Saturday, November 8, 2014

Why Swiss Bank amounts of Indians fell drastically ?

In BLACK MONEY, 700 names became public knowledge in 2008 when a former HSBC employee stole the data and gave it to the French government. The French government, in turn, decided to share the details with our own government. Surprisingly in 2008 the Swiss bank amounts of Indians fell drastically. Despite having the list, the Indian government acted cagey and decided that it will chase the account-holders directly for tax dues. There is good reason to suspect that the government was not keen to disclose the names as it would have embarrassed politicians - not just in the UPA, but NDA too - and businessmen close to them.
 I agree with one of my friend Vijay Niranjan 
In a country where only 5 mins are enough for candidates to swallow the cheat slips on hearing the news of arrival of checking squad / are we hoping that after announcing the news through every medium that we have the names of foreign account holders , they will be keeping their money there only since last years for govt to seize !!!

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