Monday, November 29, 2010

It has been two years of Mumbai attacks ,but we all indians still remember that unfortunate moment very clearly, when we lost many innocent people and how many mothers lost their sons and how many sisters lost their brothers and how many wives lost their husbands. and whenever  we listen about that it seems that still those things are going on in front of our eyes again . kasab is alive and  when we see that person, he  always remind us Mumbai attacks and innocent people’s untimely death .who do not know that he is main prepator of Mumbai attack  . he has became so notorious that every one is ready to recognize him that he is one of those murders who kill innocent people in the hotel. By d way we have all proves against him .we have videos against him . And may be people also ready to recognize him from a distant. Still he is alive why!!!But I think government will never understand the pain of those families and those soldiers who sacrifices their lives there in hotels. That’s why still no  strict action.
Again and again Indian government are giving order to change his jails .we have already spent  rupees 2 crore on him(may be more then two crore).he is living like celebrity and oh oh latest news is that even politicians also asking him how are you mr kasab ?great!!!!! Indian politicians are always full of humanity .they always remember rules and law when it comes to the question of their comfort other wise again and again we remind them what’s the thing rule and regulation is ??.okay let it go I will not talk about politics here now………….now came to the point on Mumbai attacks and those why we spent two crore rupees on him when we all know he is culprit??Why he is still alive? now government want Hadley too what they will do with hadely ?may be same behave as they are doing with kasab like  whenever  he will do nonsense things then they will change his jails .may be again government would be ready to spent  two crore rupees on Hadley one more time. What about justice man ??oh oh how can we forget it is same Indian judicial system who can sell out justice for rupees25000(in Bhopal gas tragedy)….people were waiting for justice there and when they get it then what kind of justice ?i have doubt on such justice where people were waiting since 25 years and after twenty five years they got justice JAHA PE CULPRITS KO 2 HOURS PRISION MAI RAKH KE 25000 KE LIYE CHOD DIYA GAYA ??..........and what about raj thakre who always claim that Mumbai only belongs to marathi .i do not think the soldiers and innocent people who lost their lives was only marathis.and what he and his party was doing when terrorists were killing peoples ??why he did not take any action then ?but these shameless politicians I really do not have any words to say against them because every day we say such words and I think now we should discover a new word for them .

how unfortunate is it ?we can not do anything in such cases because neither we are government nor we are judicial system. We can only write here and there .and then would talk about what government did good and bad with kasab and all terrorists ?and may be some talks would be about major sandip unnikrishana and other brave soldiers who sacrifice their lives to save this can we forget those brave hearts who laid their lives for us in their early youth. If we can do anything then pray for those brave hearts and for those innocent people who lost their lives there.may god rest in peace of their souls.and may be our government will also understand this thing soon because we all want justice not money and charity .and who are responsible for such shame they should be punished and punished very soon.please Indian government and our judicial system make it quick ….i wish they could listen us …