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National Counter Terrorism Centre will have a core staff drawn from the personnel of the Intelligence Bureau or directly recruited to the IB and posted in the NCTC. It will also have officers on deputation\secondment from other agencies like R&AW, Joint Intelligence Committee, NTRO, DGMI, DIA, DAI, DNI, CEIB, CBDT, CBEC and Narcotics Control Bureau.

National Council Terrorism Centre will maintain a comprehensive data base of terrorists and their associates, friends, families and supporters; of terrorist modules and gangs; and all information pertaining to terrorists.

National Counter Terrorism Centre will have three divisions - each headed by an officer in the rank of joint director, Intelligence Bureau or equivalent rank. The three divisions will be responsible for collection and dissemination of intelligence; analysis and operations.

 National Counter Terrorism Centre will have power to requisition services of the elite commando forces like National Security Guard (NSG) and any special forces in the country like Navy's MARCOS (Marine Commandos) and others for 'operation' against terrorists. It will also have power to set up Inter-State Intelligence Support Teams.

National Counter Terrorism Centre will have a Standing Council comprising its director, three joint directors and chief of anti- terrorism squad or force of all states and UTs. The Council will meet regularly through video conferencing.

National Counter Terrorism Centre will become operational on March 1.

Union home minister P Chidambaram says the National Counter Terrorism Centre - will be the integral part of Intelligence Bureau.

The proposal to set up the NCTC had been pending for long as different ministries like defense and finance had expressed some reservation over its proposed power and function.

Officials said that though it will take some time to set up the entire paraphernalia of the NCTC, the government will notify it soon and appoint its director. Since the MAC will be subsumed into it, the sleuths working in this wing of the Intelligence Bureau will form the core of the National counter Terrorism Centre to begin with. Later, a number of officers - drawn from intelligence and security agencies and state police - will join the National Counter Terrorism Center on deputation.

It is learnt that the NCTC will have sleuths of its own for covert operation. Though it'll not have its own operation wing, its sleuths - drawn from National Security Guard and other central armed police forces - will do operation with state police wherever it is needed to neutralize a terror module.

NATGRID -which was approved by the Cabinet in June last year to have a data bank of nearly 20 types of database like travel records, immigration details, income tax records etc. - will work separately. It will provide all kinds of desired inputs to the National Counter Terrorism Center.

Multi Agency Centre (MAC) of the Intelligence Bureau that has been dealing with terror related inputs will be subsumed into the newly set up National Counter Terrorism Center. This body will be the fourth major anti-terror 'set up' after National Investigation Agency, NATGRID and National Security Guard hubs.

The National Counter Terrorism Center - proposed in the wake of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack - will work under home ministry. A senior Indian Police Service officer to the rank of additional DGP and above (mainly from Intelligence Bureau's AD or SD) will head this elite counter- terror body.

Cabinet Committee on Security clears the proposal to set up National Counter Terrorism Centre.
I do not think it is violating the federal system. Still if some states are having issues with it then central government should talk with all parties. I am not a law maker and not enough wise like defense and home ministry, but here are some points in my mind over NCTC (National Counter Terrorism Center).

Ø  Bring some accountability here and pass the bill. Means it should be clear that who will take responsibility about all divisions.

Ø  Be clear what kind of reservation Finance and P Chidambram is talking about.

Ø  Please do a meeting with chief ministers of all states. Ask them what changes they want as it is also necessary that federal system should not be violate.

Ø  Try to understand that only you (Congress) are not party, you never were. Please accept that your alliance is not the supporter only, they are the reason if you are still in power after doing indirect heinous crime.try to ask opposition too what they want because it is not a family or personal matter, it is about country.

Ø  Do meeting with best law makers of the country who can discuss positive and negative results about NCTC.

Ø  If Mamata Banerjee(As she is getting too much smart these days and doing much dadagiri, rest ministers are still not much hard to convince) is not getting agree then ask her what she wants and what should be done to control terrorist activities? What has been done by her to control Naxal-Activities in the state (Bengal)? If she have good answer then add this point in NCTC and if not then need to tell her that if you would not agree too then also we will implement it for the country. We can not make happy every one. Can we ?

Ø  Make it clear that what will be the boundaries of state and center over the issue.

Ø  Because golden days are gone and worst days are waiting for you my so-called dear congress party. We have been tired from your cheap politics and now not in a stage to tolerate it any more. You make policies on papers and then wait for next five years to implement it in real life. Do not make just policies implement those policies and please do not behave with terrorists like guests as you are doing nothing in Kasab and Afjal’s case. If this remain continue then no use of National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) and no use for your concern

Kudunkulam Power Plant :Go for it.

·         Nuclear energy is best substitute for Electricity production with the running out of fossil fuels like Coal and Natural Gas.

Twenty-five 1,000 MW VVER reactors are in operation in five countries. Kudankulam plants have more advanced safety features

The Unit 1 of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) is under advanced stage of commissioning. Construction of Unit 2 is progressing well. In the meanwhile, sections of the public have expressed apprehensions about the safety of these reactors. Lack of understanding, misconceptions and misinformation contribute to this. Apparently, the Fukushima accident and other issues influence them.

Twenty-five VVER 1,000 MW reactors are in operation now in five countries. Nine more are under construction. The version offered to India is more recent and has more advanced safety features.

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) and specialists from reputed academic institutions such as the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, the Boilers Board and the Central Electricity Authority have spent over 7,000 man-days in carrying out the safety review and inspection of the Kudankulam reactors.

These system-wise reviews were comprehensive. AERB used relevant documents from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and IAEA's peer reviews of VVER for safety assessment of these reactors.

These reactors belong to the Generation 3 + category (with more safety features than Generation 3) with a simpler and standardized design.
Also the Kudankulam site is located in the lowest seismic hazard zone in the country.
The reactors have redundant, diverse and thus reliable provisions needed to control nuclear reactions, to cool the fuel and to contain radioactive releases. They have in–built safety features to handle Station Black Out.

Besides fast acting control rods, the reactors also have a “quick boron injection system”, serving as a back-up to inject concentrated boric acid into the reactor coolant circuit in an emergency. Boron is an excellent neutron absorber.
 The enriched uranium fuel is contained in Zirconium-Niobium tubes. It can retain the radioactivity generated during the operation of the reactor. The fuel tubes are located in the 22 cm thick Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) which weighs 350 tones. Reactor Pressure Vessel is kept inside a one meter thick concrete vault.

The reactor has double containment, inner 1.2 meter-thick concrete wall lined on the inside with a 6 mm layer of steel and an outer 60 cm thick concrete wall. The annulus between the walls is kept at negative pressure so that if any radioactivity is released it cannot go out. Air carrying such activity will have to pass through filters before getting released through the stack. Multiple barriers and systems ensure that radioactivity is not released into the environment.

KKNPP-1&2 has many new safety systems in comparison with earlier models. The Four-train Safety-System instead of just one system leads to enhanced reliability. The reactors have many passive safety systems which depend on never-failing forces such as gravitation, conduction, convection etc.
 Its Passive Heat Removal System (PHRS) is capable of removing decay heat of reactor core to the outside atmosphere, during Station Black out (SBO) condition lasting up to 24 hours. It can maintain hot shutdown condition of the reactor, thus, delaying the need for boron injection.

It works without any external or diesel power or manual intervention.

The reactors are equipped with passive hydrogen recombines to avoid formation of explosive mixtures .The reactors have a reliable Emergency Core Cooling System (ECCS).
There is a core catcher located outside the reactor vessel, in the form of a vessel weighing 101 tones and filled with specially developed compound (oxides of Fe, Al & Gd) is provided to retain solid and liquid fragments of the damaged core, parts of the reactor pressure vessel and reactor internals under severe accident conditions.

The presence of gadolinium (Gd) which is a strong neutron absorber ensures that the molten mass does not go critical. The vessel prevents the molten material from spreading beyond the limits of containment. The filler compound has been developed to have minimum gas release during dispersal and retention of core melt.

The reactors are more modern and safe. Public may rest assure that Indian scientists and engineers will operate the reactor safely.
 France has 59 Nuclear Reactors, and 80% of the electricity supply depends on nuclear energy. Its electricity price is among the lowest in Europe.
USA has 104 nuclear reactors and 19.6% of its electricity is providing by it.
Russia has made plans to increase the number of reactors in operation from 31 to 59 and soon electrify dependency on nuclear energy will increase from 16% to 25%.

 But along with dependency on electricity on nuclear energy, we should also take care about inefficient transmission and distribution (T&D) of electricity. For every 100 MW of electricity generated in India, between 30-40 MW is lost in Transmission &Distribution. 

Industrialized countries like Sweden have a Transmission &Distribution loss of less than 7%. In other words, of the total 180,000 megawatts of electricity generated in India, 72,000 megawatts (40%) is lost, wasted. That is equivalent to shutting off all power plants in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

If efficiency were to be increased to, say 90%, the savings would be the equivalent of setting up a 60,000 MW power plant -- or about 60 plants the size of the Koodankulam plant that is currently at the heart of a controversy -- with a fraction of the investment.

It is really wonderful project and very much beneficial for the development of the country. Still protest is going on to stop the work on the project. Here are some reasons and solutions.
It is tragedy of our country that we do not keep away the things from politics. Fine! Government need to give permission to the project. Every leader is not wise enough to understand scientific things and who understand it very well they tell it is safe. Then there should not be any issue at all .Even Abdul Kalam Sir(Former President), declared that it is very much safe.

1)   Why do not we keep our internal issues in our country only? Who are US to tell us we should not work on this project and if we do so then people will face problems?

2)  NGOs!! OH GOD! NGOs are losing faith in people and misleading them by showing so called concern. I always supported this project, because a great Human and finest mind kalam Sir declared it very much safe. He is a man with integrity not like spineless leaders we have right now in the country. He never throws words in the wind.

3)  Government should take strict action against the people who are trying to misleading the people on the name of so called concern.

4)  We should keep our internal issue to our country only.

5)  We should organize meeting with the great scientist of the country to mobilize people about this project.

6)  State and central government should do advertisement about this project and its safety. When government can spend crore of rupees on their own advertisements why they can not do it?

7)  Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Jaylalita should be more sincere and need to look after the people who are doing fake protest.

8)  About NGOs! It is the time we need to draw some lines for them. Do clear one thing to NGOs, where they should not interfere.

9)  Every one need to look in their own areas only, keeps away the game of politics from such project and policies that benefit country.

10)               PM instead of making his comments to a channel person should have addressed to the protesters of his evidences of foreign funding and also impress them how safe the plant is instead of asking others to defend him.

11)                What did the congress government did after the Bhopal tragedy? just escorted the CEO with safety still we didn’t get the justice for the people .End of this if any problem goes wrong who is going to suffer only the people and the future generations it is not Manmohan Singh or Sonia Gandhi family .This is the fear of people, do it clear that there will not be any case like this in future. Government need to be accountable to the people or to Supreme Court.

12)               Do clear the people in their minds that Bhopal tragedy was because of Britishers, they approved the project and it was running for long time without knowing it was not safe. Tell them that its Indian government and they can not run away from the country if such incident happened again. They will be accountable to us only. Do clear that time to time project will be checked by great scientists.

13)               Let them know about the power plant fully, whether it is by advertising of the project, meetings with the people, by accountability, by direct intervention with them, draw some lines for the NGOs, state and central both need to work together because it is about country.

         For rest politics there will be many chances to play games, but          for now let it put aside please. That’s all from my side.

  Written by me and my two friends Robinhood Rises and Puturajan Sritharan.Thanks to them for providing me information about Kudunkulam Power Plant simply.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Education and reality behind greatness

Life seems hard and too much practical when we have been encountered with the hardships daily.
I have been worked with the tribal people, still working on the project. Thanks to my profession that gives me chance to know the real world which seems too much biased and partial towards the people who do not have money.
I found innocent children who are losing their dreams under the burden of every day’s life.  When I met with some brilliant children I decided that I will do work for them and will admit them in school. I worked with the children almost five months and during this time I came to know about them deeply. I found how much dreams they have in their eyes. Their parents’ wants a lot of things happen for their children many things, a lot of dreams that never became a reality for them. They also want to serve the nation which gave them nothing except exploitation and played with their innocence. A country where greatness found only in the dreams of it is future and a illusion of present, a lost thing of the past.
One day the child was crying when he came to me for the class. I asked him the reason and his friend told me “ ye kaam hi aise karta hai Di”.
I asked him,” What he did “?
The Gopal replied “Di isne roti churaya iski maa ne use iske choti behan ke liye rakha tha. Isne apne hisse kaa kha liya tha”.
I can not explain how it feels when a little child asks you why he has been beaten with out any reason.
In a world where a person spent 20000 rupee for a good dinner/lunch a little child have been beaten for a loaf of bread because he was feeling hungry and ate that bread with out asking his mother. Can we imagine the household condition?  One side we are in forbs list and other side we want to run away when some one describe the story about these incidents to say poor people have been used for demo in the country. They are not demo neither a showcase of course but a cruel reality that is still miles step from civilization and development of 21st century.
Any ways let it go. Not a new thing, neither for me nor for those children.
Let us come forward what has happened to the child when we went in the school for the admission.

We went in the school and found a stout lady who was sitting with a stick in her hand, nicely dressed up; fair in color (still her face is wondering in front of my eyes) she must be a teacher. And when I entered in the classroom she was beating little children with sticks. Her behavior was some how very strange (that’s what I noticed in first meeting with her). She also asked strange question to us. Conversation was like that.
I said” good morning ma’m,I am here today for the admission of these little children. I will be grateful to you if you tell me about fee structure and the procedure of admission”.
Teacher, “how do you know these children?”(With out answering my questions)
I told her” these children have been my students and they learnt basic things so I want them to get admission in the school for the continuous study”.
Then she showed her knowledge and asked the children in rough tone” tell me what I wrote on the note-book?”
Children afraid with the tone she spoke to them.
I asked them not to afraid and tell her what she wrote on the note-book?
Gopal answered” it is “KOSHISH”.
Deepak was afraid after hearing her rough tone.
She did not say” wow! You read it right. Well done! (May be she did not consider it important. I consider and would do too because a child who came out from tribe area can read and write alphabets with out getting in school)
Then she asked Gopal write his name on the note-book.
With some hesitation he wrote the name correctly on the note-book.
But she again did not appreciate him, instead she said” itni gandi writing”. (She again spoke with out thinking what she is going to speak. If she would think then she would not repeat this word. She should think that a poor children, who is from a tribal area from HHARKHAND, who never visited school but able to write the name, able to write alphabets, can read Hindi properly, who is ready to attend classes, who is determine enough to be a soldier and trying hard for that since childhood, who have curiosity to know the world, who wants to come out from a place where there is no sign of civilization is worth appreciating. But that lady did not think about this I think that is why she spoke like that or it may be possible that her tone is only lie that. How can a little child will be happy to attend classes where teachers are images of KHOOF?
Story does not end here. It is just a brief description. A lot of things happened and happens every day that seems hard to describe in the BLOGS, A real face of SO-CALLED GREAT COUNTRY.
One more thing she said “ITNE BADE BACHE KO KIS 1ST CLASS MAI!! “.
Did she not realized that her words are affecting the mind of little child. ITNA BADA, ITNI GANDI WRITING, KAISE JANTE HO ?

Haan one more thing when Gopal wrote his name on the notebook ”GOPAL MUNDA”. She replied” MUNDA!ACHA TO JHARKHAND SE HAI AUR WO BHI AADIWASHI AREA SE”. What she can teach a child? What’s the standard of education in our primary schools? Well it is not much good in higher institutions too. Where educational institutions play with the sincerity and hard work of the children and kill their curiosity, creativity, sincerity and above all a respect for the institution a student should have.
She could talk to me personally about all these questions, but she did not. (I did not tell her because it was first meeting with her and as a part of classic middle class family I have been taught that elders are always wise enough to speak and do act so do not argue with them)
This is what happened to our education and with future of the little children where money matters and where approaches are on the peak not talent and skills.
I do not think we can make a better future when a child has no base? From first class we focus on mugging not on understanding. We do not want to understand a child what he/she wants to be. Communication skills and confidence that helps us a lot when we have been encountered with educated people, but we do not focus on these skills. Do we? When a teacher in the class speak like a street lady/men and underestimate a child with taunts how can we build confidence in the children?

Though all teachers can not be same ever and never can be. A teacher is like a candle who gives the light to every corner in the world of students/disciples.  It is a truth that in today’s time it is hard to produce a CHANAKYA and hard to get one more CHANDRA GUPTA.
Is not it? 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Leading without license:2G spectrum

Supreme Court cancelled 122 licenses that have been allotted by the former telecom minister A.Raja. Credit goes to justice of Supreme Court G.K Ganguly and Janta Party chief Dr. Subrmanyam Swami, who dared to challenge even PMO (Prime Minister Office) in the Supreme Court.

News papers, news channels, social networking sites were flooded with the news of verdict. For a moment it appeared that it is national festival whole country is celebrating .This all will continue for some more days. Every one was curiously waiting for the reactions from KAPIL SIBBAL and DIGVIJAY, because both are good cartoons to blame on others for their wrong doings.

As verdict came out in 2g spectrum scam Kappil Sibbal started his old RAGA as usual” We are not responsible, no one from our party in fact. It is the policies of NDA (National Democratic Alliance) that created trouble for our pious ministers. We even do not touch a single penny that holds some black dots on the currency (hope you got me, when I said black dots).

OH!!So how can we do a scam that counts 1, 76,00000cr rupees? It happened only because of NDA .you know NDA (National Democratic Alliance), Wohi party!! Our biggest rival in the opposition!

Some one ask the minister that why did you go on with wrong policies that has been implemented by the NDA? While you call yourself smart enough to differentiate between right and wrong. So how you did not know that NDA’s policies were wrong before the scam?

Was it unfair or unconstitutional to change those policies that have been implemented by NDA?

And Sibbal sir last time you told us in a press conference that A.RAJA did nothing it is CVC (central vigilance commissioner) who is giving false data on the 2g spectrum. What happened to your claim? Do you all ministers want to keep the public in dark? If Dr. Swami would not file a petition then you would never agree that any minister from your cabinet did scam .is not it?

Chidambram have been escaped from the trial court, or we should say he have been escaped by the trial court. If case was so simple and going under the supervision of so called dear, honest, respective Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan still he did not consider it important to take any action against any minister?  There is not much difference between Dhritrastra and Manmoahn . Both gave enough freedom to Duryodhan to commit a sin with out any fear. Is there?

Beautiful lady, Priyanka Gandhi(cunning like Fox. Of course not my favorite ever)also came for the comments on the 2g case when subrmanyam swami files a petition against Chidambram, but the petition has been dismissed in two minutes by the trial court under the supervision of Justice O.P Saini. So much concern for the country priyanka Gandhi seems when she says “ Subrmanyam Swami wasted our time in 2g case because Chidambram is a innocent men and he could devote the time for the welfare of the country instead of wasting it in the courts.”
Wow, good job she did to impress innocent public!! What she wants to pretend?   How much concern she is for the country? She put good point when she says he (Chidambram) could devote the time to the country he spent in the court. So where Priyanka has gone when Scams were taking place in her MOM’s cabinet? Why they did not remember the country at that time? Who stop Chidambram if he wants to serve our motherland? But eating our money is not a service at all. Haa but it can be your service, your mom’s service, all cabinet’s service so that you can put more money in SWISS BANK.

 OH point has been taken .Actually at that time dear daughter of congress chief and her loving son Rahul Baba were not campaigning in UTTAR PARDESH for the votes. And leaders of our country (especially congress) take every decision before election. Whether it is about to make a statement on the corruption or it is about to implementation of any new policy.

What’s the right they have to speak in the Uttar Pradesh about BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) and about corruption?  Are they enough pious to put question on others? Did they take enough action against their corrupt leaders? They want the progress of Uttar Pardesh, but how ever control themselves because they are not able to win there. How much development they did during their rule in the center?  OH!!Gadhbandhan ki majbori right Mr. Prime Minister of INDIA (unfortunately)?

Why you prime minister of INDIA gracefully step down from your post when you do not have any control on your cabinet?  Will it not be respective for you and good for us because you are losing your respect every day in public? Honesty does not demand a deaf ear and blind eyes, there is no use of your honestly there then step down with grace please!!