Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Every thing he utters is an issue in Media

A picture says thousand of words. I think it's time for Mr. Modi to appoint a skilled artist who can paint what ever he imagines instead of speaking something when he shares the stage with masses because every word he utters is a paid media business.

That's true that every thing what Gujarat’s chief minister Narendra Modi utters is in the eye of storm over his words,” He would be sad even if a puppy was run over by a car with him on the backseat. 

Though there is really not much to discuss over Modi’s remarks he said during an interview. It reminds me of an incident I read in”, The Hindu”, shared by a reader.

There was a particular group of students had a grievance against a certain faculty member. The came in the class where the teacher was teaching and started shouting, though he was really not the professor they wanted to see. He explained to them that the person they sought to meet was in another department. During the conversation he said,” Gentlemen you are barking up the wrong tree”. The group attacked the poor professor saying,” how dare you to call us dog as you used the word bark?”  What happens next is another part of the story.

In the context of this story it has been made up a minority issue by media houses, ruling party and the lack of understanding in masses thought they were called puppies. That's really shameful that UPA do not want to think any thing else except the vote bank politics and do not leave a single chance to seduce poor public over minority and reservation issue. I see nothing but a divided India in future until these kind of parties are there to make things worst. 

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