Saturday, April 14, 2012

RTE:Why hue and cry ?

What about to build a nation where every one is getting good education. If I am not wrong then education is a business now and educational institutions are getting good profit from students. If it would not so then the decision of Supreme Court would not be an issue in the country and rather than complaining about it or filing a petition against the right, so called intellectuals were celebrating the decision.

I was hearing a discussion on Radio about latest verdict of Supreme Court on Right to Education. A lady and a Man were boiling with anger. The anchor of the show was telling that they are teachers in a government aided private school. Both were boiling with anger and continued to put their nonsense thoughts in public “why there should be 25% reserve seats for poor children? If they want education or government seems too much concern for them then they should establish new schools for them? It should be only for government schools not on government aided private schools because if it happens so then there will not any spirit of competition among students. (I did not get the relevance of their points of “Competition”. Did she /He want to say that poor children do not have talent and spirit of competition? Or did they mean something else?

Who bothers jerks by the way!

But both were speaking like they got the time today to speak all irrelevant and after that they will never be able to speak. So Radio Jockey got bore too (I think) so bid them good bye and played the song as usual.
I was discussing with my friends and some put their point to say” It will lead to inequality and not good decision. We protest any kind of reservation”.

Even I do not support any kind of reservation. But after seeing the condition of poor people it seems necessary to give reservation on the economic base .It is because today our country is among most corrupted nations of the world. Approaches and recommendations are on peak. On the name of donation educational institutes get good money .But every one is not a millionaire and billionaire to afford such expenses of donation.

From my personal point of view I see nothing wrong when supreme court decide to reserve 25% seats for poor children in  entry-level admission   for children from the weaker section from the society. Here weaker section defines Poor children not BC/OBC/ST.So stop making it an issue to say it will lead our nation to inequality. By the way are we living in a nation where every one has been treated equally? So what kind of equality we talk about? Can we create an equal world where 35% population is uneducated and not aware about their rights?
Is there anything wrong in these points?
Ø Free education for 6-14 years children.
Ø 25% seats will be reserved for poor children in Government and government aided schools.
Ø Will not implement on non-governmental minorities educational institutions.
Ø If lead towards a better future of the nation.
Ø When government will take the responsibility to educate those poor children who can not afford the expenses.
Ø Haan! One more thing, if it is affecting the business of so called temples of the education.

Supreme Court did outstanding job once again. We should applaud for the decision. Thanks to the judges Mr. S.H Kapadiya and Mr. Swantantr Kumar .
Now it would be worth seeing how government, institutions and states show concern for the implementation of this act and how poor people will get to know about this act .Hope it will lead our nation some where, unlike other lucrative acts and bills.

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