are like a prison where they think what has been told them to think and the day when student/child do the things of his real talent then they have been declared stubborn, indiscipline student where every staff member look at them as they are criminals.
                              It is disgusting, shameful and above all so-called education which is making us degree holders, dumb mind where we do not want to open our eyes with wonder; instead we want to stick with old ideas and beliefs.

It is also a point to be note that mostly students used to sit quiet in the class room not because they are losers or they do not know anything. Reason is very simple because they have different ideas, different views and different thinking about the matter, but you are not allowed to give your different views here, When every one is talking as usual on old concepts with old ideas. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

they still have value for one rupee and who says we are poor ?

if I am not wrong then it has been written some where in constitution that it is our right to live with dignity and no one can snatch that right too. But these days things are different from constitutional reality.
And who says we are poor (except those who knows reality about poverty)?

Who cares too specially in our country about such things specially when a common man speaks among BUNCH OF CROOKS (THAT’S OUR LEADERS DEFINITELY. not all but we have many in our present government)

And if any of you have doubt that we have poor people in our country then please check out the latest statistic of planning commission given by TENDULKAR COMMITTEE, you will definitely jump out (it may be because of surprise or many be because of happiness in first sight where you will find that we have no more poor people in our country)

OHH !!! why should poor people be here too ? After all we all are able to earn twenty seven rupees in rural areas and thirty two in urban areas.
Then why should we mind the thing that how we earned that twenty seven or thirty two rupees? Who cares how we sweat all day in the afternoon for a single penny?

One thing is for sure here that any of the man who earned some rupees they definitely did not steel the money (like our present leaders doing so) from any of our poor man’s cottage.
I do not know it is our good luck or misfortune that we do not have any more poor people in our country. (of course it has been approved by our planning commission now) .

I consider it nothing more then our misfortune where BUNCH OF CROOKS decide what kind of policies they should implement on for the country (who are hardly try to know what a common man of the country wants in their policies)?

One more thing that is noticeable here is that, where people like MONTEK SINGH AHULWALIA (vice president of planning commission) who did his personal visits more then twenty times in foreign countries in one month?
Do not think I am against foreign visits too, I am definitely not. But the thing what I wanted to say is that the man did  even his personal visit of foreign countries from PUBLIC FUND and now people like him decides who is poor man in a rural and urban area ?

I think my article seems incomplete but what to do? Even the definition of poverty is incomplete here, let it be clear and i will be clear too about my article.