Sunday, July 15, 2012

Raisana is good for failure now

Where we are leading? And what is the meaning of Satta(Authority) in our nation? Is it related to get a chair or using that power in your own way? Authority means misuse of power now a day. President house is becoming dumping Jon and there is enough space for unsuccessful leaders.

By the way enough has been happened in eight years eg. Scams became common name  in nation, eating crores of rupees is very less;  Foreign visits of ministers from public fund became a sign of power, Leaders have been frustrating for common man, President house has been dumping Jon, Criticizm of UPA has been a custom among masses, 27 rupees has became a measurement of your wealth, Montek Singh Ahluwalia( Chairman of Planning Commission)  became more nonsense he was ever, Fasts have been common to afraid governments but shameless Government have nothing to bother, Craze of unsuccessful leaders became common in country’s politics, Even flaming in government offices have been common, Our country’s politics lost respect for honest and successful leaders, many uncountable stories. Keep your mind on full process to analyze such useless stories in Indian Politics.

There is enough demand for unsuccessful leaders in our country’s politics. Is not it? Can not we digest good leaders or do not want good leadership? Presidential elections have been a joke and at last an unsuccessful minister won the title for presidential ship who gave country nothing except fiscal deficit. Government is trying to impose an unsuccessful finance minister on us by giving him a president post. What will change in our nation? An unsuccessful finance minister will live in 340 rooms now and our economy will cry with fiscal deficit.

This decision is good too because he does not have anything to do in President House and who can be better than a minister who is not able to fix any thing right in country’s economy in 5-8 years.
 Last President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil also did wonderful job as a useless president. If we go through the statistic then we find she did nothing in five years except foreign visits from public funds? She spent 261 crore rupees and then said it was god for country affairs. Now some one please ask that lady what have been done good to this country and tell me one single thing that make any sense of your foreign visits mam?
One more thing is she is dancing out of happiness because she gave clemency to 35 people oh sorry terrorists. What the hell she did well for the nation? Was it not a mock on the Shahadat of those soldiers who sacrificed their life for us or for these useless monkeys we have in our government now days.

One side inflation, rising prices, fiscal deficit, falling prices of Indian currency etc and other side same decorative pieces on the name of leaders.

If I say nothing changes ever in our nation than I am not wrong. We only change people from same parties, from same governments and at last get nothing except useless idle leaders who walks in parliament like they are on morning walks, sit there like they are sleeping in classes, stand up like those fools who does not know how to make stand a country from problems, they came out from parliament like they played a game with the emotions of our motherland , with those citizens who elect them for their service, they sleep in nights with a satisfaction that today they earn enough from the coffins of those soldiers who die for the nation. Our largest democracy is leading no where except leading towards a state where lack of sincerity and patriotism both in citizens and in leaders.

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