Monday, November 1, 2010

our virtues are important not look ......

 I read the letter of DR.A.P.J ABDUL KALAM JI .it was really amazing  .and we really need to put all things in mind and we really need to ask ourselves why we are still developing ?why we are not developed now ?and why we are so negative ?why we always want to see the dark side of things and our media too ?why we always want to blame on government for everything ?answer is so  simple because we are not doing anything but we want best facilities and best things in India. but when the time comes out to do something for the country we want to run away . we always blame that Indian roads are In a worst condition .but please think first who is  responsible ?of course we  are the responsible .we always want that Indian roads should be like America and  rules should be like DUBAI  .we always want to compare us with America and England  or developed country .but think for a moment if we want roads like America and England why we throw garbage on the road ?why we spit on the road ?and we make houses and throw all dust on the road .we all know why we do it because most of us do not want to consider it our property and if anyone is trying to stop anyone then they said it is none of your business .we will do anything on the road what we want .ok do it man but when things are going on wrong then why should we blame on government for everything ?when for a driving license we give bribe to a policeman and say do u know who we are??most of the persons who have  then who is responsible for breaking the rules ?of course we are the responsible .but after that we want that rules should be like America and roads too.they are hard working people .do not angry youngistan of course we too hard working and we too educated but why we want to use our bad manners .some times we all behave like illiterate  people means PADHE LIKHE  ANPADH .we are soo educated then show your  education by following the rules and do not spit on roads and throw garbage on the road if we want roads like America .i m not only saying this thing here we all really need to take it in our lives if we want a better place to live in a want roads like western countries …just follow the rules. be a change what a change we want in the society and in the country .change the things around you first .be a solution and if we do anything good then people really follow us .
Let me describe a story with all of you actually I was returning from college and I saw a man he was looking well mannered and dressed in a good manner .he was eating something and drinking too. After drinking  he throw disposal glass on the road this thing surprised me so how can we say that only illiterate people do that .no it’s india and everyone can do anything with out any hesitation or  any shame. It’s not important to wear good and  pricey  clothes but it’s matter how we behave and how we follow the rules ??looks does not matter our behave and virtues that matters.


  1. very nice article mamta,showing reality
    it is us only,who blame others but never take self-responsibility,
    example-on the day of elections most youth celebrate it as a holiday,instead they can vote for a responsible candidate,and afterwards they blame the government,
    first we need to change ourselves then India will change.

  2. fantastic thoughts mamta...hats off to you...a very good blog...keep posting...i will look forward to ur new posts...

  3. thanks a lot to you friends.and yeah need to change our chalta hai attitude and then many things will be improve automatically.