Monday, May 14, 2012

State of maturity in our democracy

Controversies over controversies and in that situation if Sonia Gandhi Chief of the party says” It has been a fashion to criticize congress party in the nation then she is not wrong at all. But what we common man should do when it actually deserve a criticism. So we must use our freedom of speech and expression .

Any ways let’s return on the topic. It’s about the Ambedkar-Nehru cartoon in NCRET book. I do not like Congress party at all, but became impartial I will say “Is it fault of congress party if no one bothered it since 1948-2012?”

The cartoon, created in 1948 by eminent political cartoonist Shankar, shows B R Ambedkar, chairman of the drafting committee, riding a snail with Jawaharlal Nehru standing behind with a whip in his hand. The cartoon was added to the political science textbook of Class XI called 'Indian Constitution at Work' in 2006.
It’s strange that nothing else but Cartoons bother our representatives’ .Is not it? Was there some thing wrong with that cartoon? Do they need to bother or need to spend precious time of parliament when these cartoons reflect nothing wrong about Nehru-Ambedkar?

Okay do our politicians bother these too?
Ø  Do they bother patriotism when it comes on doing scandals?
Ø  Do they bother to discuss some relevant things in parliament that affect country and society?
Ø  Why making it an issue after 64 years?
Ø  Do not you so called representative have useful questions to ask in question hour of the parliament?
Ø  Standard of education is decreasing why that does not bother you politicians?
Ø  There are no teacher in government schools and no proper facilities too why that does not bother you?

One view from a daily news paper would like to share with you all that’s very true and right “
“Our so called respective parliament minister have so much of issue to solve like poverty, Population, High inflation rates, Poor girl child education, Poor infrastructure, Balance of payment deterioration, High levels of debts, Inequality, Larger budget deficit, Child-Labor, Rigid labor laws, Uncontrolled crimes, Terrorism, Maoists, Communal riots, Kashmir issue, China claiming on Arunachal Pardesh, Black-money, Tatra-Scam, 2g scam, Farmers suicide etc there are thousands issue that is affecting the nation and our representative is doing nothing except spending time on useless discussion.

In sab ko cchod kar ye log fight kar rahe hai ki Baccho ki kitaab me Ambedkar ka cartoon kyu daal diya..Kapil sibbal maafi maang raha hai ki kahi dalit bhaiyo ke vote na cchin jaaye,sab kutto ki tarah lad rahe hai,These people do not have even one percent shame. I feel shame that these people belong to India and we choose them”.

Any ways NCERT has decided to follow the ministry's direction and withdraw the cartoon from the political science books. We have not printed any books this year but we will make sure the lot printed next year does not have the cartoon," said a senior NCERT official. He added that the books already available in the market cannot be withdrawn. "But then it's for sure that the cartoon will not be a part of the textbook anymore," he said almost with a heavy heart.
See how much quick our representatives are when they really want to take action. Hope our parliament will bring quick decision in more issues that really affect our country in real sense unlike cartoons. 

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  1. See how much quick our representatives are when they really want to take action