Tuesday, October 4, 2011

they still have value for one rupee and who says we are poor ?

if I am not wrong then it has been written some where in constitution that it is our right to live with dignity and no one can snatch that right too. But these days things are different from constitutional reality.
And who says we are poor (except those who knows reality about poverty)?

Who cares too specially in our country about such things specially when a common man speaks among BUNCH OF CROOKS (THAT’S OUR LEADERS DEFINITELY. not all but we have many in our present government)

And if any of you have doubt that we have poor people in our country then please check out the latest statistic of planning commission given by TENDULKAR COMMITTEE, you will definitely jump out (it may be because of surprise or many be because of happiness in first sight where you will find that we have no more poor people in our country)

OHH !!! why should poor people be here too ? After all we all are able to earn twenty seven rupees in rural areas and thirty two in urban areas.
Then why should we mind the thing that how we earned that twenty seven or thirty two rupees? Who cares how we sweat all day in the afternoon for a single penny?

One thing is for sure here that any of the man who earned some rupees they definitely did not steel the money (like our present leaders doing so) from any of our poor man’s cottage.
I do not know it is our good luck or misfortune that we do not have any more poor people in our country. (of course it has been approved by our planning commission now) .

I consider it nothing more then our misfortune where BUNCH OF CROOKS decide what kind of policies they should implement on for the country (who are hardly try to know what a common man of the country wants in their policies)?

One more thing that is noticeable here is that, where people like MONTEK SINGH AHULWALIA (vice president of planning commission) who did his personal visits more then twenty times in foreign countries in one month?
Do not think I am against foreign visits too, I am definitely not. But the thing what I wanted to say is that the man did  even his personal visit of foreign countries from PUBLIC FUND and now people like him decides who is poor man in a rural and urban area ?

I think my article seems incomplete but what to do? Even the definition of poverty is incomplete here, let it be clear and i will be clear too about my article.

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