Tuesday, August 30, 2011


NOW our parliament is nothing more than a hang out place for the leaders . They take a bath early in the morning. Then some leaders think about to attend session of parliament where they speak irrational, nonsense .Most of the time leaders are absent from the parliament still they get proper salaries with out any work. (it seems that comforts are only made for them)
They do not have any rule, regulation and discipline in their daily life routine(not all leaders but there are majority of such leaders, specially in our country) but when we call them jerks in politics then  it makes them enough angry to suggest more silly ideas where they say person should be in jail if he dare to write against them.  
Later they tell people what is constitution and how people should behave in a democracy ? 

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  1. मैं कहूँ तो .... करक्टेर ढीला है

    गणेशोत्सव की बधाई और मंगल कामना