Sunday, October 24, 2010

are we really developed ?

India has been divided into two parts now. and we also accept the truth now.INDIA A or  INDIA B.otherwise we can also say BHARAT AND india we have all facilities .this india is growing very fast in economy.even U.S ‘S PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA is saying that if any country is not doing business with india then you are not doing business at this india we have all famous person and celebrity .they are not only well known in india but also so much famous in foreign country also.there are some who in forbe’s list (because they are among rich persons of he world )one could not say that they are also a part of india when they will see the poor persons here I mean how worst condition they have.
In bharat people even do not have food for eat.some times they sleep with out dinner and wake up without breakfast .for them tata birla and reliance does not exist .they also do not want to know about them because for them ROTI,KAPDA AND MAKAN (BREAD,CLOTHES,SHELTERS)not the growing economy of india.if they are not getting two time’s bread then there is no matter of happiness because our economy’s growth is 9.8 or whatever.
And main thing is that no anyone want to accept the truth that we have 55percent poor people in india.every time they want to show the development of india about to forget these persons I think they do not count them in Indians .thats why they do not accept the truth specially our government .thats why they want to show again and again the economic growth of india .still how we can say that we are progressed a place where is poor people are in majority.
And the question is that who is responsible for that .we always blame on government .no matter government is responsible but think about it at once are not we the responsible too ???when we want to work for poor people then some peoples always say that it is not easy to work for will not get money .no anyone want to tell us how we can work for them ??so that they could also be a part of fast growing of india .its all about mentality problem bole toh NAA KHUD KARNA NAA DUSRO KO KARNE DENA ……
If they are facing such problem then any animal of alien is not responsible for that only we humans are responsible for that .
Only we have to do work for them if we want to change and make a better place to live in .because only we can make a better place because we are the youth of india and we have to take our responsibility about our motherland and its children.we need to adopt a child’s education otherwise w can also teach them in our free time .instead of wasting our time in flattery or make mockery on others use to need our time for something good .
May be then india will be super power with those 55% and then we will also say with proud that our whole india is progressive now and soon will be developed.


  1. its so nice.....!!! you rock....and its so nice to see that people like you who are young enogh to think about their carreers and all are still taking time off to concerntrte on india and to write about it...!!!! best of luck

  2. and this gap between the two day by day increasing!!! Cheers to a million more poverty on the exchange of one more Indian in forbes list!!! Cheers to mainstream Indian politics whose mission & vision doesn't have a little piece of this anxiety at all.

  3. @aishwarya hey thanks a lot for appreciated .and thanks for wishes.

  4. @nirveek yeah right nirveek.thats the sad thing too that one is in forbe's list and one do not have enough food for eat .this is really a anxiety.