Monday, November 29, 2010

It has been two years of Mumbai attacks ,but we all indians still remember that unfortunate moment very clearly, when we lost many innocent people and how many mothers lost their sons and how many sisters lost their brothers and how many wives lost their husbands. and whenever  we listen about that it seems that still those things are going on in front of our eyes again . kasab is alive and  when we see that person, he  always remind us Mumbai attacks and innocent people’s untimely death .who do not know that he is main prepator of Mumbai attack  . he has became so notorious that every one is ready to recognize him that he is one of those murders who kill innocent people in the hotel. By d way we have all proves against him .we have videos against him . And may be people also ready to recognize him from a distant. Still he is alive why!!!But I think government will never understand the pain of those families and those soldiers who sacrifices their lives there in hotels. That’s why still no  strict action.
Again and again Indian government are giving order to change his jails .we have already spent  rupees 2 crore on him(may be more then two crore).he is living like celebrity and oh oh latest news is that even politicians also asking him how are you mr kasab ?great!!!!! Indian politicians are always full of humanity .they always remember rules and law when it comes to the question of their comfort other wise again and again we remind them what’s the thing rule and regulation is ??.okay let it go I will not talk about politics here now………….now came to the point on Mumbai attacks and those why we spent two crore rupees on him when we all know he is culprit??Why he is still alive? now government want Hadley too what they will do with hadely ?may be same behave as they are doing with kasab like  whenever  he will do nonsense things then they will change his jails .may be again government would be ready to spent  two crore rupees on Hadley one more time. What about justice man ??oh oh how can we forget it is same Indian judicial system who can sell out justice for rupees25000(in Bhopal gas tragedy)….people were waiting for justice there and when they get it then what kind of justice ?i have doubt on such justice where people were waiting since 25 years and after twenty five years they got justice JAHA PE CULPRITS KO 2 HOURS PRISION MAI RAKH KE 25000 KE LIYE CHOD DIYA GAYA ??..........and what about raj thakre who always claim that Mumbai only belongs to marathi .i do not think the soldiers and innocent people who lost their lives was only marathis.and what he and his party was doing when terrorists were killing peoples ??why he did not take any action then ?but these shameless politicians I really do not have any words to say against them because every day we say such words and I think now we should discover a new word for them .

how unfortunate is it ?we can not do anything in such cases because neither we are government nor we are judicial system. We can only write here and there .and then would talk about what government did good and bad with kasab and all terrorists ?and may be some talks would be about major sandip unnikrishana and other brave soldiers who sacrifice their lives to save this can we forget those brave hearts who laid their lives for us in their early youth. If we can do anything then pray for those brave hearts and for those innocent people who lost their lives there.may god rest in peace of their souls.and may be our government will also understand this thing soon because we all want justice not money and charity .and who are responsible for such shame they should be punished and punished very soon.please Indian government and our judicial system make it quick ….i wish they could listen us …

Sunday, November 14, 2010

a sparrow and her fly

A sparrow who was born free ,
As she grows up
She put up in the cage ,
Just because she wanted to fly ,
Fly high in the sky ,
In the cage she lost her wings every day ,
She die every day ,
Still fighting with the cage and wings ,
Because somewhere in the corner of her heart ,
There is a hope ,
To stand up again ,
To fly high in the sky
……..once again…..

khoye raste ....

Jane kyon rahe badal gayi ,
Har khushi kyo begani ban gayi ,
Chur chur ho gaye sab sapne,
Ret kee jaise jane kab sab ud gaye,
Jane zindgi kab hume chod ke chal di ,
Hum dhundhte hi reh gaya apna wajod ,(identity)
Aur sab kuch chod ke hume ,
Naa jane manzil bhi kaha chal di ,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

suicide versus education system .....

Suicide ,it’s always my favorite topic to talk about.i always eager to know what’s the reason behind suicide ?why people commit suicide ?when I feel sad I think about suicide .as usual I was talking about suicide to one of my friend.i asked her what’s the easiest way of suicide ?then she told me I think take poison is a cool idea .when we will die then we will not feel pain too.then I intrupt her with a question .what would be happen then if we will fail to do that.then may be there would be two situations in front of is we will face worst condition .second is tha people will taunt on us by saying “hey you were going for suicide then what happened?”now these days no one take it serious when any one talk about suicide .it has became a joke these days (lol I am also doing same thing but some times we should listen what’s the reason behind such situation ?)
    Some times we hear about student’s suicides .why they do that ?reason is simple they have very much burden of study and parents again and again say them if you will not ……%marks then we will do this and that.every one want to make their children a doctor or an engineer. Specially in india most people do not want to know about the talent of their such situation some times poor children think about parents dreams some times about their dreams .they always die between their dreams and their parents dreams .when they are not able to fulfill those dreams then they want to run away from life or may be want to run away from the situation.may be that’s why they want to go for suicide .
……I personally know a lady who is  teacher in a school.she had two he have only one son because one of them commit suicide.not because he was fail or he was suffering from anything reason is very simple  but for a simple reason he gave up his life .answer is simple he did not get the marks as he expect .i think marks matter more then a person’s life ??????who is responsible for such situation ??parents,children or education system ??i think only and only our education system .what kind of education we are getting ?what we are getting from that education ?i think nothing .even  we do not have moral values .now these days every one want good marks instead of getting real knowledge .(I am also not a exception )….parents also ready to do anything for for their children’s marks .they are ready to give rupees  two lakh on the name of any one want to know the talent of a child .in which field they have interest.ok I accept that marks are important.but when we got those marks by unfair means then what ?
Then why our all education and work depends on marks ?after all marks are not the index of our ability.if we are getting good marks then it does not me mean we have knowledge too.may be we do not know what’s happening around us ?i saw many person who have knowledge about all fields but do not have good marks .then are they not intelligent ?
I am still confused who is intelligent in real sense ?the person who have good marks or the other one who have knowledge about all fields ?and if you all think that second option is right.then will it work in india without academic qualification ?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

human life

har taraf bhagte dorte raste ,...
raste mai khada sehma saa admi .....
 charo taraf aadmi hi aadmi 
       phir bhi bada akela aadmi ..
  apne hi sawalo mai uljha .......
       sawalo kaa sikar aadmi ......
 zindgi se ladta hua ....
      har waqt maut se harta aadmi ....

Monday, November 1, 2010

anti social or not ??????

.i  liked ARUNDHATI RAI  as she is very famous and a good writer too.but when I read a essay written by her in my second year then I found oh she thinks like that .any way it was her personal view about war and she have all rights what she wants to say and write in her books or in her essays .she always supports Maoists as she think that they are doing such just because of their rights and for their freedom .they are fighting for common man. And they are in so much poor condition that everyone will have pity on them when they will see them but question is that if they are fighting for common man and wants freedom then why these all NAXALIS are making them their victims .and like ARUNDHATI RAI always say that she also speak for the common man and for the person who are fighting for their rights.ok agree with her. But some one should ask her when NAXALIS  make their victims of those soldiers who are fighting for us not for their rights .they are fighting for our country to those NAXALIS  and when those NAXALIS  kill them then will any one is ready to give answer whether those soldiers are not common man ?and then no one wants to speak for them neither ARUNDHATI RAI JI nor our political leaders who always support them like MAMATA BANERJEE .we know that NAXALIS  are fighting for their rights and demand for their rights is not a crime but their demands should be appropriate .and by killing innocent people how can they get their rights??And when government wants to take strict action oh oh no way government never wants to take any strict action against them so they really not worry about them. And before one month I read a report about Maoist how they are behaving with their own community’s members .now those people who were working for them wants to run away from their prison and they also wants freedom .when they are not giving freedom to their community how can they expect it from government??How much hypo critical they are???

And about ARUNDHATI RAI she have pity on india.oh no need to show pity on INDIA .if she wants to show pity then show on people not country because country without people is nothing. and I think there is no any country in world which give us so much freedom that people also have right to abuse India and have rights to say slogans against INDIA. We never expect to ARUNDHATI RAI that she will do such and she attend a meeting where anti Indian slogans were going on and GILLANI we can expect him such things as he always used to say such .it is not new from his side. he is a main leader of HURRIYAT .if things are going on wrong in Kashmir then he is main reason and he is always ready to provoke KASHMIRIS against india.and some where he is successful in his mission .may be government will take strict action against both of them. And  some leaders think about it only because election are  going on BIHAR .but good thing is that at least they think about country and if any one is saying wrong then they should be punished whether they are famous person or what ???and one more thing I want to say is that if we are a responsible citizen of a country then it is our responsibility towards country then we should not say such things that can be the reason of riots. And if government is giving us freedom then it is also our responsibility not to misuse for our personal things .they should think before speak because  they are not only famous persons of India but they are famous in world. We can never expect such things from them really. They are free to say what they want but when it comes on the country they should think about country too .

our virtues are important not look ......

 I read the letter of DR.A.P.J ABDUL KALAM JI .it was really amazing  .and we really need to put all things in mind and we really need to ask ourselves why we are still developing ?why we are not developed now ?and why we are so negative ?why we always want to see the dark side of things and our media too ?why we always want to blame on government for everything ?answer is so  simple because we are not doing anything but we want best facilities and best things in India. but when the time comes out to do something for the country we want to run away . we always blame that Indian roads are In a worst condition .but please think first who is  responsible ?of course we  are the responsible .we always want that Indian roads should be like America and  rules should be like DUBAI  .we always want to compare us with America and England  or developed country .but think for a moment if we want roads like America and England why we throw garbage on the road ?why we spit on the road ?and we make houses and throw all dust on the road .we all know why we do it because most of us do not want to consider it our property and if anyone is trying to stop anyone then they said it is none of your business .we will do anything on the road what we want .ok do it man but when things are going on wrong then why should we blame on government for everything ?when for a driving license we give bribe to a policeman and say do u know who we are??most of the persons who have  then who is responsible for breaking the rules ?of course we are the responsible .but after that we want that rules should be like America and roads too.they are hard working people .do not angry youngistan of course we too hard working and we too educated but why we want to use our bad manners .some times we all behave like illiterate  people means PADHE LIKHE  ANPADH .we are soo educated then show your  education by following the rules and do not spit on roads and throw garbage on the road if we want roads like America .i m not only saying this thing here we all really need to take it in our lives if we want a better place to live in a want roads like western countries …just follow the rules. be a change what a change we want in the society and in the country .change the things around you first .be a solution and if we do anything good then people really follow us .
Let me describe a story with all of you actually I was returning from college and I saw a man he was looking well mannered and dressed in a good manner .he was eating something and drinking too. After drinking  he throw disposal glass on the road this thing surprised me so how can we say that only illiterate people do that .no it’s india and everyone can do anything with out any hesitation or  any shame. It’s not important to wear good and  pricey  clothes but it’s matter how we behave and how we follow the rules ??looks does not matter our behave and virtues that matters.