Wednesday, October 13, 2010

are poor people not a part of india specially delhi ?

 i feel so sad to know that delhi's government exile workers because the gov found that they are destroying the beauty of delhi .if they are feeling too much shame to accept the truth that poor people are also a part of our country then why gov only want to watch ?why government is not ready to take any action ?and if they are destroying the beauty of delhi then why they are not giving them homes?it is appearing that gov want to destroy poor peoples not poverty thats why they are making such stupid acts.if they feel soo much shame to call them indians then why they want to do anything for them and why we never want to give them the respect as much they deserve just because they are poor .if they will stop doing work for us then we really can not do alot.after all if they did for us in common wealth games we really not except to government that they will do such acts.well this is not really a permanent solution to send them out of delhi by d way they will again came then what Delhi government will do .and the problem is that no any one even speak about this .because we are too much busy with our schedules and specially our central government .hope very soon government will take some steps to improve the status of poor people .and still india has more then 55percentage of poverty but still we are developing country and it is also a strange thing that most rich person of the world also lives in india.but i m not going to understand is it a pride for us or not because most poor person also belong to india.and we can never think that we are a developing country till then every day we see soo many poor children aare working in homes ,shops ,restarudent and many places in this age they should be in school but they are working .this question always arise in my kind and i never find the answer of this question .if i should be happy on our progress or make lament on those poor person who died daily because of hunger ?who always have fight for food to dogs ?who always died while they were fighting for their rights ?

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