Wednesday, February 29, 2012


National Counter Terrorism Centre will have a core staff drawn from the personnel of the Intelligence Bureau or directly recruited to the IB and posted in the NCTC. It will also have officers on deputation\secondment from other agencies like R&AW, Joint Intelligence Committee, NTRO, DGMI, DIA, DAI, DNI, CEIB, CBDT, CBEC and Narcotics Control Bureau.

National Council Terrorism Centre will maintain a comprehensive data base of terrorists and their associates, friends, families and supporters; of terrorist modules and gangs; and all information pertaining to terrorists.

National Counter Terrorism Centre will have three divisions - each headed by an officer in the rank of joint director, Intelligence Bureau or equivalent rank. The three divisions will be responsible for collection and dissemination of intelligence; analysis and operations.

 National Counter Terrorism Centre will have power to requisition services of the elite commando forces like National Security Guard (NSG) and any special forces in the country like Navy's MARCOS (Marine Commandos) and others for 'operation' against terrorists. It will also have power to set up Inter-State Intelligence Support Teams.

National Counter Terrorism Centre will have a Standing Council comprising its director, three joint directors and chief of anti- terrorism squad or force of all states and UTs. The Council will meet regularly through video conferencing.

National Counter Terrorism Centre will become operational on March 1.

Union home minister P Chidambaram says the National Counter Terrorism Centre - will be the integral part of Intelligence Bureau.

The proposal to set up the NCTC had been pending for long as different ministries like defense and finance had expressed some reservation over its proposed power and function.

Officials said that though it will take some time to set up the entire paraphernalia of the NCTC, the government will notify it soon and appoint its director. Since the MAC will be subsumed into it, the sleuths working in this wing of the Intelligence Bureau will form the core of the National counter Terrorism Centre to begin with. Later, a number of officers - drawn from intelligence and security agencies and state police - will join the National Counter Terrorism Center on deputation.

It is learnt that the NCTC will have sleuths of its own for covert operation. Though it'll not have its own operation wing, its sleuths - drawn from National Security Guard and other central armed police forces - will do operation with state police wherever it is needed to neutralize a terror module.

NATGRID -which was approved by the Cabinet in June last year to have a data bank of nearly 20 types of database like travel records, immigration details, income tax records etc. - will work separately. It will provide all kinds of desired inputs to the National Counter Terrorism Center.

Multi Agency Centre (MAC) of the Intelligence Bureau that has been dealing with terror related inputs will be subsumed into the newly set up National Counter Terrorism Center. This body will be the fourth major anti-terror 'set up' after National Investigation Agency, NATGRID and National Security Guard hubs.

The National Counter Terrorism Center - proposed in the wake of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack - will work under home ministry. A senior Indian Police Service officer to the rank of additional DGP and above (mainly from Intelligence Bureau's AD or SD) will head this elite counter- terror body.

Cabinet Committee on Security clears the proposal to set up National Counter Terrorism Centre.
I do not think it is violating the federal system. Still if some states are having issues with it then central government should talk with all parties. I am not a law maker and not enough wise like defense and home ministry, but here are some points in my mind over NCTC (National Counter Terrorism Center).

Ø  Bring some accountability here and pass the bill. Means it should be clear that who will take responsibility about all divisions.

Ø  Be clear what kind of reservation Finance and P Chidambram is talking about.

Ø  Please do a meeting with chief ministers of all states. Ask them what changes they want as it is also necessary that federal system should not be violate.

Ø  Try to understand that only you (Congress) are not party, you never were. Please accept that your alliance is not the supporter only, they are the reason if you are still in power after doing indirect heinous crime.try to ask opposition too what they want because it is not a family or personal matter, it is about country.

Ø  Do meeting with best law makers of the country who can discuss positive and negative results about NCTC.

Ø  If Mamata Banerjee(As she is getting too much smart these days and doing much dadagiri, rest ministers are still not much hard to convince) is not getting agree then ask her what she wants and what should be done to control terrorist activities? What has been done by her to control Naxal-Activities in the state (Bengal)? If she have good answer then add this point in NCTC and if not then need to tell her that if you would not agree too then also we will implement it for the country. We can not make happy every one. Can we ?

Ø  Make it clear that what will be the boundaries of state and center over the issue.

Ø  Because golden days are gone and worst days are waiting for you my so-called dear congress party. We have been tired from your cheap politics and now not in a stage to tolerate it any more. You make policies on papers and then wait for next five years to implement it in real life. Do not make just policies implement those policies and please do not behave with terrorists like guests as you are doing nothing in Kasab and Afjal’s case. If this remain continue then no use of National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) and no use for your concern