Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Can our present government do something good or they want to prove they are kings? One more decision by allowing FDI (FOREIGN DORECT INVESTMENT) in the country. They do not consider it important to ask the opposition or any party (with whom they made the alliance) when they want to make decision for the country.
Secondly if the decision is so good why they did not implement it before two months? It is nothing more then a plan to spoil one more parliament session in stupid arguments. 
By allowing FDI in country domestic products will be no where. It will be a live death of retail holders’ .What a poor man will do? Government is telling us it will help farmers and poor people? It will give them employment, really? Now we have to depend on foreign companies for the employment. It is nothing more then failed policies of yours that you are not able to give the employment to us after more then sixty years of independence.
Poor man who runs their small shops what they will do?
What government wants to show?
Growth rate or false shining of the country?
May be they want to show NAKLI AMERICA to the world.
Till now there is no effect of economic down in the country because more then 77% people have their domestic products. But if we allow FDI then economic down will affect us too, because it works like a chain and if chain will be damage from one place then it will affect whole system of the chain. ? I am not an economist, still I have some idea what will be the affect of FDI (foreign direct investment) on country and on small retail holders then why not our best economist?
Do not sell my country because of EGO and false development please!!



    i would suggest to my readers please go through this blog too to know MORE ABOUT FDI.

  2. So we have to depend on foreign companies all the time. If we want to eradicate black-marketing then wait for foreign companies’ right?
    if farmers are dying then wait for foreign companies .
    if there are no jobs in country then wait for foreign companies .
    if we want to show our growth then wait for foreign companies.
    If government policies are not working then wait for foreign companies.
    53 cities are enough to make our dependency on foreign companies.
    And if they want to leave the country then OH WE ARE UNEMPLOYED.
    Why we should give 49%share to those companies?

  3. Why our country is not allowing this policy in foreign? Reason is that citizen of those countries love their nation. They want to see their country as an independent nation. Their politicians are not so cheap who are ready to sell their nation because of so called false GROWTH. It is all about their attitudes that differ them from us, only because of that they are a developed nation.

  4. Kab tak videshiyo par depend reh sakte ho ? leader ache nahi hai, logo se problem hai, rule nahi hai regulations nahi hai, problem is “I” , not the people, not the leaders. Leaders ki himmat nahi hogi wrong policies banana ki jis din hum mana kar denge unhe manne se. problem hai hum EK nahi hai. Har koi statement change karta hai jab apne fayde pe aati hai.

  5. jo log sadko pe utar rahe hai iske against wo AC wale rooms mai rehne wale nahi hai , wo export kaa business akrne wale nahi hai, unhe bhi kuch to samjhte hoge aap ya ye man ke chalte ho ki unse jyada hume pata hai ki unke liye konsi policies achi rahengi ? kaise wo suicide karne pe majbor ho jaenge ? or you will say ki unko BJP,CPM, DMK ne bola hai sadko pe utar aane ko ?

  6. First reason FDI is like drug addiction it will create dependency.
    Second reason more FDI a developing country like INDIA secures the more it needs to secure it and keep the system going.
    .third reason so you also accept that poor farmers are not getting good prices? If it is so then why government did nothing for the farmers ‘improvement? who will purchase the things from farmers when they will get every thing at one place?do you think foreign companies are mad like our gov ?

    Forth reason if tomorrow our present PM or GOVERNEMENT says we are not able to take the responsibility of this country it would be better for foreign ministers to take care of it. Will you hand over our country to them?

  7. @anurag bhaskar ....of course not !! ANU!!

  8. @anurag you support FDI ?