Monday, November 1, 2010

anti social or not ??????

.i  liked ARUNDHATI RAI  as she is very famous and a good writer too.but when I read a essay written by her in my second year then I found oh she thinks like that .any way it was her personal view about war and she have all rights what she wants to say and write in her books or in her essays .she always supports Maoists as she think that they are doing such just because of their rights and for their freedom .they are fighting for common man. And they are in so much poor condition that everyone will have pity on them when they will see them but question is that if they are fighting for common man and wants freedom then why these all NAXALIS are making them their victims .and like ARUNDHATI RAI always say that she also speak for the common man and for the person who are fighting for their rights.ok agree with her. But some one should ask her when NAXALIS  make their victims of those soldiers who are fighting for us not for their rights .they are fighting for our country to those NAXALIS  and when those NAXALIS  kill them then will any one is ready to give answer whether those soldiers are not common man ?and then no one wants to speak for them neither ARUNDHATI RAI JI nor our political leaders who always support them like MAMATA BANERJEE .we know that NAXALIS  are fighting for their rights and demand for their rights is not a crime but their demands should be appropriate .and by killing innocent people how can they get their rights??And when government wants to take strict action oh oh no way government never wants to take any strict action against them so they really not worry about them. And before one month I read a report about Maoist how they are behaving with their own community’s members .now those people who were working for them wants to run away from their prison and they also wants freedom .when they are not giving freedom to their community how can they expect it from government??How much hypo critical they are???

And about ARUNDHATI RAI she have pity on india.oh no need to show pity on INDIA .if she wants to show pity then show on people not country because country without people is nothing. and I think there is no any country in world which give us so much freedom that people also have right to abuse India and have rights to say slogans against INDIA. We never expect to ARUNDHATI RAI that she will do such and she attend a meeting where anti Indian slogans were going on and GILLANI we can expect him such things as he always used to say such .it is not new from his side. he is a main leader of HURRIYAT .if things are going on wrong in Kashmir then he is main reason and he is always ready to provoke KASHMIRIS against india.and some where he is successful in his mission .may be government will take strict action against both of them. And  some leaders think about it only because election are  going on BIHAR .but good thing is that at least they think about country and if any one is saying wrong then they should be punished whether they are famous person or what ???and one more thing I want to say is that if we are a responsible citizen of a country then it is our responsibility towards country then we should not say such things that can be the reason of riots. And if government is giving us freedom then it is also our responsibility not to misuse for our personal things .they should think before speak because  they are not only famous persons of India but they are famous in world. We can never expect such things from them really. They are free to say what they want but when it comes on the country they should think about country too .

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