Sunday, July 10, 2011

They all have strategies of claims

After doing nothing and everything against public and democracy still they have authority. I will say “they have strategies and they have good strategies of claims”. they have strategies how to impress public and how to stay in authority after being a bad government .

They talk about INFLATION,TERRORISM,STOP CHILD LABOUR, JUSTICE, A STRICT PUNISHMENT FOR CULPRITS,  BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY,AJAMAL KASAB,AFJAL GURU, GOONS IN POLITICS,  COUNTRY DEVELOPMENT, THEY TALK ABOUT CORRUPTION,2G SCAM , about farmers ,about land acquisition ,about equality ,about  (list is too long that I will not be able to write all names how much they talk and claims.)  they all are a part of government  where they have all powers but they do nothing except claims.
They talked about control inflation. But as usual in the form of claims. If they will not be able to control inflation then we all will be on a fast unto death unwillingly.  After price hike they say “WE DO NOT HAVE ANY OTHER OPTION “ oh really is it so ?
 you do not have OPTION strange man ? When people protest against you ,then you have options to stop them right?

when people of the country want a strong LOKPAL BILL and you(government) do not want then you have options. right?

when people die from hunger then you have options by escape yourself from some statements right ?

 by the way who will give us answers ?
 you all consider yourself more then “  A KING “ when you get chairs . you forget every thing when you sit there and if you remember anything by chance then you are always ready to forget it after sitting in ACS COMPARTMENT .

You all have fresh air there and big cars. how things will effect you after all right ? but I really feel ashamed to say we are living in world’s  largest democracy where people are always in doubt if we can stand up against the gov or not when they are doing wrong ?The work you (our leaders)should do  for  public we the common man are doing that .

Then what the hell you are doing there? Give your resignation letters we will take care rest.


  1. "Give your resignation letters we will take care"
    होना तो यही चाहिए - प्रेरक प्रस्तुति

  2. nice collection