Thursday, February 9, 2012

Leading without license:2G spectrum

Supreme Court cancelled 122 licenses that have been allotted by the former telecom minister A.Raja. Credit goes to justice of Supreme Court G.K Ganguly and Janta Party chief Dr. Subrmanyam Swami, who dared to challenge even PMO (Prime Minister Office) in the Supreme Court.

News papers, news channels, social networking sites were flooded with the news of verdict. For a moment it appeared that it is national festival whole country is celebrating .This all will continue for some more days. Every one was curiously waiting for the reactions from KAPIL SIBBAL and DIGVIJAY, because both are good cartoons to blame on others for their wrong doings.

As verdict came out in 2g spectrum scam Kappil Sibbal started his old RAGA as usual” We are not responsible, no one from our party in fact. It is the policies of NDA (National Democratic Alliance) that created trouble for our pious ministers. We even do not touch a single penny that holds some black dots on the currency (hope you got me, when I said black dots).

OH!!So how can we do a scam that counts 1, 76,00000cr rupees? It happened only because of NDA .you know NDA (National Democratic Alliance), Wohi party!! Our biggest rival in the opposition!

Some one ask the minister that why did you go on with wrong policies that has been implemented by the NDA? While you call yourself smart enough to differentiate between right and wrong. So how you did not know that NDA’s policies were wrong before the scam?

Was it unfair or unconstitutional to change those policies that have been implemented by NDA?

And Sibbal sir last time you told us in a press conference that A.RAJA did nothing it is CVC (central vigilance commissioner) who is giving false data on the 2g spectrum. What happened to your claim? Do you all ministers want to keep the public in dark? If Dr. Swami would not file a petition then you would never agree that any minister from your cabinet did scam .is not it?

Chidambram have been escaped from the trial court, or we should say he have been escaped by the trial court. If case was so simple and going under the supervision of so called dear, honest, respective Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan still he did not consider it important to take any action against any minister?  There is not much difference between Dhritrastra and Manmoahn . Both gave enough freedom to Duryodhan to commit a sin with out any fear. Is there?

Beautiful lady, Priyanka Gandhi(cunning like Fox. Of course not my favorite ever)also came for the comments on the 2g case when subrmanyam swami files a petition against Chidambram, but the petition has been dismissed in two minutes by the trial court under the supervision of Justice O.P Saini. So much concern for the country priyanka Gandhi seems when she says “ Subrmanyam Swami wasted our time in 2g case because Chidambram is a innocent men and he could devote the time for the welfare of the country instead of wasting it in the courts.”
Wow, good job she did to impress innocent public!! What she wants to pretend?   How much concern she is for the country? She put good point when she says he (Chidambram) could devote the time to the country he spent in the court. So where Priyanka has gone when Scams were taking place in her MOM’s cabinet? Why they did not remember the country at that time? Who stop Chidambram if he wants to serve our motherland? But eating our money is not a service at all. Haa but it can be your service, your mom’s service, all cabinet’s service so that you can put more money in SWISS BANK.

 OH point has been taken .Actually at that time dear daughter of congress chief and her loving son Rahul Baba were not campaigning in UTTAR PARDESH for the votes. And leaders of our country (especially congress) take every decision before election. Whether it is about to make a statement on the corruption or it is about to implementation of any new policy.

What’s the right they have to speak in the Uttar Pradesh about BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) and about corruption?  Are they enough pious to put question on others? Did they take enough action against their corrupt leaders? They want the progress of Uttar Pardesh, but how ever control themselves because they are not able to win there. How much development they did during their rule in the center?  OH!!Gadhbandhan ki majbori right Mr. Prime Minister of INDIA (unfortunately)?

Why you prime minister of INDIA gracefully step down from your post when you do not have any control on your cabinet?  Will it not be respective for you and good for us because you are losing your respect every day in public? Honesty does not demand a deaf ear and blind eyes, there is no use of your honestly there then step down with grace please!!

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