Monday, September 12, 2011

will a little improvement work ?

They are not real brains (at least not for me) they are losers because they use innocent public for their selfish motives, if they really have brains then let them do one thing that is play fair games and then let them talk about leadership .  And then we will see where they stand.
That is really a bitter truth we only want to see the things what others show us. When we see reality then we close our eyes and say it is not our matter. When we hear something illogical then we say we were not present on the spot where talks were going on about the matter.

1.       we are not a patriotic slave neither we want to follow any one not want to listen any one but if still we do such things unwillingly then it is our compulsion. Rich people do because they have their benefit their and poor people do because they do not have another option.
We always talk about right candidate.where is right candidate? where is educated leaders ? we have two famous political parties( CONGRESS AND BJP) .we hardly have third option, neither we want to try nor we have trust on them. If any party do not get enough vote then they make a alliance and when their decisions affect the common man (in negative)then they tell JANTA that it was the pressure of alliance they took such decision. Things can surely be better if we improve our election agenda.

1)       It is the time we need to vote for a candidate, not for the party.  

2)      election commission need to bring some changes in election agenda.

3)      Election commission should ban those candidates in politics who have any criminal cases against them (not like today ki after five years you are most welcome in Indian politics no matter how much big criminal you are.sibbu soren ji is a good example).

4)      It is the time we need to put some educational qualifications for our leaders.

5)      When leaders come to us for demanding vote then they need to show us their bio-data so that we can decide if the candidate is smart enough to take the responsibility of this country or not.

6)      It is the time when election commission should give the opportunity to intelligent individuals who are sincere enough to look after country’s responsibility.

7)      If we have agriculture minister then he should have some basic and deep knowledge about agriculture. He should be aware from the condition of farmers. How they live? How they make both end meets ?how they look after their fields  during famine? if farmers commit suicide then why they do so ? and what is the role a agriculture minister can play to solve their problems. (same with other ministers whether it is defense minister,human resources and development minister,railway minister or any other)

8)      Every leader should have a proper solution for the problems so that he can fix everything right for the sake of country and for their sincere duties. If anyone is not able to do so then they should resign with dignity.

9)      we need a leader who can do proper communication with public to know their problems. Who can do direct intervention with the public.

10)   It is the time when every chief minister, cabinet minister, prime minister and every leader whom we choose to sit in parliament and in legislative assemblies should make a website to know the people’s problem. (if they do not have solution then we have enough smart people in the country to suggest them a right solution).

11)   It is the time when we should confiscated the property of corrupt leaders.

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  1. Absolutely, yes it works

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