Friday, May 6, 2011

why we are so liberal ?

Army chief general V K SINGH on Wednesday said the INDIAN ARMED FORCES were capable of carrying out surgical operations against terrorists similar to the one conducted by the US in PAKISTAN to kill AL-QAEDA chief OSAMA BIN LADEN. All three wings(army, navy and air force) are capable  of carrying out such  operations, when needed. But we need permission from the top for this.

Personally  I do not think (may be many are agree with me )he said anything wrong but the problem is that government is not ready to understand this other wise why it is not giving permission for the operation as OBAMA did. What’s the thing stopping government to do same. Again and again question came in my mind. Why our government is so liberal ?why it behaves  “OH HUMAN  BEINGS ARE HUMANS AND WE DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT TO PUNISH THEM OR KILL THEM WHETHER THEY ARE TERRORISTS .WE WILL BEHAVE SAME WITH THEM AS WE DO WITH NORMAL HUMANS OH OH WE WILL GIVE THEM SPECIAL FACILITIES BECAUSE THEY ARE SPECIAL PERSON AS THEY ARE INTELLECTUAL HUMAN BEING LIKE WE ARE DOING WITH KASAB ”.

Well we should not forget too that we are even not able to take proper actions against those terrorists whom we have in india like KASAB and AFJAL GURU. And what we are demanding for (or I should say begging for) “please AMERICA  give us ANDERSON we want to punish him.” OH please PAKISTAN will you do us a favor ?will you please hand over  HAFIZ SAYYED or  DAUD ABRAHIM to us actually baat itna hai ki hum kuch actions lena chahte hai unke against because Indian people are blaming on government again and again.if we will do a little bit too then we will do them in our favor and will make our vote bank.(well a jokes a part )

We all Indian are curiously waiting for the action when things will be same in india and we will do same with our perpetrators??Why should not we think that US is strong after such actions? I think it is not bound with any country to do this and that.