Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rat race

Former Chief Minister of Haryana Om Parkash Chautala has been jailed for the recruitment scam. He deserves to be. Hope very soon he will be among the race of those leaders who have been to Tihar Jail. Is it not a crime to have people like him in the politics? And when he will be out of jail we will see him in the race of same Chief Ministers who are fighting for the CM's chair. What is going to be happen with the nation when these kind of politicians are there to make the things worst. Right now in the country there are so many things that's shame for us and unfortunately education have been in same category. We are going through a face of tyrant leaders with political terrorists.
This is what has happened with the education? And i do not wonder now when i see a majority of Junior Basic Trained teachers (Especially in Haryana) behave like illiterate person in public and when they abuse the students instead of teaching them how to behave like a civilized being, how to be a man of value in life. I do not think they can ever teach too when they even do not have their own base and have been appointed for a job by bribes. I do not expect we can ever create a better nation with civilized folks. Their will be a crowd of sheep who understand a little, speak nonsense, act nothing and do not think about the future of nation. what sort of Teachers would have been recruited and what sort of guidance they would have given to their students. Education is the foundation on which character is built and it would have been disastrous if corrupt and criminals are made to teach innocent minds.


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