Thursday, January 12, 2012


Let us talk about UTTAR PARDESH as many things are happening there. Chief Minister of UP Miss MAYAWATI have been rusticated her fifty minster who had some charges against them. Well this is not an action to be criticized for. Good move in fact!! That can be a different thing that it was for votes to impress people, to tell them, we do not have any corrupt minister in our party so you can vote for us with out any question about corruption.

RAHUL GANDHI (only one youth the country ever had) is trying to make them happy to say” please vote for us we will give you reservation. We will bring your KHUN PASINE KI KAMAI”. Why they did not get it in sixty years, he did not mention the reason for that?

MULAYAM SINGH YAADAV from SAMAJWADI Party also trying to impress the public to say” vote for us, as soon as we get power we will give 9% reservation to minorities “.  He does not clear who are going to be count in minorities? Is it for economic poor section or just for religion/caste?  Only one thing that seems sticking in the heart of MULAYAM SINGH is that, once he gets power he will only focus on reservation nothing else.

BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) well do not know what’s going on in the party? NITIN GADKARI wants different thing on which RSS, SUSHMA SWARAJ and L.K ADVANI do not seem agree on. Did not hear much about their agendas in UP.UMA BHARTI is trying to impress people by opposing FDI (foreign direct investment) and hard decisions she made when she says” if congress will allow FDI in UP ,I will burn all as I do not afraid to get jailed”. Wow!! Neta ho to aise !!
Actually  one thing is common in the agendas of all political parties is that ,no any party talks about POVERTY, KUCHHA ROADS, ELECTIRCITY, WATER, EDUCATION, HEALTH basic things that is required to make the development of the state.

Secondly no any political party is trying to tell the public why they all are focusing only on reservation? Is this the only thing that can bring improvement in the state?

Thirdly no any political party is telling is that “In how many years they will make UP a better state?

Fourthly no any political party is telling about their agendas how they will achieve their goals? In fact they should tell it how they are going to help the people by reservation or how it will be beneficial for the development of UP?

Fifthly every political party is blaming on other parties for the pathetic condition of UP and no any one is going to accept is that “it is not the people who are responsible for the condition, these ministers and their policies are the only reason for that pathetic condition”.

Latest but not the least is that even ELECTION COMMISSION also making news in UP. S.Y.KURESHI (election commissioner) ordered the government to cover all ELEPHANTS STATUES as it has been considered the sign of BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party). More then one crore rupees have been spent on making those statues and now crores of rupees have been spent to cover all up. It is nothing more then the wastage and misuse of our tax money.  Election commission should think about it when these statues were being constructing. It is just wastage of money and not a good decision (from my point of view). As a person writes” imagine what a job election commission will have as if it asks all of us to cover hands around elections because it is a congress sign. Weird!!”
“Election commission has no right to cover that up. By the same token election commission should cover up all statues of NEHRU-GANDHI FAMILY “.
Now end the chapter here. It will be good to see who will get the power in UP and how they will change the state (hope in positive manner), because now we have been tired from the religion, caste, language, region politics, we just want development far beyond this reservation.


  1. Its true...the action of the election commission was actually stupid....In India wasting public money has always been taken for granted....rather than displeasing their "madam", firstly they converted the entire UP into a showcase tyranny of a dictatorial power and now all the false cover up with money that could have fed someone, sheltered someone, educated someone....its sad that even in this century we talk of caste & identity politics that have lost relevance long back

  2. exactly BASU they should think about it when work was going on.

    the day when political parties will focus on development and the agendas of political parties will be welfare of people, development,basic facilities to the people,shelter,food etc.that day neither we will abuse our politicians nor we will call them jerks.


  3. sad thing is that most parties made politics a family business,