Sunday, December 25, 2011

our future : in the hands of reservation

Now it has became a necessity for the political parties to win the election on the name of caste and religion. This kind of policies and decisions divide the country. We all know government is not concern about welfare of the people instead they are doing so because of vote bank. Why government did not take the decision from last two years? It is ridiculous and disgusting that now government is trying to impress people with their cheap politics that will do nothing good except divide us on the name of CASTE and RELIGION.

It has been written some where in the constitution that there will not be discrimination on the name of caste and religion, but it is happening. Who is responsible? Fine!! Give reservation as it is necessity to improve the situation of people, but let me ask one thing” is it necessary that only a SC, OBC, ST will be poor always? A person who needs the improvement can belong from any caste and religion. If the thoughts of reservation is fascinating you so much then give it on the economic base”.
We are waiting when the system of reservation will be over .But you political parties do not want to end it because it will keep you away from vote bank?

Before giving reservation it is necessary to study the condition of the people, who want it and who do not? Do not just sit down in parliament and make any kind of decision especially during election.
A poor person who is dying from hunger, who does not have money for higher education, they will not think about this caste/religion base reservation. They will think about finance. Neither they will show their caste nor will they feel proud to say we have caste/religion based reservation that is why we got the job and that is why we are in this educational institute.  

If this caste/religion based reservation has became so much necessary then what is the need of education and talent, because you will stand up in the queue always as out of 50 seats 49 have been occupied,, only one seat is vacant, but you can not be there no matter how much talented you are because that’s a reserve seat?  After that how you will look yourself? Like a loser or will regret you are not there only because you belong to a general category. At that time will abuse the government too.

I know our society is much biased with some castes it is my own experience as a social worker. But till then we are not able to change the attitude of people towards SC, OBC, ST this reservation will not also work nor it will improve their situation.
For a better improvement we need to find out the real situation of the people, not on caste base but on economic base.

Fine reserve some seats for them but not on the bases of caste/religion.

Do not play more politics game as it is dividing us.

Today giving reservation to miniorities,BC, OBC,ST tomorrow JAATS and GUJJARS will demand for it and after that, may be BRAHMANS TOO. What will be the respect of constitution that says” there will be no discrimination on the name of caste, religion, gender”.

You know what is the reality behind reservation? Women have 33% reservation in panchyats. They became SARPANCH but who run them? Find it out!!

About caste/religion based reservation how many of common man are able to get good places till then they do not have money power?

A man who is dying from hunger, does not have education, not aware about this caste based reservation how is the idea of reservation for him?

How it feels when you call a person backward? Seems very bad!! But castes/religion is not backwards it is the people, so focus on people not on castes.

 Stop it and instead of playing cheap politics think about country. This reservation is dividing us. We want unity. So please it is enough ridicule and disgusting from your side. If you also want to give reservation then the base should be economic only. Other wise the day is not far when we will see a situation as it happened before independence.

 Today almost whole country has reservation. We just need to count who do not? Here is the list and if this process of reservation will not stop then here will be one more list that will create a situation of communal violence.

Ø  ANDHRA PARDESH 25% of educational institutes and government jobs for OBCs, 15% for SCs, 6% for STs and 4% for Muslims.


Ø  WEST BENGAL 35% of educational institutes and 45% of government jobs for SC, ST, and OBC.(25% SC, 12% ST, and 8% Muslim).


Ø  All government institutions have reservation for SC, ST, OBC and now for minorities too, whether it is education or in jobs.






Ø  NON-RESIDENT INDIANS (NRIs),(it is very small but they have it)


Ø  Those who have served in the ARMED FORCES (ex-serviceman quota)


Ø  Candidates sponsored by various organizations.


Ø  Dependents of ARMED FORCES personal killed in action.


Ø  Reservation in special schools of government undertakings/PSUs meant for the children of their employees.(ARMY SCHOOLS,PSU SCHOOL etc.)


Ø  Paid pathway reservations in places of worship.


Ø  Seat reservation for senior citizen in PUBLIC BUS TRANSPORT.


Ø  TAMILNADU, the percentage of reservation is 28% for SCs and 8% for STs.