Saturday, November 8, 2014


When animals are scared they run. But humans the most evolved species of the nature, have the ability to reason. They always find ways to make their lives comfortable either by logic or by actions. They find peace in nature as they know the fact that if they have to survive they have to live in coexistence with nature.

This seems the only way out. This nature amaze them. They learn to question, logic,they became curious, they know after the night sun will rise, seasons would change every thing.

When winters will bring cold days, there will be sun to give them warmth. When summers will give them scorching heat trees will give them shadows. When flowers wither in autumn, they will bloom in spring.

Every thing is coexistence in nature. Every hing is designed in universe from the days to nights, weeks to months, months to years. We can not reveal the mysteries of this universe.

This is the beauty of life, it came without instruction book. And we learn enjoy little bliss, our imperfection. This is the beauty that we all are part of this balanced universe. It is because of these mysterious, imperfections we set goals and try to make our lives worth living.
And this is the only thing that keeps us going on like the river that has to fall in the sea.

This is the message go on like a river till last breathe.

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