Monday, January 30, 2012

Even a general lost faith in the government

 A soldier serves all his life for the country and later has been questioned on his integrity and honor by the government. It’s not shameful but disgusting and Ridiculous. World’s largest democracy is fighting over the age of its General.

Case is not much confusing as it has been. The age of V.K General Singh is confusing even the highest authority, media waala intellectuals. General V.K.Singh says his date of birth is 10-may-1951(well he knows better the date and timing of his birth is not it?)  While government claims are oppose it and says it is not 10-may-1951 instead it is 10-may-1950. In his matriculation certificate it’s 10-may-1951.

Simply means what? Go!! We do not need you any more, we have next general ready for army.

Did not want to criticize about present government (but what to do it always insist me to write against it by its acts). When some of my friends were discussing over this topic one of my friend said “Frankly speaking this government is good for nothing!” she was right and I totally agree with her.

This government is not able to handle anything (the matter which could be solve in the personal meetings with the chief but they did not act like that) but never thought about it that it will even put questions on the integrity and honor of an army man. We still have a lot of respect for the Army and still believe in its integrity.
Some intellectual says “general should not make it a public issue. It is not the discipline at all”. But do they really mean the discipline? Discipline simply means” Right is Right and wrong is wrong”.

Every one has right to knock the door of Supreme Court when one feels something is going wrong against him/her. As a human being he has all rights to drag the government in Supreme Court if he felt government played with his integrity and honor.

He has all rights to retire with dignity and honor. Some says he sold his personal issue and made it public. When a soldier sacrifice his life for the country, a mother lose her loving son, daughter lose her father, sister lose her son and father lose his brave son only for the sake of country then no one wants to tell it’s a public issue.
Then why definitions change occasionally? 

Even a general lost faith in the government. What else left?

Hope he will win the case and there will not be any more question on his integrity and honor because a soldier has a heart that can die for the honor of its country and when it comes on his own honor then he does not afraid from drag the democratic government in court. 
Jai Hind!!

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