Wednesday, October 20, 2010


How many dreams I have taken ?
How many wishes I do?
But all dreams scattered,
All wishes get unfulfilled,
Not because I did not do work hard,
Not because I did not try to get them,
Not because I did not want that,
Answer is so simple…….
Just because ,I was not free to follow my dreams …
Free to get my wishes …..


  1. it is all about dreams versus freedom.

  2. heart-filled emotions are poured here. I can feel it. And yes, please don't leave your dreams till death. Because without a dream a human is nothing but lifeless object.

  3. Khojogy to her manzil ki raah mil jati hai,
    Sochogy to her baat ki wajah mil jati hai,
    Zindagi itni bhi majbur nahi hoti haidost…!
    agar kosish kar to her sapnae ko mazil mil jati hai.. so dear always be positive ,, and never let down ur dreams

  4. thanks guys for the appreciation .

  5. @deepa wow great words and very ture.