Tuesday, January 3, 2012

we the youth count passion

Was reading an article in news paper, I got very much impressed and tried to write some thing out of that impression “WE THE YOUTH, COUNT PASSION”. we the Youth of today is very much ambitious, some time emotional, very much focused about career and future, a confidence and trust on us to do some thing in life. We are self centered but we care for our parents and are concerned for the country. We are modern but we do respect our elders always. We know where to draw a line for us and what’s our limitations .we know when we should stop and when we need to run.

We are very much curious (that is very much important thing to learn some thing new in life) and want to know every thing about the matter out of curiosity. We do not hesitate to say “we need more improvement in us, in country and around us”.   
We like competition not with our self only.  We like to compete with the world.

We always want to do some thing for the nation whether it is about to make aware the citizens by SOCIAL NETWORKIGN SITES or it is in our real lives to be a sincere student, a sincere doctor, an engineer, a teacher, a aware citizen etc. We like to give hundred percent to every task. For us social networking sites are not just an entertainment in fact we want to learn new thing here every day.
 For us passion, talent, knowledge and country are every thing. Now we do not run after money.
When we choose a career for our self we choose it not because of money but we choose it because of our interest and passion. We know we will be responsible for our life, but we do not afraid from taking risk. May be it is because of our self confidence.

We know that we will surely do some thing in life with our passion, confidence, talent and knowledge.  I have seen many youths who gave up their 5lakh rupees package because for them money is not every thing in life. It is passion and talent that counts. We the Youth of today want to give the society what we have taken from them, whether it is educating poor children in our free time or it is about to gave up our lakh rupees package and serve ourselves for the country.

 Because we love our motherland, society and the people who made us some thing. We believe that koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota use perfect banana padta hai for that we are always ready to bring a change by changing our self. 

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  1. very well said Mamta another cheering blog by you....now the only need is to utilize the awesome feeling of patriotism in reality! let us take the intiation & start with "I"