Thursday, July 21, 2011

have something in common (government and common man)

You talk about justice ,we want justice.

You talk about new policies and new rules, we want from you(government) to implement new rules and policies.

You talk about equality, we want equality.

We criticize government and you criticize opposition parties.

You talk about BHARAT but hardly want to do anything for it’s development except claims. We also talk about BHARAT and always eager to do something for it is development.

You talk about democracy and we want the meaning of real democracy.

You talk about land acquisition and rights for farmers.(same thing we do).but will any one tell us what’s happening with tribal peoples whose land you are using for modernization (like POSCO Project in UDDISA)and all the time they(tribal people)just cry for their lands and you even do not want to give them appropriate prizes .
in UTTAR PARDEH you talk about farmers’ right .good to hear that You talk about some one’ right. You all are a firm believer of democracy right? But what happens to your so called democratic ideas when it comes on you ?

you always claim that you are with farmers (specially during elections),but still there is no improvement in their condition. What’s the matter there ? you do not want to do the things or you just want to make some points in front of public to show how much care you have for them. If you really care for them why you do not make new law for them .

you always tell us how much hard it is to implement a new law right ? ? but when it comes on all of you then you pass the bill only in one day .then we do not find any discussions in parliament, no abuses from opposition parties. At that time you always believe in UNITY .great really!! You(gov) do your so called public welfare work and we do ours.

we make you leaders .only because of us you all are sitting in ACS COMPARTMENTS then why should you not do the things for us ? you show your care during elections but when we will come on our powers then you will not be anywhere (not even after five years). then you will find yourself in a stage of trauma where all the time you will be afraid from public because you will came to know what they can do. So it is better to do your duties sincerely otherwise we surely have options.


  1. hey mamta very nice...!!! i really liked the way u have portrayed your thoughts..!! try getting more response from people, gather more information and share with us..!!!
    Best of luck...!!!

  2. Great yar, I admire everything u have n u do..... the talent n art of expressing ur views confidently in a concrete slang. Wish u all the best!! Want to Follow You in my whole of life. Thank God for make me known to Mamta.

  3. I almost missed the point here
    Sorry to say....I'm not finding any solutions ....mere accusations & complaints....the issue of UP & Orissa cannot be discussed under the same head...both have diverse origins & impact.....d issue of UP is cooked out of politics..... New land acquisition bill will soon come up in the monsoon session.....but dat isn't what all the farmers have complained about....all our leaders come from us...they are not aliens....leaders are nominated from us for our common good....if we feel we can, we should step forward......paying taxes is not equivalent to public good in political standards........expecting some practical solutions along with the complaints

  4. thanks kumar for the appreciation and i will try my level best to continue what i do.@save our planet

  5. @vandy thanks a lot for such a big praise is my pleasure that you all appreciate me for the things what i do.

  6. @basu how many bill they can pass in monsoon session ?

  7. @basu well agree with you on the practical solutions now tell me what's the solution because even we all have been tired from complaints and discussion .