Sunday, May 11, 2014

Vote For India

Go to Polling-booth guys and vote for right candidate. It is our day. We are lucky we the youth of this country are the largest part of democracy. We have the right to make better future of this country. We have the right to choose who deserves to be Prime Minister of country. Do not waste your vote and criticize the Government later. Please do vote.
Cast your vote for the one who have vision and ideas for development.
Act wisely political parties young India watching.

Would like to quote from my friend Jaidev Jamwal
Some one "it is better to vote for the right candidate as against voting for a party"
. I was quite taken aback by this sentiment.

That is like saying that in the great battle of Kurukshetra, I will support Bhishma and Drona because they have irreproachable characters. I will not support Duryodhana because he is a rogue. I will not support Bhima because he is a glutton and he killed many people. I will support Eklavya because he was treated shabbily by the upper castes. And I will support Arjun when he fights Dusshasana but not when he fights Karna.

Make no mistake - this election is the second war of independence. It is the modern day Mahabharat. Either you are on the side of Dharma (warts and all) or you are on the side of Adharma (good people and all). Let your soul/conscience stand up to a judgment - don't skip this exam.

And you must decide whose side Dharma is on. If you think AAP represents it better than BJP or Congress, that is between you and your conscience. If you think Congress represents it better than BJP and AAP then that is between you and your intelligence. If you think BJP represents it better than AAP or Congress, that is between you and your voting booth.

I am happy to cast my vote. Old people are happy to see young guys are voting and they do not forget us to bless, that we are ready to take the responsibility of our this nation seriously. 

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