Thursday, June 16, 2011

a slap on the face of media,government and as well as on us .

There are always incidents in our country that only raise questions in our minds. after seeing such incidents we always raise our brows.(do not know for different work or for the incidents) I came through news that shocked me(I am sure many more Indians are shocked too) and I felt do we really care for a life till then peoples are alive or we just want to show our sympathies after their deaths. Till then we will only say “OH COMMON BUDDY IT IS NOTHING BUT A PUBLISITY STUNT.OKAY WE WILL GIVE THEM TRIBUTE TOO BUT ATLEAST SHOW US THE MAN WHO WILL SACRIFCE HIS LIFE .”that’s our attitudes towards others’lives.

When people do something good, then we tell it a publicity stunt and when they do all in anonymity then we even do not want to give them respect as much as they deserve whether they are our soldiers, women  or they are the people who are doing for society and for country.

But will anyone give me answer, why everything became publicity stunt, only when it becames a national news other wise not??it is only media who show us the news and it is only media who is ready to say all is a publicity stunt . BABA NITAANAND sacrificed his life to save GANGA .
people hardly get to know about him and his work till then he was alive and no any media man was there to tell that a man is dying . he was on hunger strike from last sixty three days.but who cares for a life in our country .we have been so ungrateful that things hardly affect us .AND WHY SHOULD WE MIND THE THINGS WE ARE SAFE AT OUR HOMES RIGHT ?

 May be it was not a news for media man to raise their TRPS or he was not famous and popular enough to became a national news. Why we are so selfish and so jerk minded that we always see something bad in every thing ,we always relate it with publicity. we do not care if anyone is dying for us.we tell that they are nothing but a attention seekers.
When ever people went on hunger strike or protest in a different way we told it was nothing but a publicity stunt. Right ? what we wait for ?a man should give up his life if he wants to prove that he was not doing all for publicity . then after their deaths we will give them tribute to say WOW WHAT A MAN HE WAS .HE SACRIFICED HIS LIFE .YOU KNOW WHAT?? HE WAS NOT A MAN WHO WAS HUNGRY FOR POPULARITY ,BECAUSE HE GAVE UP HIS LIFE.(but we will change our views if the man will come out safe from any movement and from any fast is not it ?huh )
Why we did not appreciate them and salute them till then they are alive. Why we call then attention seekers till then they are alive? why we are so insensitive towards a life ?why we just do not care if any one is dying?

How much shameful it is ? now some leaders are trying to make it a political thing. Do our leaders not have even a single percent respect for others or they only knows how to play political games ?they did not do anything till then he was alive and now all are there to claim that they care for a dead body. (may be they are right too because they can never be serious towards a live man .we all can see this in our daily lives)
I have one question for media too.Where all media gone when baba nitanand was dying ?(may be they were  busy enough to tell viewers WHAT  OUR BOLLYWOOD STARS ARE DOING THESE DAYS )it is a slap on the face of government ,media and as well as on us. I really wish if it could became a news (not for publicity but for a life ). 

Friday, June 10, 2011

publicity or just a feeling of patriotism?

The thing that compel me to write again about BABA RAMDEV and his movement is that people are saying that he is doing all for being famous and popular .people hardly wants to stand up against wrong because we all know how much powerful people are in” SATTA “specially in India and when some do so, then we say it is all a drama for publicity.
I think we all want to be famous right?(if not all then may be eighty or ninety percent sure want to be )tell me how many went on hunger strike for the country’s benefit? How many went on hunger strike for LOKPAL BILL ?
Second thing is that they are not young people who want to be a hero in HINDI MOVIES that’s why they are doing so. I think they are serious and mature enough to understands the things and they know what they are doing .secondly it is not easy to do such things when your own life on sake.if we will not stand up now then we will sure be next prey for the government.
And it is not about ANNA OR RADEV JI it is about every individual who stand up against wrong. Some peoples and leaders are saying a SADHU OR SANYASI should be away from politics. But I really want to ask those leaders and peoples can the things not affect a sadhu ,sanysai when they also have patriotism in their veins and blood like any common man of a country.
When we do not have enough leaders who could think about country then why can not a sadhu join politics when he is smart enough to understand the feeling of people and problems of the country?
I am not talking about politics here and will not talk too it was just a example. It is not about politics it is about our democratic rights what we have got from our constitution, where every one have right to protest in a peaceful way. And also have right to speak against corruption.
Then why we are trying to make the things beyond the subject………………….And now things come on FIRS against ramdev and now government will try every bit to prove him wrong. They will even try to make the list of his childhood. Did he done anything wrong in his childhood or if it will be so then they will make it a issue and will try to tell “JANTA” what ramdev did in his childhood ?you know what our dear JANTA he killed many little worms and how can you believe on a man who can kill worms in childhood. He is a criminal and a killer of little worms.(well it was jokes a part but government is really trying to do not it ?)

do not try to afraid us by implement section 144 .kaha kaha section 144 lagaoge sriman !!!when things get out of control and tolerance then no any section and no any people can stop us from doing what we want.we will encourage peoples by our writing, our blogs and our articles. And we all youth will play our role as BHAGAT SINGH,RAJGURU ,SUKHDEV  and many more freedom fighter played. We really need to take a vow that we will never take bribe or give bribe. And if any one is doing such thing in front of us too then we will stand up there. We will be there to tell them what their rights and duties are. The time has come when we really need to be serious about our responsibility and about the things. If we will not do it now then it will be too late, may be then there will not be any RAMDEV or ANNA who will stand up for us.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A BLACK DAY :in indian democracy

After ANNA JI,now this time RAMDEV JI is on the front to tackle corruption. I do not know it is a publicity stunt or something else (as many peoples are saying ).but I think ramdev ji  does not need to do anything for his popularity as he is famous and popular enough.
 And second thing is that if he is doing TAMASHA then also, It is not a small thing when your own life is on sake.(it was for all those leaders who told it TAMASHA).they can never do such drama too only for public.
It a disgusting and shameful as the things are going on in our democracy. Why TEAR GASES,POLICE FORCES and too much strictness  to stop the demonstrators??if tomorrow a common man will stand up against government then also they will surely do same thing. And then it will not became a news (you all know why )?is it a democracy where  all the time we only  claim that it is all about public and their power ?i accept power of people in a democracy but they way how government stop their powers all the time then it seems disgusting and shameful for a democracy .
Governments send more then five thousand police force to stop people in RAIMLEELA MAIDAN

v  WHY we need to send too much security forces when people are doing only SATYAGRAHA  and believe in AHINSHA ?just because they are the moderators (by chance may be )
v  Just because it is all about their comfort zone now ?
v  when NAXALIS  do attack and when  BHATTA PAURSEll FARMERS DIE then government did not take quick action as it did now .
v  where were those police forces and government’s order ?
v  is not it a blot on our democracy ?
v  where are our so called prime minister and president now ?
v  if government is doing such acts then what our president  SRIMATI PRATIBHA DEVI SINGH PATIL JI doing ?
v  in such situation do not she need to make a new law
v  why all this BAYANBAAZI again and again ?
v  why they are saying BABA JI wants to join politics and that’s why he is doing this thing  .

                                                                                    First of all he clearly said that he do not have any interest                      in  politics and not going to join it .but still if they are saying so then I do not think politics only made for CONGRESSIS or powerful people. What is wrong if he wants to join politics too. ANY ONE CAN JOIN POLITICS I DO NOT THINK WE NEED TO TAKE ANY CERTIFICATE FROM CONGRESS (IS NOT IT GUYS ?). Truth is that government is afraid too much and wants to stop baba ji in any condition because if this movement will be successful (of course it will be )then there is no chance for this government for many years and government do not want to let it happen in any condition. May be that’s why so strict with innocent peoples .i think government has been forget the power of masses in a democracy .what they can do when they decide no matter who is there on the front then?