Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First understand Aman Ki Bhasha

Aman Ki Asha!! Is it a joke or serious effort to bring out peace in Indo-Pak relations? If some one will ask me then I will say it is joke that has been considered a serious effort by those idiotic powerful leaders, rich Bollywood actor-actress, that also include some prominent dancers and singers that exist some where in a safe India where people walk with security and big cars. 
Now ask an Indian solder “What is Aman ki Aasha?”, who is not powerful enough to listen, rich enough to walk with security, who is unfortunately a common man protecting a nation that governed by “Bunch of Crooks”, and dominate by rich jerks who are good to watch cricket matches on the name of good rlations that has nothing to do when a soldier laid his life for them. In a land where soldiers have been killed brutally and their heads have been taken away by the soldier of other country who unfortunately dwell just opposite Line of Control (LOC) .It will be those soldiers and their families who will tell you why they do not want foolish talks and why still this country is so important to them?
Now come to reality what will happen next in country? There will be same talks, same cricket matches to maintain healthy relations, same hospitality within four walls of Raisana Hill, same public speeches, same beauty talks about Heena Rabbani Kher( Foreign Minister of Pakistan), same media who have much more things to say instead of the criticism both country deserve on the failure to make better states with safety.
There will be same nation that does not care for its soldiers, that does not ask for quick actions, that does not write to International Human Right Commission about the atrocities done to our soldiers from Saurabh Kalia and his battalion to Sudhakar and Hemraj. A politics where Home Ministries, Defense Ministries and Foreign Ministries are failed that does not ask for quick actions to United Nation when a neighboring country violates Geneva Convention.
Tell those Pakistani media, Politicians and soldiers it is not a victory. We call it back stabbing. It is death of your humanity when you kill a soldier when there is no far and nothing personal. It shows how coward you are to invade in our areas secretly.
Life will go on. Governments will come and go, there will be more dramas of Aman Ki Asha, more visits, more talks, but some where in a small corner of a soldier’s family his wife will cry every day, will tell his son about the bravery of his father. She will remember every 7th January how her husband lay down his life for a ungrateful nation. When the son will grow up she will tell him how she have been widowed in her twenties only. The soldier’s mother will tell her grandson how few demons from neighboring country taken away the head of his father. The grandfather will tell his grandson how much ungrateful and unfaithful a nation can be. How much shameless governments can be being being a mute spectator. And some day few Media Wala like Rajdeep Sardesai will call upon the son of a soldier to say” What else you want? You already have a petrol pump on your father’s name.
And may be the replay will be same. Your son would understand better when he have been lost you in his childhood only.
Life will go on. After some time no one will ask the family where they have been? How they are living? What they need? How much cheap life is in our country? This is what has been left in our blood after seeing three wars with same neighboring nation, still we try to put all best efforts to bring harmonious relations.

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