Thursday, April 7, 2011

ANNA HAZARE :- a man who shake the government as well as country.

FIRST of all I would like to give a grand salute to SHRI ANNA HAZARE SIR and of course he really deserves that. He is not fighting for himself, he is not on fast for himself ,after all he is fighting for us and that’s enough to awake us from a sleep(if any one is sleeping ).the day is not far when we will see the things like Tunisia or GREEK in india. Almost all of us know who is SHRI ANNA HAZARE still want to give a brief introduction about him.

                                          ANNA HAZARE IS a social worker .his real name is kishan hazare and he is basically from uttar pardesh and he was a driver in army and after that he resign to the post when he saw some corrupt politician (strange but true at that time there were a few corrupt politician .i am talking about ninty’s of course lol.these days list is very long that no one can write all corrupt peoples or politicians’name.).and he put pressure on the government (at that time it was bjp government )to throw them out from those posts and government was under pressure so he did that .and now in twenty’s(I mean 2011) too he is again putting pressure on the government for JANLOKPAL BILL. And already a minister named SHARAD PAWAR quit his post from group of ministers .HAA that’s a different thing that now he is saying that he did not do so because of anna sir he did because he wants to concentrate on the elections of kerela .well I am waiting when he will resign from his agriculture ministry .oh now come to the point again (point was shri anna hazare  of course)but what I should do? Actually sharad pawar is a name that always make me to go beyond my topic like he always  do in his agriculture ministry.we hardly see him in any agricultural not it ?he only came in news when we find that sugar prices are rising again.

                                         Okay now come to the point again.what is this JANLOKPAL BILL and why this protest ? actually government also want to pass the bill but protesters wants some change in it .some points are here….
(1) lokpal can only receive complaints from loksabha and rajya sabha .
(2)  lokpal will send report to competent authority which might not take actions.
(3)  lokpal does not have any power of police like registering FIRS .
(4)  lokpal will have jurisdiction only on MPS,MINISTERS and P.M not on officials.
(5)  six months  to a year for to inquire but no limit on completion of trial .
(6)  it does not deal with corruption of bureaucrats .
(7)  no provision to seize illegal wealth .
  1. 1)    Lokpal can initiate investigations, receive complaints from public.
  2. 2)    Lokpla will have power to prosecute those indicated.
  3. 3)    Lokpal would have police powers.
  4. 4)    Lokpal will have jurisdiction over politicians, officials and judges.
  5. 5)    Investigations in one year, trial over within next one year  .
  6. 6)    Lokpal will have powers for disciplinary actions including dismissal.
  7. 7)    Accused will pay for government’s losses.

I have very smart and intelligent friends so I do not think I need to tell or describe why we all are with anna sir and how janlokpal bill will be beneficial for public? But still want to say one thing if we want to give our real support to Anna sir then we can write a letter to P.M in Anna sir’s support.other wise we can support him  by our posts and blogs,after all he is fighting for us aur hamara itna to duty banta hi hai as a good citizen of the country.


  1. Excellent article...
    We support him to save the nation.

  2. sorry guys made two mistakes here actually he is basically from maharastra and his age is 72 years old .