Saturday, February 18, 2012

Education and reality behind greatness

Life seems hard and too much practical when we have been encountered with the hardships daily.
I have been worked with the tribal people, still working on the project. Thanks to my profession that gives me chance to know the real world which seems too much biased and partial towards the people who do not have money.
I found innocent children who are losing their dreams under the burden of every day’s life.  When I met with some brilliant children I decided that I will do work for them and will admit them in school. I worked with the children almost five months and during this time I came to know about them deeply. I found how much dreams they have in their eyes. Their parents’ wants a lot of things happen for their children many things, a lot of dreams that never became a reality for them. They also want to serve the nation which gave them nothing except exploitation and played with their innocence. A country where greatness found only in the dreams of it is future and a illusion of present, a lost thing of the past.
One day the child was crying when he came to me for the class. I asked him the reason and his friend told me “ ye kaam hi aise karta hai Di”.
I asked him,” What he did “?
The Gopal replied “Di isne roti churaya iski maa ne use iske choti behan ke liye rakha tha. Isne apne hisse kaa kha liya tha”.
I can not explain how it feels when a little child asks you why he has been beaten with out any reason.
In a world where a person spent 20000 rupee for a good dinner/lunch a little child have been beaten for a loaf of bread because he was feeling hungry and ate that bread with out asking his mother. Can we imagine the household condition?  One side we are in forbs list and other side we want to run away when some one describe the story about these incidents to say poor people have been used for demo in the country. They are not demo neither a showcase of course but a cruel reality that is still miles step from civilization and development of 21st century.
Any ways let it go. Not a new thing, neither for me nor for those children.
Let us come forward what has happened to the child when we went in the school for the admission.

We went in the school and found a stout lady who was sitting with a stick in her hand, nicely dressed up; fair in color (still her face is wondering in front of my eyes) she must be a teacher. And when I entered in the classroom she was beating little children with sticks. Her behavior was some how very strange (that’s what I noticed in first meeting with her). She also asked strange question to us. Conversation was like that.
I said” good morning ma’m,I am here today for the admission of these little children. I will be grateful to you if you tell me about fee structure and the procedure of admission”.
Teacher, “how do you know these children?”(With out answering my questions)
I told her” these children have been my students and they learnt basic things so I want them to get admission in the school for the continuous study”.
Then she showed her knowledge and asked the children in rough tone” tell me what I wrote on the note-book?”
Children afraid with the tone she spoke to them.
I asked them not to afraid and tell her what she wrote on the note-book?
Gopal answered” it is “KOSHISH”.
Deepak was afraid after hearing her rough tone.
She did not say” wow! You read it right. Well done! (May be she did not consider it important. I consider and would do too because a child who came out from tribe area can read and write alphabets with out getting in school)
Then she asked Gopal write his name on the note-book.
With some hesitation he wrote the name correctly on the note-book.
But she again did not appreciate him, instead she said” itni gandi writing”. (She again spoke with out thinking what she is going to speak. If she would think then she would not repeat this word. She should think that a poor children, who is from a tribal area from HHARKHAND, who never visited school but able to write the name, able to write alphabets, can read Hindi properly, who is ready to attend classes, who is determine enough to be a soldier and trying hard for that since childhood, who have curiosity to know the world, who wants to come out from a place where there is no sign of civilization is worth appreciating. But that lady did not think about this I think that is why she spoke like that or it may be possible that her tone is only lie that. How can a little child will be happy to attend classes where teachers are images of KHOOF?
Story does not end here. It is just a brief description. A lot of things happened and happens every day that seems hard to describe in the BLOGS, A real face of SO-CALLED GREAT COUNTRY.
One more thing she said “ITNE BADE BACHE KO KIS 1ST CLASS MAI!! “.
Did she not realized that her words are affecting the mind of little child. ITNA BADA, ITNI GANDI WRITING, KAISE JANTE HO ?

Haan one more thing when Gopal wrote his name on the notebook ”GOPAL MUNDA”. She replied” MUNDA!ACHA TO JHARKHAND SE HAI AUR WO BHI AADIWASHI AREA SE”. What she can teach a child? What’s the standard of education in our primary schools? Well it is not much good in higher institutions too. Where educational institutions play with the sincerity and hard work of the children and kill their curiosity, creativity, sincerity and above all a respect for the institution a student should have.
She could talk to me personally about all these questions, but she did not. (I did not tell her because it was first meeting with her and as a part of classic middle class family I have been taught that elders are always wise enough to speak and do act so do not argue with them)
This is what happened to our education and with future of the little children where money matters and where approaches are on the peak not talent and skills.
I do not think we can make a better future when a child has no base? From first class we focus on mugging not on understanding. We do not want to understand a child what he/she wants to be. Communication skills and confidence that helps us a lot when we have been encountered with educated people, but we do not focus on these skills. Do we? When a teacher in the class speak like a street lady/men and underestimate a child with taunts how can we build confidence in the children?

Though all teachers can not be same ever and never can be. A teacher is like a candle who gives the light to every corner in the world of students/disciples.  It is a truth that in today’s time it is hard to produce a CHANAKYA and hard to get one more CHANDRA GUPTA.
Is not it? 

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