Wednesday, November 10, 2010

suicide versus education system .....

Suicide ,it’s always my favorite topic to talk about.i always eager to know what’s the reason behind suicide ?why people commit suicide ?when I feel sad I think about suicide .as usual I was talking about suicide to one of my friend.i asked her what’s the easiest way of suicide ?then she told me I think take poison is a cool idea .when we will die then we will not feel pain too.then I intrupt her with a question .what would be happen then if we will fail to do that.then may be there would be two situations in front of is we will face worst condition .second is tha people will taunt on us by saying “hey you were going for suicide then what happened?”now these days no one take it serious when any one talk about suicide .it has became a joke these days (lol I am also doing same thing but some times we should listen what’s the reason behind such situation ?)
    Some times we hear about student’s suicides .why they do that ?reason is simple they have very much burden of study and parents again and again say them if you will not ……%marks then we will do this and that.every one want to make their children a doctor or an engineer. Specially in india most people do not want to know about the talent of their such situation some times poor children think about parents dreams some times about their dreams .they always die between their dreams and their parents dreams .when they are not able to fulfill those dreams then they want to run away from life or may be want to run away from the situation.may be that’s why they want to go for suicide .
……I personally know a lady who is  teacher in a school.she had two he have only one son because one of them commit suicide.not because he was fail or he was suffering from anything reason is very simple  but for a simple reason he gave up his life .answer is simple he did not get the marks as he expect .i think marks matter more then a person’s life ??????who is responsible for such situation ??parents,children or education system ??i think only and only our education system .what kind of education we are getting ?what we are getting from that education ?i think nothing .even  we do not have moral values .now these days every one want good marks instead of getting real knowledge .(I am also not a exception )….parents also ready to do anything for for their children’s marks .they are ready to give rupees  two lakh on the name of any one want to know the talent of a child .in which field they have interest.ok I accept that marks are important.but when we got those marks by unfair means then what ?
Then why our all education and work depends on marks ?after all marks are not the index of our ability.if we are getting good marks then it does not me mean we have knowledge too.may be we do not know what’s happening around us ?i saw many person who have knowledge about all fields but do not have good marks .then are they not intelligent ?
I am still confused who is intelligent in real sense ?the person who have good marks or the other one who have knowledge about all fields ?and if you all think that second option is right.then will it work in india without academic qualification ?


  1. actually marks may not be d index of our ability
    but dey show our attitude
    u may nt b comfortable wid xams but den
    watz d use of u giving up widout a fight
    i always consider dem as a battle to be won
    dats it

  2. No healthy mentality human being ever wants to die. But according to psycatrists, in the very last moment of those who commit suicide, they think about no one but just themselves. Actually it’s a mental illness or else a normal human being is always scared of death. What to talk about the “COOL” idea of taking poison as your friend said. No offence, but that’s the stupid idea. In fact, the idea of dying itself is stupid. No matter what way you choose to die, no human being ever escapes pain. In religious books its written at the time of death, man feels pain equal to 40000 scorpion bites. I don’t know the level of pain but yes, modern science says, even the quickest acting poison “Potassium Cynide” also gives pain. So, no one can ever escape pain.

    Coming to the topic. Modern Indian educational system of completion and mark fetcing-ness indeed is the reason of huge number of student deaths. But that’s not the escape. If I don’t take part in the race just out of fear, there is no question of winning. Thus, right from the childhood, parents and teachers should be “ FRIENDS” with children so that they can express their problem whenever they feel and get right guidance. Also, by this, they would love to spend time with elders which naturally will create interest in them to face the “MODERN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM”. Till the time, this system is changed, I think this is the best solution. Though we couldn’t get this freedom from our former generation, we should take a vow to be like this with our next generation so that at least suicide cases decrease…..

    Anyways, Fantastic way of expression Mamta, Awsome article. Hats Off……………….

  3. good article mamta... there are things which need to be done at parents and peer side as well... because most of the times it is peer and parental pressure which makes people feel so alone after getting few marks less that they take such extreme steps!

  4. nice try of capturing a broad social problem of humankind!! now why Suicide r8???
    See d simplest one liner is escapism!! So in one turn the question converts to another question whose answer may give us the light. The new reformed question is What makes a human such an big escapist????
    From my point of view, this answer is never too simple and never it will be!! The pressure and all that unbearable factors are always some kind of options true!! But their effect also depends from one to another human kind depending upon their education, upbringing, values of life etc. etc. etc.. See the point is You just can't make one kind of reason as a clear cut solve of this puzzle!! It just can't be Mamta!!

    Lots of knowledge give and take happened here!! now get that ghost of suicide out from your strong mind!!! it just got no place in you. :)

  5. thanks to all of you and yeah agree with you guys we really need to change our thinking and parents also need to understand that they should not pressure their children because of their marks and need to recognise their real talent.and yeah will try to keep it up because of all yours blessings.