Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chintan Shiver why during elections only?





I will transform this country. Hindustan is in our DNA while other parties speak for caste, class and religion. We will fight against corruption. We will give best facilities to people. We will deliver direct cash transfer to people and 99% people will get benefit. (Rahul Gandhi who is still a youth in 42. Who talks so much about sharing politics with the youths and every time his mother and all Gandhi family runs a dynasty in politics.Aha! Common! How much fool you will make this country? Corruption is in your DNA. And your party speaks for reservations even in promotions forget about nationalism. Best facilities!! You will give same rule and administration as you have given during last ten years. You will beat a common man when they will stand up for the rights, freedom and equality. And in every cash transfer you will seek an opportunity to make a new Suresh Kalmadi and A.Raja. And on the name of judicial system you will never get rid of this tired system by protecting corrupt people like Kanimojhi and A.Raja, Kalmadi, P.Chidambram. And if i am not wrong it is your party who paid money to SP/BSP to walk out from the parliament during voting. It was your party who are using CBI from ages for personal gains. It was your party who says" Nothing will affect peace process of INDIA-PAk even after beheading the soldiers of this country. Still how shamelessly you talks about transforming a nation during elections. What has happened with your sense of humor, patriotism, Hindustan, equality, eradicating corruption from the roots of this country and why you remember all this during elections only? There were issues, challenges, prize hiking, corruption, scams before ten years too 

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