Friday, June 10, 2011

publicity or just a feeling of patriotism?

The thing that compel me to write again about BABA RAMDEV and his movement is that people are saying that he is doing all for being famous and popular .people hardly wants to stand up against wrong because we all know how much powerful people are in” SATTA “specially in India and when some do so, then we say it is all a drama for publicity.
I think we all want to be famous right?(if not all then may be eighty or ninety percent sure want to be )tell me how many went on hunger strike for the country’s benefit? How many went on hunger strike for LOKPAL BILL ?
Second thing is that they are not young people who want to be a hero in HINDI MOVIES that’s why they are doing so. I think they are serious and mature enough to understands the things and they know what they are doing .secondly it is not easy to do such things when your own life on sake.if we will not stand up now then we will sure be next prey for the government.
And it is not about ANNA OR RADEV JI it is about every individual who stand up against wrong. Some peoples and leaders are saying a SADHU OR SANYASI should be away from politics. But I really want to ask those leaders and peoples can the things not affect a sadhu ,sanysai when they also have patriotism in their veins and blood like any common man of a country.
When we do not have enough leaders who could think about country then why can not a sadhu join politics when he is smart enough to understand the feeling of people and problems of the country?
I am not talking about politics here and will not talk too it was just a example. It is not about politics it is about our democratic rights what we have got from our constitution, where every one have right to protest in a peaceful way. And also have right to speak against corruption.
Then why we are trying to make the things beyond the subject………………….And now things come on FIRS against ramdev and now government will try every bit to prove him wrong. They will even try to make the list of his childhood. Did he done anything wrong in his childhood or if it will be so then they will make it a issue and will try to tell “JANTA” what ramdev did in his childhood ?you know what our dear JANTA he killed many little worms and how can you believe on a man who can kill worms in childhood. He is a criminal and a killer of little worms.(well it was jokes a part but government is really trying to do not it ?)

do not try to afraid us by implement section 144 .kaha kaha section 144 lagaoge sriman !!!when things get out of control and tolerance then no any section and no any people can stop us from doing what we want.we will encourage peoples by our writing, our blogs and our articles. And we all youth will play our role as BHAGAT SINGH,RAJGURU ,SUKHDEV  and many more freedom fighter played. We really need to take a vow that we will never take bribe or give bribe. And if any one is doing such thing in front of us too then we will stand up there. We will be there to tell them what their rights and duties are. The time has come when we really need to be serious about our responsibility and about the things. If we will not do it now then it will be too late, may be then there will not be any RAMDEV or ANNA who will stand up for us.


  1. Mam,in india people have lots of time to question ones purity,they only believe criticizing others people noble works.and others things i want to state that only through one way we can pitch our thought in front of government misdeeds is unity among the youth,this outcome is only possible if we gives ourself exposure,makes other aware about what are things happening and what are way through which we can remove the impurity

  2. exactly robin and some one said right we see the things what we are. we really need to stand up together if we want to solve problems whether it is about country or it is about peoples of the country.

    awareness is necessary for that. @robin