Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In a wounded nation

A wounded nation is seeking answer for every thing that is happening from years in the state. 
1) Why having a pool of laws still we are a lawless and unsystematic country? 
2) Why every time Sonia Madam needs to meet the people when she is nothing?
3) Why every time government orders for the implementation of section 144? 
4) Why Lathi charge on the protesters who are pretesting peacefully?
5) Why home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde is quiet? 
6) Why President did nothing when a CM is not able to maintain laws in the state? 

7) And why Chief Minister Sheila Dixit is saying she will order for the investigation of Lathi Charge? If she does not know what is happening in Delhi why she does not resign? 
8) Why every time there are orders from ACs chambers and later turn in investigations? 
9) Are the police force a personal property of leaders as they will order it when ever they want Lathi charge on masses?
10) Why every time there are due process of laws/regulations when it is about to punish culprits? Other side even a Facebook like can send a citizen in prison.
11) Why democracy has been turned in “By the politician, for the politician and on politician?"

In a scam tainted story of India when things happen even at worst it is impossible to bear any more. Yes i am talking about same Gang Rape that has happened on Saturday night. We can not even think how brutally she have been throwing out by those six vultures in human skin? All night she suffered and fought for her life. As a female i feel disgust to stay in a nation where we have neither quality of life nor a judicial system that punish the perpetrators for a heinous crime.
Ø  We have a pool of laws still we are a lawless country. I can find out the reason. We are a lawless country because we do not have that political system that follows same rules and regulations. 
Ø  And for second question "why every time Sonia Madam needs to meet the people instead to have a meeting with Prime Minister of India or President?" i would say because still we have a fascination for fair and lovely whiteness. Is not it ?
Ø  On third question” Why every time government enforce section 144?", because they do not know how to handle the youths of country and how to confront the situation? The leaders do not want to be accountable for any thing. They made the democracy a joke and for their comforts they enforce not only section 144 time to time, in fact they do more than that within the four walls of parliament and their Sarkari Bangla. 
Ø  On forth question” Why lathi charge on the protesters?", because Police Force is not an independent force in the country. They have to follow the orders either of Home Ministry or state administration no matter if they are IG, DG, SHO or what. And who wants to be Mr. Ashok Khemka by doing every task sincerely and honestly within code of his ethics. So they follow what ever these uneducated fool leaders tell them to do. 

Ø  On fifth question” Why Sushil Kumar Shinde was quiet in due process of this unsystematic and undemocratic governance?” , because he is among those UPA’s bunch of crooks, how he can go against their own masters or madam?
Ø  And why President Pranab Mukrjee did nothing, because he is another clown of UPA. Also he has served within the party for long time and then became a finance minister of the country. And if go by past we can find out how worst finance was during his region. He got safe side to be a president of the country, also what else we have left for the president of our country except distribution of prizes and a good speech written by bureaucrats for him. Oh this is true, I got to listen their speeches have been prepared by these bureaucrats only. So conclusion is that they even do not want to spend their mind in a thoughtful process? Who have time by the way; they have other things to do like scam, to impress UPA chairman, to guide Amul Baby, have to visit foreign country with in five years of our region. We do not get chances later naa after out retirement. Oh but they never have the retirement. Their good days start after 60 only. But still after Right to Information act few aware freak citizen of the country can ask for the information how many visits done by President on public fund, so it is difficult to give the answer. So they want to complete every thing during their region only.
Ø  And why Chief Minister Sheila Dixit is saying she will order for the investigation of Lathi Charge? If she does not know what is happening in Delhi why she does not resign? Because she wants us to believe that she cares, but people of our country are not fool who are going to believe that she did not order for the Lathi charge? Other side who wants to resign from a Chief Minister’s post that too when it comes with Sarki Bangla, Lalbati Gaadi, secutiry guards etc. and who care for self esteem, the leaders in this country hardly have, no matter how much insult they face but still they love their position nothing else.
Ø  Why every time there are orders from ACs chambers and later turn in investigations, because after sitting in AC chamber no one is able to see the reality where country is still lying behind?  

At last i will say nation fails because political system fails. We made a nation that ruled by old idle crooks, who knows very well how to hang on with zero results. Who knows how to make fun of common man, who knows how to play with the sentiments of country, who knows how to beat the protesters.. every thing they can do to make a nation that is full of idiots and dumb species who feel nothing and who have no sentiments for the country at all. This is all truth of a world's largest democracy where leaders are accountable to no one, where parliamentary committees are failed so does Joint parliamentary committees and whole system. We are still a nation who are fighting with our own demons and they are not any one else except the administrators of this country. 

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